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At Lorenzo Sandoval wedding photography we specialize in candid photography, and our sole purpose is to make sure that we can provide great photos on your wedding day. As a photographer who was born and raised local from Las Vegas we want to give you the best service possible on your special/event day. As a great photographer we want to plan and manage your day so it goes smooth and well so we can capture every single moment so you never forget it.

Las Vegas Wedding Services

The wedding services that we offer are intimate and designed to make sure your wedding photography collection is not only deliver right but its give us the opportunity to serve you and your family correctly and amazingly. Our purpose for these services is to make sure we are there to provide a photography service that you will never forget and that you are loving our photography.

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Wedding Photography

As a professional wedding photographer, taking the candid and good photos is our purpose so we don’t miss a moment in your family history. Lorenzo never misses a moment, because we carefully plan everything ahead of time.


Engagement Photographer

Engagement Photography can be adventurous and can be taken in beautiful moments and in locations. Capturing small elegant emotions to tell your story is a vital part of your wedding to beginning to end.

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Elopement Photography

A smaller more intimate wedding just with you and and your love. Only capturing emotions and memories and remembering it forever.

Pre Wedding Photos

Pre Wedding Photos

Every part of your wedding matters even before the celebration starts. Capturing the story before the wedding is important to tell how your wedding will begin in your photography and video. Pre Wedding photos are just as wonderful.

Chinese Tea Ceremony Las Vegas

Cultural Wedding Photography

Every wedding has their own culture and customs depending on what part of the world you or your families from. Celebrating based on culture is an important part of of peoples lives and should be respected and documented as an artist, Lorenzo comes from many backgrounds in culture and appreciates many types of people.

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