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Here is some great content for people getting married in Las Vegas, our goal is to give you good wedding content so you have the best wedding possible. As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I pride myself on making sure all our couples are happy. I hope this content helps.

On this page, I will cover some important topics that will help you prepare for your planning a wedding, and when we consult it’ll give you some better ideas and tips to help you before your wedding day. The page is a lot of content but it’ll help you prepare for your special day a so you have the best experience possible!

I will give you some important resources and your day will hopefully run smooth!


  • How to create a mood board in Photography
  • How do I find a wedding photographer?
  • How to choose the right Las Vegas Wedding Photographers + Guide on Planning your Wedding in “The Marriage Capital of the World”
  • How to save money with Las Vegas event photographer?
  • Styled weddings and engagement sessions
  • Tips on planning your wedding day
  • Why is photography so expensive?
  • Wedding schedule

Resources from a Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

What is a mood board?

Before we dig into how to create a professional mood board, understand what it is first.

It’s either visual or physical. It consists of all the ideas you have visualized for photography, alongside the preferred colors and mix-match. The most preferred way is a visual mood board. You can send them for collaboration with other photographers or ask them for suggestions.

Most clients ask for a preview of the shoot, and the mood board in photography is the best way to do so.

Why Creating Mood Boards Are Important

If you are working with someone for the first time and want to showcase your idea as bold and attractive, create a mood board. It will visualize your idea as bold and attractive. Maybe the client has a different idea of being bold and attractiveness. You can call it an easier way of settling on the same yet long-term with the client.

You will inspire the client. A freelance mood board template helps in understanding the idea of not WHAT but HOW of the project. Through a visual mood board, you can share it with others, and ask for collaboration and suggestions on improving it.

Moodboard For Brides 1

Steps for Creating a Professional Mood Board

It’s easy, and doesn’t take too much of your time. Just a little competitive research in mood board in photography and you will get ahead of others in no time. There are a lot of applications through which you can make professional mood board templates. Some of which include Canva, Photoshop, and Indesign.

But here’s how you can create it,

Wedding Moodbaord

1.     Creating a new folder or mood board for each new client

The first thing to do is to make a new folder, new design and new idea for all clients. If you send the same mood board to everyone, some of them may not like it and reject your project.

Wedding Mood Board 2

2.     Saving visual ideas

You can save ideas from Pinterest, Reddit, Instagram, and Facebook. Later, you can bring them to the client. Ask for suggestions about whether or not any picture brings out the relevant idea to the client.

Wedding Mood Board In Las Vegas

3.     Making notes on each photo or file

You might like some colors in the photos or details on another. Save them and add them to your mood board template. The outcome comes mind-boggling with all the research and communicates to the viewer what you are thinking about for a photography idea.

4.     Customizing your mood boards for a branded experience

Before you move towards finalizing a mood board in photography, customize it to get it approved. You can share it with the client, again and again, asking for suggestions. You can also forward it for collaborations and suggestions on improving the colors. Your boldness might not be the client’s idea of boldness. Avoid wasting your hard work on the mood board template and customize it accordingly.

5.     Digitally sharing your mood board with clients for feedback and collaboration

It’s important to completely give the idea of your mood board in photography. Otherwise, your hard work gets rejected, and that is more heart breaking than tearing down your favorite wallpaper. Moreover, if you keep the client updated with every step and ask for ideas along the way, it shows your passion. Mood boards are made to represent your enthusiasm toward a certain project.

A Final Note

You must know how to handle mood board template pictures and shuffle them around in the same application. Otherwise, it becomes a restless night for the mood board maker to get on with it. A Mood board in photography is the best way to visualize your concept for a photo shoot.

How Do I find a Wedding Photographer?

Getting married is a life-changing moment for everybody. It’s once in a lifetime moment. So, everyone wants to freeze these memories forever as it shows an instant in the life of your child, family, or loved one. You will look back at your wedding photos for 50 years to recall your oaths, first dance, and kiss. Like other arrangements, you want perfection in your planning a wedding photography too because you are creating your photos once. All these depend on a good photographer with perfect final results.

Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photographer

Tips for Choosing/Hiring A Photographer:

Do your search or take suggestions from your social media

Do your homework by asking your recently married friends and family whose wedding photo shoot you loved, consulting social media and different well reviewed websites. While consulting social media try to avoid asking in a Facebook group as you will likely be dissatisfied. The more you will do search and compare photographers, there will more chances of finding a perfect photographer or a gem.

Check credentials

In order to hire a professional photographer, you need to review and check the photographer’s consistency in work, education, and experience. To have perfect results, you need to find an experienced person in the field. In order to make a great difference in the quality of the final product, it is recommended to focus on the photographer’s education in arts, photography, and editing.

Find a photographer whose style you love

Review the social media website pages of the photographer to check whether the style of photography you loved matches your vision and expectations or not. Check that if you like picture colors, themes, and backgrounds. Choose a photographer whose style is superb and you are likely to love your pictures as well. If you are satisfied and the fee is within your budget, call the photographer for initial meeting.

Invite and interview the photographer

By interviewing your photographer, you can check your comfort level. You must easily and freely be communicating with your photographer by talking to candidates in person or on phone calls. Make sure that the photographer is comfortable with you, your pets, and your kids. In this way, you will be completely relaxing on your final wedding shoot. Spare some extra time to explain what you actually want from your shoot and ask the candidate to show your full albums of their previous shoots that they have delivered to their clients.

Ask about the editing process and fee

Normally it is seen that photographers who charge less do not give the most satisfactory results.  A good photographer charge what their work is worth and what they need to run their business. Invest a fair amount to get the best possible outcomes. Also discuss the hidden charges such as some photographers charging extra for alums, editing, prints, high-resolution image or they work on an hourly basis fee.

Every photographer has different editing skills. The best photographer needs how to edit the photos, and what skills and software are required to make them perfect. A photographer should meet your need in front and behind the camera. Explain to them your editing style.                                                                                                                                

Decide the perfect venue

You can decide your venue before and even after hiring a photographer. One benefit of hiring a perfect candidate is that you can ask them about good and favorite shoot locations or something they have in their mind. Make sure that the location is perfect and try to visit it by yourself to ensure that the area is similar to your fanaticized photoshoot. Make sure that are any extra charges for the shoot and the distance of the site from their home. Decide on the venue nine months after the wedding.

Test the photography before the wedding shoot

In order to test the photographer for your own satisfaction, an engagement ceremony is the best option. This is the best time to check the comfort level between the photographer and both partners especially if the bride or groom is camera shy.

Wedding photography

Wedding photography is a time taking and saturated task. It is the photographer’s duty to make them comfortable and arrange extra things like props, lights, sky lanterns, and many more which are needed during the shoot. Make sure that they are offering you Planning a wedding albums because not everyone offers albums without extra charge.

How to choose the right Las Vegas Wedding Photographers + Guide on Planning your Wedding in “The Marriage Capital of the World”

Las Vegas Engagement Photographers

How to pick the right Las Vegas Wedding Photographers +  Las Vegas Wedding Planning Guide

Your wedding day is one of the most special milestones in your life which will be beautifully immortalized through the art of photography. The images will be an heirloom of this iconic time, something to reflect upon, and even make it an anniversary tradition to bring back magical memories. That is why it is crucial to pick the right Las Vegas wedding photographers that will ensure everything is portrayed just the way you envision. But how to approach the selection and what are the key things to consider? Keep reading because, in this blog, we will illuminate all the essentials that you should keep in mind when choosing!

Why is hiring professionals important when it comes to your wedding photography in Las Vegas?

