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Doing Wedding Photography Is Something I Truly Love

At the Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography, Las Vegas, NV, you will experience the most intimate and romantic Las Vegas Wedding Photography service.


As a WEDDINGWIRE COUPLES’ CHOICE AWARD WINNER, you can confidently trust me as your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer. I love life. I love those little laughs, those lovely glimpses, those seductive whispers that lend ‘LOVE AND LIFE’ to life.

And even more, I cherish capturing those moments – Freezing those emotions into a frame only brought to life once again by memories. For me, photographing a wedding is a lot more than just shooting the small details. It’s about narrating a love story – The ups and downs, the fears and joys. I merge my zeal for martial arts with spontaneous, loving moments to make your big day even more special.

My Las Vegas Wedding Photography style is editorial with a rock edge. I have years of martial arts experience that has convinced me to achieve unimaginably and years of studio lighting experience. Those two areas blended together create an outstanding view through my lens. I’m used to shooting in almost every place and venue across Las Vegas, Nevada. Indeed, nothing can surprise me at this point, yet I strive to create something new every time.

Just remember…

The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever…


Why Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Wedding Photography

Everyone deserves the best Las Vegas wedding photography, and I assure you that I will capture all your intimate and special moments artistically and uniquely.

You only need to share how you want to make your big day last forever. Whether you choose stunning wall art, bringing back the thrill of saying your vows, or romantic landmarks to spice up the spark between you two, I will make it happen!

At Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography, my passion is making your Las Vegas Wedding Photography experience genuinely incredible from start to finish. Share with me your unique love story and leave the rest to me. Feel beautiful as I capture your beauty and elegance in pre-wedding photography. I will ensure that your couple’s photos highlight your powerful bond and remarkable personalities in the best way possible. Be assured that your wedding ceremony photographs will inspire awe for generations to come. I guarantee to take your breath away as you see your wedding end-night photographs. Whether family photographs or reception coverage, you will not be disappointed to choose Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography as your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer.


Pre Wedding Photography

Fill Your Life With Cherished Memories, Not Things

If you don’t live in Las Vegas, you must have chosen Las Vegas as your wedding destination because you know it is a sure bet. Las Vegas is the perfect mix of fun, excitement, and sophistication for commencing a new beginning of life. So your pre-wedding pictures must dazzle and attract like the lights along the Las Vegas Strip!

Las Vegas is incredibly popular for pre-wedding and wedding festivities because it offers a wide range of venues that fit every budget. Our Las Vegas Wedding Packages include pre-wedding photography designed to fulfil your special desires and stay within your budget. You can count on me as your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer to capture your pre-wedding memories with high-rolling style and creative flair.


Ceremony Photography

The Marriage Is Like A Blossoming Flower; Las Vegas Wedding Photography Is The Way To Preserve Its Fragrance For Life.

Selecting your Las Vegas Wedding Photographer is a personal experience. At Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography, I understand you will be taking pleasure in seeing your wedding photos for years to come. This is why I take the most outstanding care when working with you to plan every detail of your ceremony photography.

Las Vegas Wedding Photography allows me to combine all of my skills, the lighting, the emotions, and the love in so many unusual and challenging ways. I enjoy feeling like I am a part of the celebration of a couple; this motivates me to capture their bond and excitement for decades to come. Being born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, I help them explore the hidden gems of this incredible city to maximize their experience of getting married in Las Vegas.

Capturing the moments as you take vows is the most pleasant feeling. Photography is never any pressure for me; it’s pure fun! Whether your wedding is a romantic and intimate gathering or a grand gala reception that embraces the glitz of Las Vegas nightlife, Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography will capture your special wedding memories forever with style, glamour, and elegance.

Click the button below to view for yourself some of our notable works and decide for yourself if it’s a deal-breaker for you.

Las Vegas Wedding in Taco Bell


Las Vegas Couples Photography

You Can Do Everything And Anything In Vegas, Including The Most Memorable Wedding With The Best Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Being majestic and magnificent, Las Vegas is home to boundless photogenic locations, just perfect for romantic couple shots. Absolutely Instagrammable places! Places that seduce you to lose yourselves in them and fall in love once again.

This gorgeous city is the best place for falling in love, feeling the warmth of exotic passion that lovebirds share, and for pre or post-wedding couple photography. Our Las Vegas Wedding Photography makes your special moments even more romantic and memorable.

Envision your own love story brought to life in stunning and sizzling couple photographs that blend classic elegance with modern energy. We showcase our signature evocative, touch-of-noir aesthetic in capturing the chemistry between you and your better half. This is my calling, to commemorate your love and bonding in the art that you’ll show off every chance you get.

Couple Photos Las Vegas


Family Wedding Photos

Family Is Where Life Begins And Love Never Ends

I sincerely cherish the honor of being your premier choice among all the Las Vegas Wedding Photographers. I value every client as my family. We totally understand that planning a wedding can be hectic, confusing, and often overwhelming. Been there, done that! And it’s the family’s love and support that make things easier and possible.

When you hire me, consider me as your family member – a close one who is experienced in not just taking amazing photos of you and your loved ones but will also enlighten you about the dos and don’ts of a perfectly planned wedding. I believe a little humor can never hurt, so be ready to enjoy my witty sense of humor in your complicated wedding planning process.

At Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography, I aim to capture and preserve your most precious memories with your love of life and family members. Your family photos should bring back the feelings of that most special day. Therefore, I try my best to truly capture the joy and emotion felt by you and your family.

Wedding Family Photos in Las Vegas


Reception Photography

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Is The Answer No Matter The Question

Researching the best and most photogenic reception venues in Las Vegas can be hectic, challenging, and time-consuming. The hassle-free way is to ask a local, and I am that local! I can guide you about your wedding venue with the most fantastic backdrop that will bring an unparalleled charm to your wedding photographs.

Neon lights and showgirls, sequined suits and slot machines, glitz, and glamour of nightlife… this is what Las Vegas is, right? But not actually; there are numerous breathtaking outdoor locations across Las Vegas. These outstanding locations make a scenic wedding venue while adding life to reception photographs. Trust me; I will guide you to those mesmerizing hidden gems and ensure your reception photos are jaw-droppingly stunning.

If you are looking for some inspiration for your Las Vegas Wedding Photography or reception imagery, there is no better place than our galleries. Please take a look at our work’s very professional yet crispy and spicy side and get inspired!


End of Night Wedding Photography

 A Happy Ending To An Even Happier Day

End-of-night photography is when an expert photographer showcases his photographic magic with dim lights and exhausted but enthusiastic smiles. I create compelling and communicative visuals after sunset that form the core of the happy ending to your love story. Las Vegas Wedding Photography is the right way to freeze all those magical moments from your big day.

If you are confused about how to finish your wedding day, a striking last photo of the night on your wedding day can do justice to it. End-of-night photos by Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Photography will finish your day in style.

The night’s end brings a wide range of emotions – excitement, exhaustion, joy, and relief. I try to encompass all of those feelings in photos; when you are bubbling over with joy, when you bask at the end of night glow, when your send-off sparkles so bright, when you raise a glass to the beginning of the next chapter, and when you bid farewell to the best day ever!

 Las Vegas Night Photography


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