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As wedding photographers from Las Vegas, sometimes we never want to take for granted what we have in our town’s own history. The Las Vegas Signs is one of the most iconic signs in our city and its been going strong for many years and is still considered a national monument. Literally, millions of people take a picture in front of it every year.

Las Vegas Sign Parking

Parking in the middle of the street to get these photos can be a hassle sometimes, especially if the parking lot is completely full. Yes, you heard me, the sign has literally its own parking lot. Which I guess makes sense considering so many people want a picture with it every year.

Las Vegas Sign at Night

One of the coolest things about Las Vegas is the night lighting at night. The great thing about this tourist spot is that its literally open 24 hours. So you can take a picture with the sign whenever you want. There can be some party goers at night so you might get some people having fun and it’ll give you a good laugh as well.

The Las Vegas Sign Address

Here is the address as follows. It’s really close to the Luxor Casino and next to the town square. It is right on Las Vegas Blvd.

5100 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Wedding Photography with the Las Vegas Sign

There are a lot of professional photographers who sit in front of the sign literally all day to take your photos. You might get lucky and you might be able to shoot. You can get some decent wedding photos if you get lucky in front of the sign. But like any person doing street work, it’s a hit-and-miss type of job so you never know how they will turn out!

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