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As a top-tier and best Las Vegas wedding photographer in North Las Vegas, Lorenzo Sandoval offers soon-to-be-married couples the chance to get a gallery of images from their engagement, ceremony, reception, and more that truly tell the story of their love. As a creative wedding photographer, he has accumulated awards for his photography and esteem throughout the industry, for astutely capturing a couple’s natural movements. Sandoval’s photography showcases all of the sweet, candid moments shared by lovers as they begin their life together, and is especially known for his ability to embody all the emotions of the day from start to finish.

Planning a wedding takes a great amount of time and energy, and we know that choosing the venue, the caterers, the location, and the photographer can be stressful! Start by taking the time to envision what your dream wedding looks like, asking yourself:

Designing Your Dream Wedding In North Las Vegas

Planning a wedding takes a great amount of time and energy, and we know that choosing the venue, the caterers, the location, and the photographer can be stressful! Start by taking the time to envision what your dream wedding looks like, asking yourself:

  • Where do I see my wedding taking place?

While Las Vegas is thought of mainly as a desert, there are so many different venues around Nevada, and Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography can help you find the perfect fit! Whether you’re looking at vegas, north las vegas, or Henderson wedding photographers, we know we can capture you in your best light, no matter where you set your ceremony.

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  • When I’m walking down the aisle, what do I want to see?

Listen, we know weddings can be expensive, but while we’re all about couples setting a budget they’re comfortable with, your wedding photography should be where you choose to skimp. At the end of the day, your wedding images are what you and your children will have to look back on, so you need the best! Whether you’re hoping for a small intimate ceremony, a micro wedding/elopement, or a grand large-scale event, our company can capture the love you share and give you something to cherish for the rest of your life.

  • How many guests do I want (or need) to invite?

The amount of guests you have makes a huge impact on your planning, budgeting, and the photography services required. Create a list of the people you can’t imagine getting married without and then work from there.  

  • What kind of wedding photographs do I want?

As an industry veteran, the creatives who work at Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography can help you capture photographs in the style that suit your tastes, sensibilities, and aesthetic preferences. We can create everything from timeless black and white images to playful bright images that are bursting with exuberance, it’s all up to you!

  • Are there elements of my culture or religion I want to include?

Our clients come from all walks of life, and we want our photography to celebrate your heritage and capture what makes your day so unique!

Your North Las Vegas Wedding, Say I Do Infront Of The Mountains

Our company aims to ease the process of planning a wedding and we do this by offering end-to-end photography services. Our main goal is to create a story through photographs that catalog all the excitement, joy, laughter, and love of the day. We pride ourselves on being a company that never misses a beat, from the funny speech your uncle gives, to the adorable flower girl that walks down the aisle, our clients leave with photography that encompasses all the moments.

The Advantages Of Working With Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography | We Offer Clients

Insider Insight: Sandoval was born and raised in the city of Las Vegas, meaning he has in-depth knowledge of where best to shoot. Couples benefit from the best-kept secrets of a photographer who knows the area first-hand, leaving them with one-of-a-kind images sure to be adored by all.

Privacy: It’s a little-known fact that many wedding photographers maintain the rights to the images they shoot. If you want to keep your wedding photography private, Lorenzo Sandoval can provide that. While of course, we’d love to share your images on our website or social media, it’s only a request! You maintain complete control over your photos as is written in your contract. Our privacy terms and conditions protect your images and your information, allowing you and your family to feel safe when booking with us.

Electronic Storage: We know that nowadays couples want to keep their images online, however, high-resolution images can take up a lot of storage space! Our company offers couples an Online Photography Collection for up to 5 years, allowing them to access it through a password-protected link that they can share with family and friends.

Easy Printing: From our Online Gallery, couples can view all the beautiful photographs and download the ones they love. Lorenzo Sandoval Las Vegas Wedding Photography will print and ship your choices. Our clients have used these photographs to mail to wedding guests who couldn’t attend, as wall decor in their homes, or as their holiday cards.

Elite Editing: While we’re sure you’ll look absolutely perfect on the big day, we still offer full-service editing for all images. We can smooth out any blemish and ensure that each photograph is bright enough so that you look your best.

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North Las Vegas is thought of as one of the most majestic destinations in America, with serene desert valleys, dynamic rustic mountains, and a bustling atmosphere that’s fraught with energy and kindness. When considering a wedding in North Las Vegas, it’s important to understand the climate. The weather is nearly always sunny, warm, and wonderful, however, there are specific seasons that allow for certain ceremonies. Not that there’s ever a wrong time to get married but if you’re set on an outdoor ceremony, consider setting the date for winter, spring, or fall. If you’d like to get married outdoors in the summer, it’s best to have a nighttime affair, as the temperatures will drop and it gives couples access to the bright star-lit skies. Couples choosing to work with a North Las Vegas Wedding Photographer are sure to have a beautiful wedding and leave with breathtaking images of their love story set against the mountains.

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