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Planning Indian Weddings in Las Vegas

If you’re trying to plan Indian weddings in Las Vegas that celebrate the joy of life and the culture you come from, you’re in the right place! Lorenzo Sandoval, Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, has collected all the necessary information you need to plan a day that exceeds your expectations and dazzles all who attend.

How To Find The Best Indian Wedding Photographer In Las Vegas

Couples searching for “Indian wedding photographers near me” are looking for someone who can capture the movement, energy, and colorful exuberance of the event. This is why couples should opt for a wedding photographer with high-quality photo equipment who works within a team so they don’t miss a moment of the day or days. Lorenzo Sandoval is a local Las Vegas Wedding Photographer with years of experience. He’s worked with countless couples leaving them with breathtaking imagery and photographs of their cultural events and wedding ceremony. For more information about our wedding photography services, send us an email or set up a consultation to discuss your vision and how we accommodate all your dreams for the day.

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How Wedding Photography Can Capture The Many Aspects Of An Indian Wedding

As Lorenzo Sandoval has shot hundreds of weddings, he knows the schedule and flow of the day or days of traditional Indian weddings. This gives him the ability to capture every wonderful aspect of the event, including but not limited to, the:

Welcome Party: While this is the most casual of the days, many couples still want to capture images as it may be the first time extended families have seen each other in some time. Particularly after the pandemic, when so many were separated for long periods, couples may enjoy getting photographs of the joy shared between the bride and groom’s family when they come together to begin the ceremony.

Mehendi: As Mendendi events are one of the oldest Indian traditions, these are some of the most meaningful pictures that couples can take. Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography has a team of Las Vegas wedding photographers working together and can offer a female photographer for traditional brides while Lorenzo Sandoval himself photographs the Groom. Capture lovely black and white or color photographs of the bride and or groom with their closest confidants.

Sangeet: This night of singing, music, laughter, and love makes for some truly amazing pictures. They showcase the bonding of two families and leave couples with images that are meant to be cherished for a lifetime.

Pre-Wedding Ceremony: This event is dependent on the wishes of the bride and groom and their families. Regardless of the prayers or blessings that have been planned, our team of photographers can capture the spirit, peace, and protection felt by all that attend.

Wedding Day: Whether the couple has designed a regal and elegant affair or a bright playful design theme for their wedding, you want high-quality and high-resolution images so that no detail is overlooked. Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography ensures that the story of the day is cataloged and takes care to bring backup cameras and memory cards in case any issues arise or the weather should require.

Reception: Indian wedding receptions have got to be some of the most beautiful events in the world. This is why it’s so essential for couples to have an elite photographer with a full team to capture all the beauty of the space, as well as the speeches, songs, dances, and skits that are performed for the couple.

Indian Wedding Planning Elephant, Decor, Jewelry, And More!

While planning your wedding, be looking to increase the drama and make for a one-of-a-kind event by adding something extra special. Here we’ll address what you should look for if planning an Indian wedding in Las Vegas, as having your event in the US will come with its own set of benefits and challenges.

Indian Wedding Las Vegas Elephant

Grooms riding an elephant to their wedding ceremony symbolize luck for the union. However, in America, booking an elephant may not be easy and most certainly won’t be cheap. Depending on the location and time of year, companies charge between 6,500 and 14,000 USD,  which includes both the transport and handler. Luckily, Vegas does have its fair share of trained animals, most of which have circus experience and therefore are comfortable being around large crowds.

Renting an Elephant

Decor and Details

Flowers: The decor of an Indian wedding breathes energy, life, and vitality into the event. Couples have their pick of floral companies for their Jaimala or Varmala ritual where they exchange floral garlands or use jewel-tone florals to design their ceremony or floor-to-ceiling florals for the reception. Remember, there’s no such thing as too much when it comes to the day you say I do!

Statues: As Las Vegas is known for extravagance, couples can find unique decor and design elements that make the perfect addition to their special day. Living Statues, meaning a performer who poses with statuesque makeup, are available in Las Vegas, as well as more traditional and or religious statues are available for rent.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

There is nothing quite so iconic as an Indian bride glowing in buttery gold jewelry. From her earrings, nose ring, bangles, and belt, brides want to drip themselves in the finest pieces and show the prosperity of their impending marriage. Of course, how the bride looks can vary, with some opting for all gold sets and others including pop or barrage of color and gemstones. India is a vast country with many different religions and traditions that can be signified through a bridal set of jewelry. In Las Vegas, many shops offer an assortment of styles and designs, and brides may look online as well.

Indian Bridal Jewelry

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