Simply put, they know their craft and are passionately dedicated to curating timeless memories of your happiness. Also, they are experienced in their field and have a long portfolio filled with many love stories. This experience will prove to be handy to you as they do give the best tips while making you feel relaxed, letting you focus on your wedding. Furthermore, professionals know all the best venues and location spots for framing your love in the best possible way. You will basically feel safe in their hands because they can work with anything. Bad light? Awkward poses? Nothing will stand in the way of making incredible images of any situation.

6 Tips on how to choose the right Las Vegas wedding photographers

We understand that this might be a challenging task so we have rounded up the best tips to help you narrow down your list!

Research in-depth

Most professionals already have online portfolios and you can get a general feel whether you like their work or not. When searching, make sure to research in-depth, and take a look at their social media too.

What style are you drawn to?

Various photographers are capturing and editing in their own way and style, so it is crucial to discover what you are drawn to. Is it fine art photography? Luxury? Classic? Candid and unposed? Is their editing style aligned with your vision? Which colors are dominant? Las Vegas is a colorful place and of course, every professional has its way of transcribing what their lens has captured, so it is vital to like their style.

Reviews speak volumes

In terms of wedding photography in Las Vegas, nowadays it is easy to discover how the experience would feel thanks to online reviews. That being said, read them and you will get a general feeling of what kind of experience other couples have had with the photographers.


In our opinion, the art of photographic portrayal requires a lot more than simple shots of your wedding day. Communication and building relationships with clients is the most important aspect. If there is a possibility, you can also arrange to go out for a cup of coffee – chat and evaluate their personalities. In that way, you will be able to get a feeling of whether there is a “clicking” moment. Why is that important? The Las Vegas wedding photographers will be with you the whole time, so you and your guests should feel comfortable in their presence.

Being able to listen – seal the deal moment!

If they have checked out all of the previous steps, now it is time to see how much they are willing to listen and realize your vision. After all, it is the final thing that matters the most – your love story, wishes, and overall vision.

Inquire about printing rights

When considering wedding photography in Las Vegas, you should keep in mind that everyone works differently – some give full printing rights, and others work with certain printing companies. It all boils down to what you prefer and how you want to print the photos.

Guide on how to plan your Las Vegas wedding

As Las Vegas wedding photographers, we always dedicate ourselves to making sure couples are prepared, so today we will be sharing a few tips for you!

Sort out the legalities

We recommend getting the administrative tasks out of the way and sort out any legal requirements. Here’s what you will have to do:

Go to the Clark County Marriage Bureau and apply for a marriage license (for a certain fee)

Have a valid document for identification and give a social security number

If you have been previously married – present proof of divorce

You can hold your ceremony in any chapel, venue, or office, as long as it is in Nevada

Must have an officiant who has a Certificate of Permission to Perform Marriages in the state of Nevada.

The license will be valid for one year

The Clerk’s office is open from 8 am till 12 am

Avoid any unpredicted stress by prepping

It is no secret that you can get accommodation without booking, but we advise booking in advance and being prepared. Be clear about the cancellations and postponement policies – just in case. Opt for accommodation that is close to your wedding venue.

Decide on a wedding venue

The location and place will partially set the tone for your special day so be guided by your own style and wishes and pick a venue that perfectly reflects your personality. We have curated a list of The Best Wedding Venues in Las Vegas to inspire you!

Hire a local wedding planner & book vendors

An experienced coordinator in the Las Vegas area will definitely help you pull off everything seamlessly and also recommend the best vendors. It is planning but without most of the stress!

Book your Las Vegas wedding photographers

Of course, to have your memories framed is the final step for which now you also have a guide!

We hope that with this article, you will be confident to make the right choice in terms of booking the right Las Vegas wedding photographers.

How to save money with Las Vegas event photographer?

Save Money In Your Wedding

Weddings are the big day, every bride’s dream with long-term planning and every groom’s favourite time when they can finally be with someone and commit for the rest of their lives. But to make this day unforgettable, you need to hire a Las Vegas wedding photographer, someone who will understand how important this big day is to you.

