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Photography Pricing Packages Overview

Las Vegas Wedding

  • Single Shooter Photography Package A
  • Single Shooter Photography Package B
  • Single shooter Photography Package C
  • Double Shooter Photography Package A
  • Triple Shooter 2 Photographers and 1 Videographer package B

Single Shooter Photography A

Lorenzo Main Photographer

Las Vegas Wedding Photography
Las Vegas Wedding Photography

This is a relatively simple package when it comes to pricing. Depending on how many hours you do the pricing can range from $300-$10,000 this is a great pricing point if you have about 10-80 guests. I tend to focus on the main group of people only during the event or wedding.

Single Shooter Photography B

Affordable wedding photographer

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

2nd shooters

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and you want to find one of my assistants trained by me we can send you a more affordable photographer to help suit your needs. We can send you a photographer at a little bit more affordable price. Depending on the job and the wedding and who is available I will recommend this option. These prices can be a little more at a discount, but if the wedding or project is too complex we normally recommend Lorenzo to do the job.

Single Shooter: Double C

Half and Half Photography and Video

This is when you doing half video and half photography. This is a great way to capture memories. However, be aware by choosing this during the ceremony you will not capture certain parts. You will be able to get a wedding with beautifully edited images and the main point will be a las vegas wedding photography lead. This pricing can be about $1200-$15,000 there are hundreds of factors that can determine this price.

This can depend on the amount days and hours and who is hired. It also depends on how many edits we need to do and the locations.

Double Shooter: Package Pricing A

Main Photographer and Assistant Videographer

Wedding Videographer

Video of the wedding the main or secondary.

Wedding Photographer

The photographer of the wedding can be the main or secondary.


The Assistant can be the Videographer depending on the wedding.

This is recommended when you have the main las vegas wedding photography with a videographer who is doing the ceremony. We usually have the video and the photographer working together in sync. You can either choose a wedding videographer lead or a las vegas wedding photography lead with this package. In most cases, some couples will focus the videographer on the ceremony so we can both capture them walking down the aisle. This is also important for a first look, first kiss, and vows. Prices can range from $1600-$25,000 depending on the package you customize, locations, and guest count, guest count should be about 150-600 people for this package.

Triple Shooter: Package B Pricing

Photographer 1

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Photographer 2

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Videographer 1

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

This is a great package so we don’t miss moments. This pricing solely depends on the amount of time and the amount of coverage and edits we need to do. This is usually for large weddings with between 200-600 guests. Many of the custom packages with this amount of staff can start from $3000-$30,000 there are many ways this package can be customized and ways the prices can vary. The most important this is to book a consultation so we can discuss it.


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