I’ve been a photographer in Las Vegas for about 2 years. I mostly focused on the martial arts industry for a while, but I enjoy weddings more. I find that capturing people in their happiest moments is a lot of fun.

I like scenic shots, candid and expressive shots, family poses can be a lot of fun if you do it right. I’m not into crazy poses, I prefer natural photos where people feel comfortable and act themselves, like I’m not even there.

Yes, I have a lot of photographers on call that I trust completely in case I need a replacement.

I do. I can provide videography along with photography on my own at an extra fee or I can have a whole team for both services as well depending on the size of your event.

Some clients choose to book me 2 months in advance, and other 2 years in advance. To secure the date of your wedding or photoshoot, we take a deposit.

Yes absolutely, I provide a complementary engagement session once the wedding is booked and paid for. Normally it is 30 minutes to an hour depending on the package. This only applies to weddings.

Usually between 4 weeks to 6 weeks, but I always try to deliver sooner depending on how many edits we need to do.

We use a beautiful online gallery that we send to you via email or text. They are high resolution images. You can also purchase photos if need be or you can order prints from my site and we will deliver your prints to your home.

Normally I like to start with a phone call, to determine if we get along and I’m the right fit for your wedding. I want to make we are on the same page and also discuss what types of shots you want throughout the day. I also need a schedule to make sure I know where I’m going, where to go and times and locations.

Once this happens, I’ll send you a digital contract and invoice and this ensures that I have all the information for the wedding or event. This is crucial because I need to see a schedule as well. To finalize your booking, I require a 50% deposit. We can also make payments if needed and the client must pay in full 2 weeks before any wedding or event.

Yes, I am professional, I do this full time during the day and at night I run my martial arts school. I always ensure that I am professional and present well at weddings and family photoshoots. I prepare the night before to ensure all of my equipment is ready to go. I’m meticulous about my processes to ensure everything goes smoothly on your special day. I collaborate with the wedding planner or the bride to make sure I know the schedule we are working with.

Yes, I have insurance for all of our events.

We have many, my equipment allows me to shoot from a distance, I also wear a mask and if the client requests, I can wear medical gloves for extra precaution. I prefer not to cover my eyes during the event because It can make it harder for me to capture the shot. I also have medical grade masks if needed. The safety of my team and clients is paramount.

Because every wedding or event is different, the pricing depends on the project. I am always willing to work with you and give you the best possible price.

Yes, feel free to email me or send me a text on the phone number provided and I’ll send you more examples of my work.

Yes, I always have back up equipment with me and I always shooting with at least two cameras. If anything goes wrong, we will always shoot with the other camera. If the SD card fails during the wedding, we have a backup. We are very adamant about always having back up equipment for your peace of mind.

Yes, we have a hard drive storage unit, Dropbox and other online storage that is safe. We store all images immediately after every wedding.

We always have 2 SD cards in the camera. We do a double storage where files are storing on both cards at the same time just in case this happens. As soon as the event is done, we let you know we are leaving, and we go straight to the studio to back up all the files. We can also put them on a hard drive that night as well. I prefer not to give out raw files to clients, but they are your memories. So, I’d rather make sure you have them.

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