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Wedding Venues That Are As Unique and Beautiful As Love You And Your Partner Share.

Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography, Scroll Down To View Our Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues In Las Vegas NV, Henderson NV, Boulder City NV, Phoenix AZ, and Los Angeles CA. These are some of the best venues I’ve loved working with.

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues
Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues

We Know That Planning A Wedding Can Feel Stressful, That’s Why We’re Here To Help!

Planning a wedding requires a ton of organization, from choosing the right florist to the right caterer, finding a beautiful venue, and an amazing photographer for engagement, brides have a lot to do to create their perfect wedding day. We know that all that planning and organization can prove stressful. This is why at Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography. We provide access to a variety of venues in some of the most gorgeous locations throughout the country. Lorenzo Sandoval’s Specialized wedding packages ease the process of planning by procuring a venue. That offers everything you need while embracing your individual style and or culture, be it a themed wedding or a cultural or faith-based service. 

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Find The Perfect Wedding Venue To Serve As The Backdrop To Your Love Story.

As a professional photographer in Las Vegas with years of experience. Lorenzo Sandoval has helped capture the fleeting moment in time when couples make the leap into a life of love.

If you’re a bride or groom who is struggling to find the perfect wedding venue. It’s most likely because you are overwhelmed with choices, so it’s important to start with the basics.

When considering what you want in a wedding venue, first ask yourself:

  • What is the dream vision for your wedding?
  • Do you see a certain type of geography ie. ocean views, bright city lights, or vast mountains in the background?
  • Do you want to have a guaranteed sunny wedding? Or are you open to the possibility of tents and coverings in case of rain?
  • Are you looking to incorporate your own sense of style, culture, or faith into the day?
  • Do you have a budget for the location?
  • How many guests do you plan to have?
  • What feelings do you want to evoke through your wedding photography?
    • Are you looking for classic timeless images or more playful or kitsch photographs?

These questions narrow your search and guide you to the area you want to get married. Then, you can begin to explore venues in locations that encompass everything you want for your special day.

When looking at venues ask yourself:

  • Do you have any “deal breakers” for venues? These are the aspects of your wedding you don’t want to compromise on, for example:
    • The venue doesn’t fit your guest count comfortably. 
    • The venue won’t accommodate the length of the event or the faith of the service.
    • The venue doesn’t have a separate area for both the ceremony and reception
    • The venue won’t allow outside caterers.

Get Inspired

Below are the locations of venues we at Lorenzo Sandoval wedding photography worked in. Where couples have had their perfect wedding and are left with photographs to love for a lifetime. 

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues
Grove wedding venue

Las Vegas NV Wedding Venues

Be it surrounded by desert skies, the calm waters of Lake Jacqueline, gardens, or mountain views of Red Rock Canyon, there are incredible venues on the Las Vegas Strip. While some couples may assume that weddings in Las Vegas are only set on the busy strip, there are actually a plethora of amazing options for venues in any style, budget, and location you’d like. As a wedding photographer in Las Vegas NV. With experience in Vegas strip wedding photography, Lorenzo Sandoval knows how to capture unique images and encapsulate the couple’s distinctive sense of style. From the bright lights of the strip at night to the majestic mountains of Las Vegas, many find their dream venue here.


North Las Vegas Venues

Lorenzo Sandoval is known as the best Las Vegas wedding photographer because he knows all the secret spots in Las Vegas to get married such as North Las Vegas. It’s found at the northern tip of the Las Vegas Valley, surrounded by awe-inspiring mountains and serene desert valleys. With sunshine more than 300 days of the year and an average temperature of 78 degrees, North Las Vegas Venues allow couples to ensure that their wedding day is bright and the wedding photography is breathtaking. 


Henderson NV Wedding Venues

South of the Las Vegas strip is the charming city of Henderson, Nevada. This picturesque place is home to countless parks, nature preserves, and gorgeous venues that are perfect for couples looking for fun without the fast pace or crowds of the strip. Henderson is also known for its high air quality so that couples can breathe a pure sigh of relief as they make their way down the aisle. 

Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues

Boulder City NV Wedding Venues

30 minutes from Las Vegas, Boulder City is a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photography. Boulder City has the ultimate small-town appeal with its distinctive charm and deep rich cultural heritage From the Liberty Bell Arch, to Bootleg Canyon Park and Hemenway Valley Park, couples get scenic views of some of the country’s most fantastic locations.


Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues

Phoenix AZ Wedding Venues

Phoenix AZ, also referred to as the Valley of the Sun, is known for its sprawling, beautiful, and fun multi-city metropolis. Many couples look to venues in Phoenix AZ for the truly extraordinary sunsets, which paint the sky with color, and make for breathtaking wedding photography. Particularly for those looking to get married outdoors in September, Phoenix is home to some of the Unique and Beautiful Wedding Venues as it’s perfectly warm with vast skies and romantic lighting. 


DSC09955 2

Los Angeles CA Wedding Venues

Los Angeles California is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and luxurious backdrops in America. As a wedding photographer, Lorenzo Sandoval connects with the vastness of options from classic scenery to modern locations, Los Angeles has everything you want and more. For couples who want ocean views, there are idyllic venues in Santa Monica, Malibu, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, and Hermosa Beach is the perfect place to get married in front of dramatic sunsets or on stunning sunny days.


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