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Lorenzo is a dedicated artist in focusing on wedding photography and understanding your special day. His goal is to make sure your wedding goes smoothly and he is able to capture some amazing photos. In this article, he will answer some fundamental questions he gets asked when doing such a delicate job of remembering your special day. What sets him apart from most photographers, is why brides put trust in his work and why he dedicated his life to photography as an art. Lorenzo will answer some important questions about your wedding that can help you prepare for your important day.

Wedding Photographer Las Vegas NV

What to ask your wedding photographer? From Lorenzo’s opinion and thoughts.

There are many questions you should be asking your wedding photographer and from my experience. I’ll just break down the most important questions you can ask about your wedding day. These should be basic questions should be asking your photographer to make sure your photographer is the right fit for you.

  • Do we keep full rights to our photos of our wedding?
  • Do you back up your files?
  • Do you have a replacement if you get sick or hurt?
  • Are we clear about the contract, and will my prices change throughout a certain time frame?
  • How long till we get our photos?
  • What is the cost of your services and are there additional charges I should know about?
  • How are the pictures/video delivered?
  • Do you have a studio?
  • What if a camera breaks do you have a backup?
  • What is the typical schedule of a wedding?

I feel like these are good questions to start with your wedding photographer to answer honestly so he can go from here.

What got you into wedding photography?

It was honestly by accident actually, I mostly do martial art and I own a school called Ageless Martial Arts in Las Vegas. When the corona virus hit it literally devasted the world including my karate business. I am a pretty stubborn man so II decided to instead of taking a PPO loan. I wanted to see if there was another market I could get into which was photography as an art. I always loved art, but I also knew other forms of photography would be harder to make a living out of. Since Las Vegas is the wedding capital, I decided to be part of that wave and enjoy myself at weddings.

Turns out that if you are pretty good at making people happy with beautiful artistic photographs you could really make a lot of people happy. As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, my plan was to create images that would last forever and keep people happy.

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas NV, the sin city itself and the party central of the world. No, I wasn’t born in the casino I was born in a women’s hospital in 1986. My mother was a nurse during the nursing rush employment in the 80s in town and she got to work. It was my mother’s dream to always live in America because she came from a very poor town in the Philippines where there was not much to do.

Las Vegas was a home to me, I learned martial arts here, and learned about every corner of the city and there is nothing like it. I haven’t decided if one day I want to live somewhere else but maybe that day will come.

Wedding Photographer Las Vegas NV
Lorenzo Sandoval a Las Vegas Photographer

What makes you different from other photographers?

I am a Landscape Photographer mixed with Wedding Photography.

As an artist, I tend to like more dramatic and scenic images cause I always had a fascination with Fine Art photography. Peter Lik is one of my inspirations in getting into photography. I love capturing the clouds and seeing the background and expressing that in my Las Vegas wedding photography.

Combining landscapes is definitely artistic and fun for me and I just really love being out in nature and really capturing the emotions of each couple and telling their story through photography.

I own a Wedding Studio in Town.

Not many can actually say this but I actually own and operate a wedding studio in town. I actually lucked out and I was able to open a small studio next to my martial arts school. It’s a very nice spot where I do all my work and I can talk to any clients I need to daily. Soon I’ll be opening a youtube channel for photography tutorials soon which I am really excited about.

You can follow my wedding channel here.

What can we expect during the consultation?

I know asking a lot of questions can be tedious and it can be a pain to do. But I ask many to make sure I can not only do a great job but be detailed for your wedding so everything goes smoothly as possible and we can capture every moment you want for your wedding day. I want to make sure at the end of the day. You will be happy with all the photos we take and how we planned them.

Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photographer

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