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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a wedding at an upscale event venue that can provide you with plenty of sophistication, and channel a relaxed feel at the same time? The Stallion mountains by Wedgewood wedding venue is a retreat that can fulfill all your nuptial wishes in Las Vegas! 

If you want to go with a look that provides glamour, wonderful views, and the best backdrop for your big day – as professional photographers in Las Vegas all you need to do is take a look at this wedding venue.

How many guests can the venue accommodate?

The beauty of the venue is that it can easily accommodate plenty of guests. Want to have a large wedding, and do it in an indoor space? The Stallion mountains by Wedgewood wedding and event center lets you know that you will be able to accommodate up to 250 people and have a wonderful indoor reception.

So if you want to start preparing a lavish wedding ceremony, there is just so much to consider. Two outdoor spots can provide an excellent look, on top of the indoor one.

The location of the Stallion mountains by Wedgewood

Since many couples love enjoying a hidden gem when it comes to wedding venues, our pick is no different – it is truly a gem! What highly appreciate nowadays when it comes to the best wedding venues is not just accessibility. But also a certain level of feeling like you are going to enter another world. The beautiful thing about it is that it can access from Lincoln, Nye, and Clark Counties.

It is quite comfortable and satisfying to see a gentle and romantic approach. This especially appreciates in a city such as Las Vegas. Where the couple rarely can enjoy their special day in an intimate way. The quiet secluded feeling is one appreciated by many, and people love having weddings in places such as that one.

This is a gorgeous wedding that has its heart set on romantic couples. Whether you are from Las Vegas, or another city and consider this to be your dream destination wedding, this venue checks all of the boxes. It is a wonderfully romantic location where your story and your Las Vegas wedding photography will be perfectly complimented.

Prepare for your special day

More often than not, when couples organize their special event and book their wedding venue. They neglect to ask a simple, yet powerful question. When the big day comes, what and how to prepare for it? The best way to prepare for your wedding at Stallion Mountains by Wedgewood is to be aware of the amenities that they offer. Just to give you an idea, this is  what you can enjoy:

  • Dressing suites – amazing for your bridal morning wedding photography;
  • Reception spaces and cocktail hour spaces;
  • An upscale golf location;
  • A perfect backdrop for images.

First look and a couple of sessions at the venue

If you want to have a wonderful and intimate moment with your partner. Then the best thing that couples opt to have is an intimate couple session. Whether it is the Las Vegas wedding photographer quietly witnessing the first look between you and your partner, or the focus is put on the golden hour, you will create some wonders together there!

This is the part where you should consult with the Las Vegas wedding photographer. Hiring a local with plenty of experience is always the right thing to do. After all, your intimate couple photos will be one of the highlights of the day.

A wonderful wedding ceremony

The wedding ceremony is the most important part of the wedding and should be handled with care, style, and grace. Rest assured, Stallion Mountains by Wedgewood sets up the mood for just that. Thanks to the wonderful venue, you will manage to pull off an incredible ceremony.

The most magnificent wedding reception

It does not matter if you are a local or you have come here for a destination wedding, either way, you will be stunned. This is an incredible upscale space that includes refined wedding reception options too to complement your style. Classy, yet laid black – this is the motto that we are going with. There is a sort of tranquil setting that all your guests will appreciate, and it is also a good venue since it is very close to the Strip. This will make it very convenient for your guests who are coming from out of town.

Hosting a reception at Stallion Mountains by Wedgewood wedding venue is something that everyone can appreciate and enjoy. The natural beauty that is found around the space can be enjoyed throughout the year. Each season comes with a special set of beautiful features. If there is one thing that considers a constant here. It is the wonderful light green grass and the sunshine that makes everything seem brighter and happier. Rest assured, everything that you want will go as smoothly as possible.

Final summation

Many couples have adored the process of organizing an iconic nuptial event at the Stallion Mountains by Wedgewood wedding venue. It does not matter if you are a local or you are from out of town. There are some all-inclusive packages provided to you that can tend to and cover all your needs. They offer a stress-free, convenient, and smooth wedding experience, and that is the most important bit. The packages that they offer include almost all of your wedding planning details. So they are also taking a load off your mind. Even if you need a step-by-step guiding process, organizing your wedding at this place is still a very simple thing to do! In addition, due to the intimate yet exclusive feel of the venue, your Las Vegas wedding photography will look otherworldly!

With a venue such as this one and our photography skills. You know that you will end up having the most beautiful wedding photos ever. Feel free to discover our Las Vegas wedding photography packages and choose the one that fits your needs. All you need to do is contact us if you have further questions. We will be happy to provide you with all the answers!

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