I am A Las Vegas wedding photographer

The ability to capture the essence of endearment behind those special moments that matter so much is truly an art form. This is precisely why Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography exists – to freeze these glorious, unforgettable events. Art is like a dream, and we use the camera lens as a time machine to grasp these ageless moments in time. You deserve to relive occasions that are worth remembering, and your big day deserves to live on forever. Recall the overwhelming rush of happiness you feel after saying “I do” time and time again with luxurious Las Vegas wedding photos. After all, your story is a wonderful one to tell. Treat yourself to the ultimate Las Vegas photoshoot experience today with Lorenzo Sandoval.

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Hi I'm Lorenzo Sandoval,

Professional Photographer

Lorenzo Sandoval
Lorenzo Sandoval
Lorenzo Sandoval

True Color

I showcase the beauty of each bride in contrast with the electric energy of their surrounding elements. By shooting in vibrant, colorful locations, I create a dynamic composition of imagery with excitement in every shot.

Lorenzo sandoval

Elevated Landscapes

By revealing the vivid beauty of the natural landscape, I invite nature to be an element of the photograph. My fine art wedding imagery elevates the love shared between the couple and the environment, evoking powerful emotions.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Natural Moments Captured

I work with each couple to capture all the candid glances shared between them. My strength is freezing fleeting moments in time, capturing stunning images that reflect the love of two people coming together as one.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Planning The Perfect Shot

Before the wedding, I collaborate with the couple in the planning process to develop an understanding of their unique vision. By knowing which specific wedding moments must be captured, we ensure you end your perfect day with the photographs you had always imagined.

Lorenzo Sandoval

Wedding Album Art Book

The day you will always want to remember, preserved in print. Keep your love's most precious memories in an exquisite artisan coffee table-style art book. Take the dynamic photography captured in your wedding album and transform it into a one-of-a-kind art book. Cherished memories that can be used as stylish decor, sharing the joy of your love story with the guests who visit your home. Elite craftsmanship, exquisite photography layouts, and emotional images of your wedding day create a unique keepsake you can cherish for a lifetime. This art book allows you to flip through the pages of your special day and experience the beauty of your wedding day over and over again.



Lorenzo Sandoval
Wedding Photography in Las Vegas
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If your in beautiful Las Vegas, Lorenzo Sandoval and his team are here to create Artistic photography you'll never forget.

Lorenzo Sandoval


One of the most intimate moments as a Las Vegas wedding photographer is shooting weddings. We always pride ourselves in shooting professional photography and we always try to give you a beautiful collection.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Our engagement photography sessions are one of a kind. We focus on intimate moments and unique poses to create valuable memories. Lorenzo Sandoval makes sure the candid shots look authentic and we shoot in vibrant locations to bring out your best photographs in your collection.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Some of the biggest things couples stress over when getting married is the planning, organizing and finances.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Having a loving family is one of the true joys and most incredible experiences in life. The best way to remember all of the important moments is with a professional Las Vegas Family Photography session.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Lorenzo has a dedicated photography studio to where we can shoot business headshots, graduation photography, and family portrait photography. Let’s tell your story in a timeless photograph and keep your history forever.

Lorenzo Sandoval


Lorenzo has a photography studio in Las Vegas. He can also provide make up and hair at his studio. You can choose a background and a variety of options to get studio photography or even business headshots.


Hi, I’m Lorenzo Sandoval and welcome to my Las Vegas Wedding Photography website and my creative outlet. I was born and raised inLas Vegas, Nevada, the city that never sleeps,


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Below is a list of frequently asked questions to give clients the necessary information about their engagement photography, wedding photography,
elopement photography, family photography, and more.


At Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography, we spend hours looking through every image selecting only the highest quality photographs. We delete all duplicates and “unusable” images so that you only receive the most beautiful shots that have impeccable focus, saving you time, and allowing you to look through the best of the best.

Our delivery times vary but in general, you’ll receive your images within 6 weeks. We also offer rush processing to get your images faster for an additional fee.

We specialize in fine art photography with a personal touch, meaning we focus on creating artistic images that allow your unique sensibility to shine through.


With so much to plan, it’s always a good idea to book your engagement photography session as early as possible. That way, you can incorporate your images in your bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and or wedding decor.


As a wedding photographer with extensive experience, we can help! We know how to light your photographs to ensure that you look your best, and we do venue research beforehand so that we can foresee any possible issues.


Yes! It’s even more important to get professional images when you elope so you can share your special day with those who couldn’t attend


Absolutely. We know when children are involved it takes an experienced photographer to capture the moments, which is why we work with you to ensure that you leave with beautiful photographs of your family, no matter the age!


Lorenzo is the best. He is will to work with you and get to know you. I’ve interviewed other photographers and they wanted to know everything right then and there ( I don’t have all the details) with Lorenzo he wanted to sit down get to know me and know my vision and he of course captured it in our engagement photos and I can’t wait to see what our wedding photos look like. 10/10 would recommend

Emily Maier

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Lorenzo Sandoval

I had a chance to join Lorenzo’s photography trip in the desert. He is very professional, detailed oriented, and respectfully giving necessary directions to me and my family. A+ photographer!

Mengling Wu

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Unnamed 2

Lorenzo was very professional, patient, kind and understanding to what I wanted/needed captured for our wedding photos. He went above and beyond to make sure his lens captured every precious moment. I will DEFINITELY be using his expertise again in the near future!!

Timika Coleman

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Unnamed 1

I had Lorenzo take photos for me and they came out amazing! He knows all the best places in vegas. My favorite thing about Lorenzo, besides his great photos, is how easy going and funny he is. I can’t wait till our next photo shoot!

Ericka Sims-Hall

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Unnamed 4

Lorenzo was great to work with. He suggested awesome locations, had great ideas for poses, and interacted with all family members well. I would highly recommend Lorenzo as a photographer.

Briene Eslinger

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Unnamed 5

We hired Lorenzo for my brother’s wedding and we couldn’t be more satisfied with the services he provided. A true professional.

Stephanie Lewis

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