They not only capture the moments but the smiles and the laughs that follow. That’s how event photographer Las Vegas builds their portfolio. The light, screening, angles, and attentiveness to every aspect of the day there are the keywords that define a great Las Vegas event photographer.

But the competition is rising, and so is the passion. We cannot confuse business with passion. Anyone who knows event photography in Las Vegas will understand the market rates, work required to put into the event, etc. But some start it with passion and keep learning through experience and time.

Few ways to save bucks on Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Ideally, you can save many bucks on Las Vegas wedding photographers with the government’s COVID restrictions. Fewer people mean a shorter event, fewer coverage hours, and lesser money. You don’t have to pay a lot of dollars just for a few hours. But if you find someone cheap with no experience and zero quality work, it will also be in vain.

The pictures should speak volumes no matter what age you look at them. Here are a few tips on how you save some cash and still get the best results,

·       Start with someone in your budget

In Las Vegas, many potential photographers are definitely within your budget but need attention. You can give them this by finding them. This amenity needs preliminary attention. Otherwise, you might lose any ongoing, newly released deals with them.

An important factor to remember while looking for someone in your budget is finding someone who understands what they are doing. Ask them if photography is their passion rather than making it a forced occupation for financial purposes.

·       Book early

Some people believe booking early does wonders. In the wedding season, the demand is high for photographers. Even though there are restrictions, people still find a way to get a photographer on the event and ask for a couple’s shoot or event coverage.

Booking early means you understand that the photographers won’t double the amounts if their demand increases. You have booked early, and it will save you from extra charges foreseen for not securing earlier. That means even after the date of booking, the inflation rate among photographers won’t affect your charges.

·       Opt for digital

Since everything is digital and close to nothing printed, go for the digital pictures. Once you have legal hands on the pictures, you can print from anywhere and even give your grandma a picture for the refrigerator album.

Some photographer doesn’t allow printing from anywhere other than their printers. The charges are a lot more than required and mark for more bucks than you can save. You can opt for digital and get the pictures print from somewhere else at lower rates.

·       Hire a photographer for less time

Technically, you don’t need a photographer for too many hours. You can hire them for lesser hours—a Las Vegas event photographer charges per hour. So you can tell them about the timings of the event and get the coverage for fewer amounts.

The less time they spent on the venue, lesser pictures they have to edit, and least money they will be paying to the photographer. You can hire them till the cake-cutting ceremony. The bridesmaids and groomsmen can take the latter pictures.

·       Ask about referral discounts

If your friends were recently marriage and hired a good photographer, you can ask for a referral discount. In contrast, if your friends don’t have anyone in their eyes to refer to you, you can ask the photographer about any early discount. You can ask them to give you a discount and promise to send someone for their bid day to them. 

A Final Note

Concluding my article with just a few words, hiring a photographer that comes under your budget isn’t a challenge nowadays. You can call, reach out to them and ask for a discount to save some money on Las Vegas event photography.

Styled weddings and engagement sessions

Las Vegas Weddings 4

A styled wedding is a dream of every couple as it is a way of adding colors to your event. In these styled weddings, a proper theme is selected according to the time of an event if the event is happening in daylight the color scheme would be different with respect to outdoor events.

If it is happening at night time the color scheme would be different might be dark at night and light shades in the morning timings. It happens with the collaborative efforts of the team who plot an idea that the wedding should be in this way according to the expectations of the family.

Then a styled photoshoot is done which adds to the diversity of an event and complements the couple by the addition of different colors to their wedding. It is no doubt that weddings are the most important event of one’s life, and everyone expects to enjoy such events in their own way. In the same way, we are providing a facility to our customers through styled weddings. It will become the best memory for the couple when they will have a styled shoot because it proceeds in such a special way. The engagement sessions conducted are amazing, they include multiple sources for people to enjoy that event to their full. These sessions are started from the initial part of selecting a wardrobe to the end of the event having the best photographs that will be in an album for life.

Styled weddings can involve the whole event in such a way that every part is covered by our team in organized manner. It involves the following selections;

Setting of ceremony; with respect to the place and time, then the bouquet which is in accordance to the couple’s outwear that it would be light or sharp in colors.

