The Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel: An ideal place for a unique and romantic bridal celebration

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If you are looking for a wedding that excludes traditional norms. Then you should pick a venue that suits these kinds of needs. The Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is where you can have an extraordinary celebration with unique details. That is not usually seen at regular weddings. You have the option to choose a traditional ceremony. But the whole setting of the venue will make your event wildly fun!

The Viva Las Vegas chapel exists for more than 20 years, and it has been the wedding venue for thousands of couples. Each couple has received a unique experience here since each wedding at the chapel is quite different. This is the ideal place for those who do not want timeless and elegant unions but strive for something fun and significantly entertaining.

You cannot get a better amusing setting than The Viva Las Vegas chapel. Las Vegas is a synonym for fun, and this wedding venue portrays exactly that. Theme weddings are regulars in this chapel, so if you want a themed bridal party. Then you have found your place. Plus, as Las Vegas wedding photographers, we promise you will have astonishing photographs that stand out from the crowd of traditional shots. 

If you are still not sure what your wedding would look like in the chapel. We will try to paint you scenes from your big day.

How many guests can you have at The Viva Las Vegas chapel? 

The Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is suitable for both big weddings and small intimate ones. You will have 5 venues to pick from, and each of them matches a different nuptial style. Since this is an experienced site we are talking about, you can just imagine how many options you will have for the big day. 

However, if you are going for a bigger wedding, you should know that the chapel can accommodate up to 250 guests. This is a quite big number, so we believe that it will satisfy your needs. However, there are also smaller venues that can accommodate around 50 to 70 guests, giving you a nice intimate celebration. 

Where is The Viva Las Vegas chapel located? 

When trying to plan a Las Vegas wedding, the first thing that you need to establish is the venue and its location. The Viva Las Vegas situated in the heart of the city. So choosing this venue for your wedding means that you are up for some good fun!

The amazing location makes this bridal site perfect for those who want to experience the excitement of the whole city. The chapel is as shiny as the city, so expect some bright sparkles everywhere around you. In other words, the location is perfect for both traditional and eccentric bridal celebrations.

Does Viva Las Vegas come with a certain set of restrictions?

Since the location is in the center of this loud and shiny city. You will not have any restrictions considering the music. However, you will have to discuss wedding decor and details with the appointed people at the venue beforehand. Although a Las Vegas wedding does not usually come with an abundance of restrictions. It is good to inform yourself on time about any concerns you have. 

Wedding preparation at Viva Las Vegas 

While the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel does not offer on-site accommodations. It comes with nice dressing rooms that are perfect for wedding preparations and the final touches of the bride and groom. As Professional Photographer In Las Vegas. We can definitely say that these rooms are excellent for taking photographs of the most sentimental moments of the big day. 

The dressing rooms are characterized by a lot of natural light, making them perfect for photographs of the bride and groom with their friends and family. The shots that are taken before the actual ceremony are some of the most candid ones because the excitement gets to build up during the preparation stage. During these moments you can see the widest smiles and the most genuine tears of joy. 

First Look and a couple of sessions at Viva Las Vegas 

Each of the five venues that are at your disposal at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel is designed to capture. The First Look of the bride and the groom in the most special way. If you are going for a more traditional nuptial. Then you can have astonishing your First Look Las Vegas Wedding Photography at the Boulevard Gazebo or the Bell Garden. These are the outdoor venues that Viva Las Vegas offers, and they are characterized by elegance and romance. 

Traditional or eccentric wedding ceremony at Viva Las Vegas  

The Gazebo chapel is perfect for a traditional ceremony. The greenery around it accompanied by nature details makes this chapel one of the most beautiful places to say your “I DOs”. However, even if you are throwing a non-conventional bridal party. You can still use this Gazebo because it can adapt to suit your non-traditional needs. 

Nonetheless, you can accent the originality and creativity of your wedding by choosing The Main Chapel. You can make the Main Chapel the most eccentric part of the wedding, and you will obtain splendid photos. 

Magical wedding reception at Viva Las Vegas 

If you plan to have a big wedding party, then your wisest option would be the Vegas Event Center. This is a big place where you can have a lot of your friends and family, together to celebrate your big day. However, if you are interested in having a more intimate wedding then the Doo Wop Diner will prove to be very beneficial. 

A Las Vegas wedding can also be private and less crowded, but amazingly beautiful. The Viva Las Vegas venues can provide stunning experiences, but also give you the chance the have the most beautiful mementos of your special day. 

Book a wedding venue with the most amazing traits 

If you have not chosen a venue yet, now, you probably consider the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapel as a nice option. Be sure that you have the right Las Vegas wedding photographer to capture the most important moments for you.

Do not forget to check out our Las Vegas wedding photography packages and see whether you find something suitable for yourself. If you have any questions or you need photography advice, do not hesitate to get in touch!    

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