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Lorenzo Sandoval has become a professional in Mexican Wedding photography over the years. The journey has been wonderful and I feel so lucky to be a part of the Mexican Community. Mexican wedding is often considered family reunions and is very festive. Family and friends are invited from all sides of the family and whether anyone is related to the couple or not they are hailing, eating, dancing together. Mexicans are Catholic, so they genuinely follow their traditions and are deeply rooted in faith. They desire a wedding reflecting their native heritage. That’s why the Mexican wedding takes place in the catholic church. They are very holy and involve a solid mass, where the married couple is considered for eternity. 

mexican wedding photographer

mexican wedding

Photography of Mexicans Wedding Traditions

In some areas of Mexico, usually in northern Mexico there is a tradition of giving “a ring of promise” a year before “the ring of commitment”. This may call as long engagement, common in many areas. Godparents or other special people are called “Sponsors” playing a vital role in the wedding ceremony. They contribute to the wedding cost and establish wedding budget. It is necessary to know what part of the wedding will be paid by which sponsors. Before leaving home for wedding, bride’s mother or parents offer a prayer with their daughter (bride).

Ring Exchange Ceremony

During the ceremony, couples exchange ring called as “ring of promise”. The rings sponsors sponsoring the rings.

mexican wedding
mexican wedding

Photography of Food and Music

Photography of Mexican traditional food which includes beans, peppery rice, tortilla dishes by using chicken and beef. In drinks, sangria is served made from mixed red or white wine along with brandy, sugar, soda water and fruit juice. Salsa, merengue and the flamenco guitar music, all of these add Latin flare to the wedding. Mariachi music contains broadcasts, drums, guitars, violins and harps. 

Photography of the thirteen gold coins (Las Arras)

It is custom for groom to give 13 gold coins to bride which represent groom assurance to support his spouse throughout their life together and taking the coins shows her guarantee to take care him. The 13 coins are sanctified in the hand of his spouse and he gives her a box to place them in a secure place.

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Photography of The Sign of The Cross (Muestra de la cruz)

The pastor makes cross sign over the head of the groom. The groom than kisses the cross. After that bride kisses the cross. This shows the blaspheming of truthfulness of one another.

Photography of The Lasso (EI lazo)

In order to show unity, a large loop of rosary blobs or a “lasso” is places in eight shaped symbols round the couple neck after they have altercation of their oaths. The couple put the lasso round the bride and the groom neck, initially to the groom shoulders. This should also be knotted around their wrists. This loop is actually the symbol of their love which should fix them together for every day of their rest of life as they will share their responsibilities together.  

At the end of the ceremonial, the lasso is detached by either of the couple and given to the bride as a memory for becoming the lover of groom’s soul and home.

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Photography of Reception

After the ceremony, the Mexican weddings celebrations last up to two days. This is called Reception. It’s a complete family-oriented ceremony. Some couples skip it, largely having a one-day wedding. There are many traditions which are included in reception.

Reception Invitations and Seating

Inviting people depends upon budget and social relations. If these two factors permits, a lot of people may get invited. Seating evolved from the old fashioned like boys on one side and girls on other. A table of honor is decorated for bride and groom.

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First dance

As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, Lorenzo photographs the guests on the dance floor dance with bride and groom, enjoying their first dance. The couples than dance with their parents and special family members. 

Money dance

In this dance, male guests pay dance with bride and female guests pay dance with groom. Typically, a bill is held to the dress of the bride or groom. Given money is than used by the newlyweds for their honeymoon.