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Hi, I’m Lorenzo Sandoval and welcome to my Las Vegas Wedding Photography website and my creative outlet. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada, the city that never sleeps, where adventure and activities have always been within arm’s reach. If you’re not from here, the bright lights are mesmerizing, and every corner is embellished with plenty of attitude. Aside from your typical tourist landmarks, beauty is all around us, especially if you know the area and the hidden gems. While casinos are the main drawcard for most people visiting, there’s plenty to do and see in Las Vegas away from the slot machines and tables.

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The beautiful scenery of Jean Dry Lake and Red Rock Canyon all the way to the Valley of Fire create breathtaking photos and provide a wide array of beauty. However, if you’re like most people who want to take a piece of Vegas home, then the backdrops of the Bellagio Fountains, Mandrain Oriental, Caesars Palace and the City Center Complex might be the perfect landmark.

Having grown up in Vegas, imagery and culture have been instilled in my way of life from young. From crafting pieces of art for Game World to teaching students how to find themselves through martial arts, facilitating people’s dreams has been a lifelong passion.

My interest with expression started early as I was drawn to martial arts. An individual activity that allowed me to hone my skills, redefine who I was and achieve things I never thought possible. Later in life that passion burned stronger as I continued my martial arts journey, this time on the other side… as the teacher. I wanted to help people find themselves, tell their story and create their own journey.

Realizing how little time we take to capture the moments that matter, my desire to help continued. Picking up a camera allowed me to give people a permanent gift, the ability to freeze time and package it into a photograph, a timeless treasure that will live on forever. From martial arts photography to captivating wedding photos that can be passed down, my devotion to service and excellence is the backbone of my work. In 2020, I transitioned from freelance photography to Lorenzo Sandoval Fine Art Las Vegas Wedding Photography as you see it today.