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Some of the biggest things couples stress over when getting married are planning, organizing, finances, and finding one of the best wedding photographers in Las Vegas to capture all the moments on your special day. Moreover, finding the perfect venue in Las Vegas (the wedding capital) can be a task all in itself. Trying to coordinate seating arrangements, scheduling bridal parties for fittings, and securing a caterer, all these things can become too much for couples who often forge to book wedding photographers in the end altogether.

Elopements (or intimate Las Vegas wedding photographers) in Las Vegas are on the rise. The average wedding costs close to $30,000, whereas a small intimate elopement can max out at a fraction of the price. Contrary to popular belief, elopements don’t mean running away and getting married in secret anymore. Couples are foregoing large weddings for small intimate ceremonies, celebrating that special day with the ones that matter the most…. family.

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It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on people’s decision to get marriages. With states implementing lockdowns and limiting guests to smaller numbers, Elopements in Las Vegas have nearly surpassed large traditional weddings. With the average elopement costs $1,200. Couples can invest more into photography and other avenues to make their special day perfect.
Our team at Lorenzo Sandoval Las Vegas Elopement photographer specializes in capturing the moments that matter the most. The location, the tears of joy and everything in between will live on for generations through your beautiful images. Share the emotion from your elopement with your children, and their children for many years to come.

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Lorenzo Sandoval Why is he The Best Wedding Photographer?

What Makes The Best Wedding Photographer? | A Note From Photographer Lorenzo Sandoval

As a wedding photographer, I am a simple man at heart, one who focuses on making sure your wedding day goes smoothly by planning and preparing accordingly. However, beyond my organizational skills, I’m a true artist. I recently won #1 photographer on Kev’s Best as well as Wedding Wire’s Couple Choice Awards in 2021. My team and I are passionate about our work and creating images that will leave you awe-struck, and help your wedding day be the experience that you’ve always imagined.

We ae passionate, dedicated, and focused on your wedding day.

Listen, I’m a local, I was born and raised in this city. I know every corner, every neighborhood, and nearly every sport nook and cranny of my city. I use my lifetime of experience in this beautiful place to source unique locations, and spots that most other photographers simply cannot find. If you’re looking for someone who can get distinctive locations that you won’t see anywhere else, I know I can help. Together, we can capture incredible images against the backdrops of Las Vegas that only local wedding photographers Henderson NV have access to.

Benefits Of Finding A Local North Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

As Lorenzo Sandoval was born and raised in the Las Vegas desert, he’s passionate about the area. As he calls Vegas home, he’s apt able to create one-of-a-kind images for couples that stand the test of time. Within each and every one of his photographs, you can see his love for the landscape, his love for the history of his city, and his love for art.

The whole team at Lorenzo Sandoval Las Vegas Elopement photographer captures the moments that matter the most. The location, the laughter, the tears of joy, and everything in between will live on for years to come through your beautiful imagery. Share the emotion from your elopement with your children, and their children, for generations to come.

Las Vegas Wedding Photo Locations

Many assume that our city is just an empty desert with nothing but sand and city, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! The truth is there are many beautiful Las Vegas wedding venues and photography locations around the valley. Our purpose is to capture you at your best in any one of your chosen locations.

At Lorenzo Sandoval Photography, our team’s specialty comes from creating once-in-a-lifetime setups that lead to truly breathing photographs. This comes from our deep understanding of every part of the city of Las Vegas so that we can photograph you in the most candid moments, capture genuine expressions, and create a complete story of the day.

Explore Our Work And Get Inspired

From our gallery of photography, you can see that our clients are just like you, everyday people who want to make their wedding day or engagement photography something extraordinary. Your wedding photography will last forever, and while there are many Henderson wedding photographers, our company will go above and beyond to turn your wildest dreams into a reality.

What Separates Us from Other Wedding Photographers in Vegas

Working with our team allows you to receive all the benefits of a Las Vegas local, a true artist, along with a full-service company that extends far beyond what other wedding photographer Las Vegas NV.

Below are a few of the benefits that you can expect when working with our company:

What Separates Us from Other Wedding Photographers in Vegas

Full Rights to your collection

  • All couples who photograph with us get full rights to their photos. We do not sell or make any money off your photos. They are yours we put that in writing. We do request to display in our portfolio or post o social media, but if you don’t agree we follow your wishes.
  • We have a privacy policy and a terms of service for our services. This protects you and your family and we do not give out your information without your permission.

5 Year storage your online collection

  • We keep your photographs for about 5 years so if you ever lose them we store them you for that long. If you decide to let us store longer there is an additional fee after.
  • We use a secure website to store your photos to make sure they are safe.

Beautiful Online Gallery

  • Online Gallery with many downloads
  • Security code to keep your photos safe
  • Option to print
  • Family and Friends can see your photos with the shared link
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Full Editing Services on your Photography

  • We fully edit your photos so they look like works of art.
  • We remove skin blemishes and lighten up certain part of the photos to make them pop.
  • Lorenzo and his team edit the photos to ensure the quality for the work is given correctly.

Planning a Realistic Photography Time Frame of your Wedding

This I feel is a very important thing that we do. Because we are based in Las Vegas, we get many brides and grooms with no plan and can be last second, or photography is the last thing on their mind to put together. This can be a huge mistake, as a photographer understanding the Wedding Timeline is extremely important to capture the most important moments of your wedding. A lot of photographers neglect this detail and I can tell you good planning goes a long way so you can get all the shots you want within the day or the few days were working with your and your family.

  • Zoom calls or meeting at the Wedding studio
  • Planning a time frame of what shots you want for your day
  • Drive times and location planning throughout the city or destinations.
  • Understanding how much time you need to get all the photos you want
  • All plans and locations are put on your contract so there is no confusion

Dual Cards and Dual Cameras

In order to make sure your wedding goes smooth, we make sure we have a double shooter camera. There are reasons for this. Cameras can be tricky sometimes and same with memory cards, so to play it safe its better to have a dual cards and dual cameras. This is to make sure if one camera fails we can use the other one quickly. Also, because we are in mostly in Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, the weather can also sometimes over heat our cameras, so its very important to make sure we have a back up equipment.

How We Save Time Without Sacrificing A Single Shot 

Many photographers bring one camera and one memory card, and while this is inherently bad, it does put couples in a precarious position if any technical issues arise, which unfortunately does happen.

Our company brings Dual Cameras to every proposal, wedding, or elopement shoot we do. We do this to give our clients a safeguard against any possible technical failures on our end, and if one camera fails we can use the other one quickly. While not all photographers plan ahead as much as we do, we know that it’s better safe than sorry, particularly when it comes to the weather in Las Vegas. As local and Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, we know how hot the sun can get, and cameras can sometimes overheat. That’s why we always bring a backup! Perhaps equally important is our dual memory cards, as these ensure no picture is lost, memory cards are known to be finicky and we want to be able to follow you and your partner throughout the day without causing interruptions to your timeline.  

If you want your wedding engagement or elopement photography shoot to run smoothly and make certain that you leave with images to cherish for a lifetime, book with Lorenzo Sandoval. Because with us, you won’t have to worry about a thing.

For all these reasons and more, it’s no wonder that Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography is so beloved by couples planning the day they say I Do.


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