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Welcome, I’m Lorenzo Sandoval, a wedding photographer in Henderson NV who specializes in wedding, engagement, and elopement photography for couples hoping for creative images that showcase the day they made their eternal commitment to one another.

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Art has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, with Nevada consistently serving as my inspiration. The landscape provides an endless supply of natural dynamic beauty, from its bright starry skies to its mystic winds and powerful red rock formations. As the desert is where I call home, I’ve worked with couples from across the state of Nevada, and one of my favorite locations is the city of Henderson, NV.

I’ve dedicated my life to art, but I have found my inner solace through my studies of martial arts. As a martial arts instructor, I am acutely aware of how the human body can move through space, and use that awareness in my photography with every client in each session I work on. The ability to foresee where someone is going allows me to capture candid moments that can easily be missed. The couples I work with are often surprised and delighted to see the moments I captured that had since been forgotten, immortalizing that stolen glance in a photograph that lasts for life. I hope to work with you and tell the story of your wedding day through imaginative photography.

Considering Henderson, NV For Your Wedding Location?

While Las Vegas is certainly the most notable city in Nevada to get married in, Henderson is surely the sweetest. It’s safe, charming, and offers beautiful weather nearly all year round. These days, more and more couples are taking note of this lovely city and searching for wedding venues in Henderson for destination weddings and creative wedding photography. Our expert team of creatives and a wedding photographer can help capture the magic of your love and freeze this amazing moment through incredible photographs, and images that transport you back in time to the day your life began together.


Why You Need The Best When Searching For Wedding Photographer in Henderson NV

From the tradition of the vows, the cuisine you plan to serve, the number of guests you’d like to invite, to the dress the bride will wear, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choices when it comes to planning a wedding.

With all the time, planning, and money that goes into a wedding, in the end, it really is just one day. After, all you’ll be left with is the memories you make, and the photographs that were taken. That’s why it’s so essential to capture the day with the best photography company because that’s what you can keep forever.

How Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography Leads The Industry 

As one of the most professional and creative Las Vegas wedding photographers, Lorenzo Sandoval and his team have provided clients with engagement, elopement, and wedding photography services across all of Nevada.

As a company, we aim to capture all the tiny moments that make up one monument day of love.  From the emancipation and excitement of bridal parties getting ready to the tearful exchanging of vows, exuberant dancing at the receptions, and hilarious speeches given by friends and family, we provide clients with unique photographs of life’s most precious gifts.

How Lorenzo Sandoval Ensures Clients Receive Breathtaking Photographs

As a company that’s worked as the premier North Las Vegas wedding photographer down to southern Nevada, we know this state like the back of our hand. We use our skills and knowledge to create a framework and composition for your photographs that is uniquely you, showing who you are individually and what intricacies you share as a couple. We know how to snap the perfect shot, every time, and we hope to make your special day even that much more beautiful.

What To Look Wedding Venues In Henderson, NV

To capture the excitement of love to come, couples working with our company can choose from plenty of locations, setups, and design aesthetics. If you’re considering setting your nuptials in Henderson, NV, there are some beautiful options for venues. As Lorenzo Sandoval and the team have worked in the industry for years, we have personal relationships with venues all across the city and are happy to assist you in finding your perfect location.

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Most Common Questions About Henderson, NV Wedding Venues Asked and Answered

Q: When should I book my wedding in Henderson, NV?

A: We’ve been in the industry a long time, so we know that planning is always best done early! As soon as you’ve found your “short list” of perfect venues, you should schedule a tour either virtually or in person. Walking the space gives couples a chance to imagine what the day will look and feel like, and makes it easier to decide, which is important as most venues are booked at least 6 months out!

Q: How much will we have to spend on a wedding venue in Henderson, NV?

A: There is no set price! The cost of your wedding will depend on the number of guests you’d like to have, the design of your wedding, and the food and beverage you wish to serve. What we can say is that Henderson, NV offers enough options that couples can find their perfect venue here, without putting a strain on their finances. Furthermore, the star-lit sky of the Nevada desert is worth just about anything, and that comes for free!

Q: What makes your company special?

A: So glad you asked! Our company goes above and beyond for our clients, we help with planning, scheduling, and delivering incredible photographs. While other companies may be the type to show up and shoot, we take time conceptualizing a vision that’s suited to your tastes, discussing what you hope to achieve and how to capture the shot that leaves you teary-eyed.

If you want to discuss how we can make your day magically, please reach out to our team and schedule a consultation!

You’re Now Ready To Plan Your Henderson, NV Wedding With The Best. We have the best wedding photographer in Henderson NV.

Together, we can capture your wedding and tell the story of your union, all in one of the US’ most beautiful cities.


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