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One of the most sought-after Las Vegas Portrait Photographer, Lorenzo Sandoval has received multiple awards and his years of experience working in the industry has garnered him a reputation as being the creative to watch.

While Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography may be best known for elopementengagement, and wedding photography, we also offer top-tier Portrait Photographer Services for professionals, families, and those looking to capture images in the studio.

What You Can Expect From Working With Lorenzo Sandoval

  • Specialized Knowledge: how to best capture your photo, be it for a Business Headshot, Product Studio Photography, or Family Portraits
  • A collaborative experience: accentuate your personality for your unique purpose.
  • Guidance: how to put your best foot forward, ie. wardrobe, style, theme, lighting, etc.
  • A customized setup: reflecting your style and the photograph’s intended use. (No one-size-fits-all lighting or backdrop here!)
  • Professional editing and retouching

Business Headshots

Looking for a business headshot photographer in Las Vegas?

Stand Apart From Crowd With Lorenzo Sandoval’s Business Headshots!

Why Elite Professionals Need
An Elite Business Headshot

You only have one chance to make a great first impression and having a professional headshot sets the right tone for potential employers, clients, colleagues, and collaborators. These photographs should encapsulate all of what you and your brand represent, and showcase your professionalism and what makes you unique with Lorenzo Sandoval’s business headshots.

At Lorenzo Sandoval Photography, we know that each client wants something different, and we work to reach your goals and create a photograph that serves its purpose. We specialize in capturing professional headshots that exude excellence and allow you to stand out with a first impression that is sure to get noticed. Our Professional Headshot Sessions Include:

Consultation: Discuss what you’re looking for and what you hope to get out of your image. During your consultation, you can get guidance on wardrobe. The style of the shot, and how to create an image that helps achieve your professional goals.

Ample Time: Unlimited images and outfit changes within your session, so you never feel rushed.

Playback: We know not all professionals feel comfortable in front of the camera, so we offer you a chance to look at the photographs as we go, see what we’re shooting, and make adjustments if needed!

Custom Retouching: We want you to look your best, and our custom retouching will ensure that all images look bright, professional, and clean. We offer Standard, Black and White, and Warmer hues for a variety of professional purposes.

Why You Should Settle For Less

Business Headshots should reflect your dedication to your professional goals. So while it may be enticing to choose the most inexpensive option. It can end up hurting your career in the long run. Invest in yourself and your future with Business Headshots that can be used for years to come. 

Make a great first impression and stand apart from the competition!

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Studio Photography

Looking for the best Las Vegas portrait photography near me?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and that couldn’t be more true than with Lorenzo Sandoval’s Studio Photography!

Clients Used Our Top-Tier Studio Photography For:

Group Shots: Looking to create images for your team that showcase unity, strength, and professionalism? Lorenzo Sandoval offers group shots for professionals across any industry!

Product Shots: Get professional images for your business or capture photographs of your products that are sure to engage consumers everywhere. 

Dating Profiles: Looking to get back in the dating game, but don’t have a photograph of yourself you love? Lorenzo Sandoval can help you feel confident and leave you with images that get noticed.

So Much More: Reach out to discuss your vision and create artistic, professional, and unique images catered to your goals.

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Why Experience Matters

We’re a company that knows how to help you stand out from the crowd, and we work with you to design an image that shows the world how amazing you or your products are. We offer consultations for wardrobe, style, composition, lighting, and more, so you can benefit from our years of experience and leave with photographs that exceed expectations.

Sessions Include:

Consultation: During your consultation, you can discuss what you hope to achieve through your session and create a game plan for how to create images that boost business. 

Knowledgeable Photographers: As we’ve been in the industry for years. We know what works for photography and can help you get the most out of our session.

Custom Retouching: Our clients benefit from our talented editing and retouching services, showing you and/or your products in the very best light.

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Sessions Include:

Capture Your Family As They Are Now With Lorenzo Sandoval’s Family Las Vegas Portrait Photography !

Savor The Moment With Timeless Photographs Of Your Family.

As time flies by and families evolve, it’s important to savor the moments and create memories. Our indoor and outdoor family portraits in Las Vegas will leave you with something to look back on with love for a lifetime.

How We Ensure An Amazing Experience

Consultation: First, let’s discuss what you want, and what you envision for your family portraits!

Expertise: We create custom backdrops in any style, and know beautiful locations. That will help achieve the photographs that show your family just as you’d imagined.

Kid-Friendly: We have years of experience working with children of all ages and know all the “tricks of the trade” to make sure the session goes off without a hitch!

Custom Retouching: We offer complimentary editing and retouching services, showing you and your family in the very best light.

Your Family Deserves The Best

Many of our clients use their Family Portraits as holiday cards, wall decor, or as a way to capture each beautiful year that passes. Your family deserves the best, create a photograph that can be looked back on for years to come with Lorenzo Sandoval Photography!

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