A reception table should design well so that it complements the whole event.

A cake is now an important part of such events and it always adds up to their event and it’s a source of amusement for a couple because it has become a tradition now to cut a cake, so it should be well-designed as well.

Then the stationary part includes the props that are entertainment for everyone attending the wedding session at that time. They pick props of their choice and have a photo shoot with those props, and enjoy them.

Music has become a main part of events now not only for a couple but also for the audience attending the event. Everyone expects pleasant songs to play in the background which will be a source of pleasure for them.

Then comes a couple of modeling which includes an amazing shoot to be done, a couple is said to perform some of the mentioned poses in which they look adorable with each other and they are pictured together. Then the other part is a catered dish which involves impressing people by covering the whole event in a styled way.

The engagement sessions are exciting for a couple, they have to decide on a few things which we cover in an organized way;

Dress; is the main asset of a couple. They both should be dressed in a formal way if their color code matches a little that would complement each other in the whole event. We are available to provide this facility to our customers.

Color code; the coordination with color should be specific because some colors look good and pleasant on the camera. It happens sometimes that the darker color makes a subject appear thinner and the opposite case in light colors. It should select wisely. We provide guidance for engagement sessions.

Makeup guide; this is the most influential element of any event as it adds to what a personality reflects in an event. We are available for assisting our customers with this concern that would add up to their event.

We are covering the whole session in a styled way that they will make your event a memorable one. You are free to contact us anytime for such services, we are providing to our customers, and their satisfaction matters to us. Your event will be as best as you wish, with us.

Tips on planning your wedding day

Weddings are the big days that end in 24 hours, but it takes a year of planning. Without a planned wedding, you might not be making the best budget and planning for your big day. You need to get a pencil and paper as soon as you say yes and write all the plans you have to make it a dreamy wedding.

Without wasting a single second, you need to get into the preparations. Since COVID, many things are getting restricted one by one. There might be ease too, but if you are a juggler and love having people around, don’t waste time and start planning your wedding day.

Wedding Guestbook Ideas In Las Vegas 1

Top Tips for planning your wedding day

·       Start with the early booking of a photographer and event planner

You can negotiate by first talking about the market pricing. Research for yourself a lit bit about the ongoing rates the professionals and new photography businesses. Educate yourself and ask them about their expertise. No professional will provide their services with a 50% discount for you as a new customer. Look at your budget and find people that come under it.

Ask them for a list of everything that includes in the package. To make sure you don’t pay for extras, eliminate services that don’t come under your budget. Once you see the list, you can avoid hidden charges.

·       Make your budget

You can start by making a budget. Your budget must include the list of people you will be inviting over. Then you can move to shop for the dress. Prioritize things and write in ascending order. Once you reach the end, re-read the list and make amends.

·       Decide Formality and Overall Theme

It’s a big day for both of you. Don’t decide everything by yourself. Take a chance and ask the significant other about their likes and dislikes at a wedding. Upon reaching a mutual decision, you can then decide on a theme color for the bridesmaids and groomsmen colors.

·       The venue, Cater, Theme

You will feel overwhelmed after some time. The reason may be that you not use to planning pre-weddings without some help. In between shopping, you need to be ready to find a venue. Roam around places, ask friends and family for short-listing places, and get help from bridesmaids who will drive you down the venue. Some venues give an option of catering too. Try choosing the ones who come under your budget.

·       Food for wedding and Bachelor Party booking

Weddings without bachelor parties are incomplete. You need to decide on a theme for the bachelorette party alongside food for the wedding. These go side by side because you will then be free from all planning and done with everything before attending the last party as a single.

How Much Does a Wedding Photographer Cost?

Typically, a wedding photographer charges per hour rate. The costs can go as high as tens of thousands of dollars or as low as 500 dollars. It depends on how efficient the photographer is and, with their experience, how much is going to give back.

