Las Vegas Photography Locations

 Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography has worked with some of the very best wedding venues in Las Vegas. We aim to provide clients with a variety of locations based on what they’ve envisioned for their special day.

If your looking for engagement or even a small wedding like elopement photography we can create some unique memories for your day so you never forget them in any of these locations.

Whether you’re looking at historic indoor venues or warm sunny outdoor spaces, need a larger venue for dancing under the stars or a smaller space to commune with only your dearest and dearest, our unique wedding venues in Las Vegas create a magical backdrop for this momentous and love-filled day.

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Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The Grove wedding venue: Have a dreamy union in Las Vegas

Often named as one of the top 10 wedding venues in Las Vegas, the Grove Wedding venue allows couples to be surrounded by those they love, engulfed in a quaint yet awe-inspiring garden […]

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

One of the most gorgeous outdoor wedding venues in Las Vegas, the Stallion Mountains allows for a serene relaxed setting without sacrificing glamor. […]

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The Little White Chapel

One of the best small wedding venues in Las Vegas, this iconic setting is perfect for the couple looking to create an intimate affair in a classic location. […]

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The Neon Museum: An Alternative Venue For Your

The Neon Museum is the ultimate venue for a fun-loving couple who wants to infuse their unique sense of playful style into their nuptials.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel: An ideal place for a unique and romantic bridal celebration

The Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel is where over-the-top fun meets romance. This venue accommodates up to 100 guests– which is great news as no one will want to miss this wedding.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Taco Bell Cantina Las Vegas

As far as small wedding venues in Las Vegas go, this is certainly the most unique! Get married at Taco Bell Cantina and have friends and family talking about the fun for years to come.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Juno Gardens at Caesars Palace Casino

Step into luxury at the Juno Garden and experience a wedding with no shortage of natural beauty and over-the-top elegance

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

The Las Vegas Sign

This historic venue makes for some of the most unique and timeless wedding photography, and the most beautiful sunset views in all of Vegas.

Las Vegas Destination Wedding, Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Freemont Experience Las Vegas

Dazzling lights and exciting street performers set the stage for an iconic wedding at this venue that’s loved by locals for good reason.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Cornerstone Park Henderson

This venue is set on a beautiful plush green field of grass, ensuring that your wedding nuptials will be one for the books.

Las Vegas Strip Photography, Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas Strip

Say I do and then dance the night away in front of the iconic water features at the Bellagio Fountains!


Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Las Vegas Strip Photography

This venue creates breathtaking wedding photography that showcases all the vitality of the love you share. Here, the only thing that will shine brighter than the city lights of Las Vegas is you.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Las Vegas Hotel Photography

As a Las Vegas native, we can help find the perfect room with a view for your wedding day. With bright lights or a sunny cityscape background, couples can exchange vows in an intimate ceremony and receive amazing photographs of their day.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Tivoli Village Summerlin NV

Sparking streets meet twinkling lights and pristine cobblestone streets at this charming outdoor wedding venue.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Jean Lake NV Wedding Photography

Eternal romantic beauty awaits at this outdoor desert set wedding venue. The perfect place for sunset photography.

Las Vegas Wedding Venues

Wetlands Park in Las Vegas

This sprawling 15-acre park located in West Las Vegas makes for the ideal ceremony where guests can spread out and take in the gorgeous scenery as they watch couples take the next step in their love story.

Getting Ready Photography, Las Vegas Wedding Venues

David’s Bridal Las Vegas NV

Get married where you said yes to the dress!


Venetian Casino in Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Set the stage for your wedding against the replicas of some of Venice’s greatest architectural achievements.


Smith Center Las Vegas

This venue is what Las Vegas is all about, lavish, extravagant, and elegant, all wrapped up into one.

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Red Rock Engagement Photos

Have your wedding at Red Rock Canyon where you’ll see the immense, nearly overwhelming beauty of one of the world’s greatest wonders.


Hindu and Jain Temple of Las Vegas

Celebrate your culture or simply basque in the beauty of the Hindu and Jain Temple in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Strip Engagement Photography

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Rent a House for a Wedding Las Vegas

Couples looking for intimate venues can rent homes in Las Vegas and design a day that suits their style perfectly.


The Mountain Church Las Vegas

Timeless, traditional, yet ever-so chic, this Church venue is ideal for couples who want to get married against the mountains.


Decades Event Center on Las Vegas Blvd.

This indoor wedding venue brings all charm, and its rustic design elements create a unique setting for one of your life’s most beautiful moments.

DSC00255 2

The M Casino Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

A boutique hotel, the M Casino has venues that fit a variety of guests and sensibilities, allowing couples to design their ideal day.

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St. Joseph Church Las Vegas

This dynamic and inviting wedding venue features everything you need for a truly breathtaking wedding. From its stained glass window to historic altars and organ pipes, this venue has all the drama and more!

DSC02279 683x1024 1

Seven Magic Mountains

This venue embodies majestic playfulness through its vibrant colors and desert rock backdrop.

DSC00154 683x1024 1

Museum of Modern Dreamspace

Dance in front of the beautiful artwork in a location that exudes excellence and brilliance, this grand venue is truly the stuff of dreams!

Mt Charleston Wedding Photography

Mt. Charleston Lodge Cabin

Scenic all year round, the venue at the Mt. Charleston Lodge Cabin is rustic, earthly, and always romantic.


Town Square Las Vegas

DSC00653 683x1024 1

Art District in Las Vegas

Modern, colorful, and full of life, the Art District in Las Vegas makes for a one-of-a-kind wedding venue that showcases the couples’ joie de vivre!


Marriage License Bureau Las Vegas

There’s something intrinsically romantic about getting married where many other love birds have come before. Exchange vows in the Marriage License Bureau Las Vegas and begin a life with the person you call home.


Marche Baccus

This restaurant has wine and Italian food. It has a beautiful lake surrounding the restaurant perfect to showcase the night life and elegant classy fine dinning. Definitely a great place for your next wedding reception.


Helicopter Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

Set your sights on the sky with a wedding set in front of the luxury helicopter where you’ll exchange vows before you charter a trip to the destination of your choice.


Marche Baccus

Couples choose an Artisan Hotel Boutique as their wedding venue so that all those they love can stay in one convenient and ever-so-cute location

Under The Secret Garden Tree Compressed

Secret Garden Las Vegas

Wedding Photography Las Vegas

Wild Horse Golf Club Las Vegas

This Wedding Venue has beautiful green grass hills with epic sunsets.

Kev Loves Wedding Venue in Las Vegas

Kev loves Music Hall and Events

An affordable wedding venues only a few mintues from the strip in the loal Vegas community. Simple location but amazing memories.