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Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult, and the funeral planning process can be stressful on top of feelings of sadness and grief. It is important to remember the beautiful life they led and that the love you shared will never go away. The bonds of family and friendship stay in our hearts, and those that have passed on continue to live on in our memories. If you have lost someone, our deepest condolences, we hope you find healing in the coming days and months.


Beyond the grief you may be experiencing, you are probably considering your options for funeral planning in Las Vegas, as we all want to give our loved ones a service that pays tribute to their life. We wrote this blog to help ease the process of deciding on funeral arrangements Las Vegas and show you why you may want to consider hiring a professional photographer for the service. Many people don’t think of booking a funeral photographer, but it is a beautiful way to pay your respects and keep the memories of family and friends coming together to celebrate the life of the departed. 

Keepsakes To Hold Dear

During some funerals, emotions are running so high that it can feel like you are in a haze, which can affect your memory of the day. Some people have trouble remembering the details, and others struggle to remember who was even in attendance, or what the speeches were like. Even if it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, these are memories we will cherish in the weeks, months and years to come. Taking photographs of the day you said goodbye for now to a loved one is an essential part of the healing process. By choosing to work with a professional photographer, such as those at Lorenzo Sandoval Photography, you will have something to hold on to and revisit when you want to remember the day you celebrate the life of your loved one.



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southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery boulder city nv

southern nevada veterans memorial cemetery boulder city nv

While memorial services are an emotional day, they do more than allow us to share in our sadness. They can also be a time when we share our happiest memories, the funniest stories of the person we loved, and details about their life or personality that some in attendance may not have heard before. A professional funeral photographer will capture each event of the day, from the service to the burial at Boulder City memorial cemetery to the celebration of life at the wake that follows.

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Thoughtful Memorial Services Las Vegas

Memorial services, funerals, or the wakes that follow are often one of the few times that an entire family comes together. People fly from all across the country to pay tribute to their loved ones, when extended families can come together to bond and heal. As time passes, these images of the day can be the bright spot on what is a melancholy day, and they mean a lot. Not only will the images be beautiful, but they will allow you to reconnect with the spirit of the day when the whole family came together to say goodbye to the individual who they treasured.

Capturing The Meaning Of The Day

Our hearts never fully heal from loss, however, the powerful feelings of grief do lessen over time. If you were close with the one who has passed on, you may want to revisit the emotions you and others had, because it shows just how meaningful this person was to you and others. Some use the images as a way to connect with the person on the anniversary of their death, lighting a candle in front of a few pictures, and spending time reflecting on the beauty of their life.


Thoughtful Memorial Services Las Vegas

Planning a service takes a lot of thought, from finding a funeral home in Las Vegas and picking from the many wonderful funeral directors Las Vegas to choosing which flowers to have and who will give the eulogy.



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Whether you choose to set the service at King David memorial chapel in las vegas Nevada, or in nature, it should be a reflection of the love shared. Hopefully, it acts as a celebration of the life they led and the impact they had on those around them. When we take the time to consider what they would have wanted, it helps us feel close to them in spirit, which can help ease some of the pain of loss.

After spending all this time cultivating the right environment to celebrate your friend or family member’s life, you may want to have something tangible to remember it by. A professional photographer can be a respectful presence who is there to capture all the beautiful details you have planned.

Lorenzo Sandoval Photography

I’m Lorenzo Sandoval, a professional photographer who has captured significant moments for my client through images, both at the happiest weddings to the most somber funerals. My job is, first and foremost, to be respectful and professional and stay out of your way as you say goodbye to the person you lost.

With loosing my uncle in 2023 my family requested to photograph the funeral for them, these photos are my personal collection from my family. Out of respect I have asked specific photos not to be shown, but as a passionate artist I wanted to show my family a great photos for their loved ones. Here a photo with Lorenzo sister when we were little kids. 

Uncle Dave


Veterans Funeral

My personal Story with my Uncle

The reason I excel in this medium is I have my own experience with grief. It has shown me the benefits of getting professional funeral photography. When my Uncle Dave George Herman passed on, my family chose to have me photograph the service. The images were emotional and powerful, and I believe that really showcased just how meaningful his life was to all of us. In the photographs of the memorial service, you can see the love we all had for Dave and how respected and admired he was by everyone who knew him. If you would like to view the photographs, please visit this link here.


I know firsthand the meaning of funeral photography, as I have witnessed how my family members cherish the picture of my Uncle Dave’s funeral. He was such an influential figure in my life. He helped raise me and make me the person I am today. I cherish the memories of his send-off, and this blog is dedicated to him. 


From all of us at Lorenzo Sandoval Photography, we wish you and your family peace during this difficult time. I am sending you and your family all my love.

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As a funeral photographer, my goal is create memories of your love ones last days so they are always remembered. I am respectful and I never try to interupt the funeral and focus on documenting your loved ones life. Please contact me and I would love to just listen to your loved ones story even if you don’t hire me, and if you need someone to just talk to I am hear to just listen to your life. The most important thing is to always 

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