Some offer the only photographer for 500 dollars while others offer photography, videography, and albums along with it. The charges depend on how much the photographers are willing to put in the session, including editing, candid photography, clearing out any blur pictures, etc.

What’s Included in a Wedding Photographer’s Pricing?

Technically, a wedding photographer’s pricing will include two or more photographers depending on the event, a videographer, a candid photographer, and some types of equipment to help with the photoshoot. The team of photographers will do event coverage, couple shoot, candid photographs, and do videography.

After the event, the photographer will provide the album and an event video. The album can be of the couple, candid shoots, whole event, or all, depending on the budget. Technically, the videographer and photographer don’t come together. But some husband and wife teams provide both.

A Final Note

There are a lot of things that you need to pre-plan for your big day. In case you miss something before, you can write it down in your diary and mark it done later. That’s how you can make your weddings without mistake and complete, as you dreamed.

Why is photography so expensive?

Photography has always been an essential addition to any event, wedding, or birthday. The photographer captures precious moments while others live them. A good one will capture shots that the family can relive for however long they want.

There lot of time spent behind the scenes. A photographer may spend an hour on the premises but will need a day or two to edit photographs and put them together for the album. Many do it as a passion and charge more than others. The reason is that they have the skills, talent, and experience to deliver the albums at the earliest.

Destination Weddings In Las Vegas Compressed

Why is it so freaking expensive?

I kept asking myself the same question repeatedly until I finally turned my passion into an occupation. The costs are nothing compared to what we have to pay. The more obvious thing to know is that it includes paying the team, editing with paid applications, putting it in an album, and the equipment that comes with it.

You don’t know until you have invested in photography as a full-time job.

Here are a few reasons why photography is expensive,

·       Equipment and the cost of doing business

You start taking deep breaths once you hear about the budget ranging from 5000 to 6000 dollars. But that’s never going into the pocket of the photographer. It includes investing in equipment and paying fellow photographers if extra pair of hands was required at the wedding.

The equipment includes getting more lenses at the end of the year for every camera because technology keeps updating. The reason photography is expensive is because of the photography gear that may be damaged and unfiled by the insurance.

A single pair of professional cameras cost more than $1000. For emergency purposes, the photographers usually keep an extra one. That means $2000 for two cameras and the lens expense that comes with it is extra.

·       There are many, many unseen hours

Behind professional photography, there are hidden hours of work. The editing, applications paid for every month, and more, everything include in this budget.

The photographers must highlight the pictures in higher resolution to get the exact amount of light required on the album. Otherwise, the pixels will disrupt, and the picture will appear distorted. That’s why professional photographers much more time making photographs than those without experience.

Many people tell us it’s a click of a button, and anybody can settle in different angles for the photograph.

Was this enough to answer your question?

·       Photography takes more than just time

Photography isn’t just about investing hours in editing and taking the right shot. It’s also at the expense of experience, skills, and more. Not to forget, the rates go higher with experience. Models of Vogue preferred me over other photographers and were given a people’s choice award.

I made mistakes, learned with every shot I took with my cameras, got into photography classes, and invested time and money into learning. My experience and skills got polished and honed better than those who are only stepping into the game.

·       Photography brings value to your business

The right photographer will bring value to your business. It includes the idea of how you do what you do. An unprofessional photographer who charges less per hour might not have the experience to mold the products into a more approachable way. Another reason why photography is expensive is for the skills.

A licensed photographer can grant copyright issues to the client if the pictures are used without his consent or unpaid. 

Ways to lower the cost

You can lower the costs of wedding photographs. One way is to reduce the hours photographers will be spending on the premises. Another way is limiting the quantity of the pictures. Less editing time means lesser time spent on the photographs and lesser costs.

A Final Note

Photography is expensive because of the skills and experience. If you hire someone with lesser experience for your big, it will be a disaster, or so I have heard. Not to forget, with little more money, you can get shots from a professional who will give you unforgettable moments in an album.


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