Reasons why to hire the same company for photography and videography

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Reasons why to hire the same company for photography and videography

Weddings are the regime of love, affection, care, people getting together for parties, food, different cultures following their rituals, and much more. The most important people are the videography and photographers who capture all the candid pictures, bring forward colors to the album, and make the albums and video as lively as possible.

For consistency and style, you need to hire a photographer and videography from the same company. Since both teams understand they are on the same team, getting them to work and give their best is not a challenge.

But remember, you need to find someone who specializes in both video and photography. Most commonly, the wedding videographer and photographer cost comes with a discount. It means, if you can hire them from the same company, they are willing to not only give their best but also offer the best wedding packages.

Reasons why you should  choose the same company

Technically, it would be best to choose experienced people and take a shot from any angle provided. But some companies don’t offer both services, i.e., photography and videography.

Your list should include people who are providing both services. If you cannot find someone but are credible in work, ask them to refer someone. Companies have rivals but also companions. Here are a few reasons why you should choose the same company.

·       A Common Goal

When we hire videographers and photographers from the same company, their goal is the same. It provides the couple with the best shots and gives each other enough space to get the best angles.

With different individuals from different companies, there will be little chances of personalities clicking. You will hear excuses like the videographers were in the way or the photographer was in a hurry all the time.

It will set the whole team on one road with a common goal, and that is, giving you the most positive results.

·       Advantageous Positioning and Workflow

The videography can get enough space from the photographer to shoot the first look, while the photographer can get enough from the videographers to click the first dance.

This amenity is essential when working with two different companies. Both teams understand the importance of the first shots and want to give the best. But this will clash them. That’s why it’s essential to hire someone from the same company who understands each other enough to give space.

·       Cohesiveness

It would be best if you had consistency and style in your pictures and videos. With people from the same team, they will be working together. This entity ensures that the cohesiveness will be far more worthy of attention than people going for different themes and not staying in contact to make it look like one.

·       One Contract and Point of Contact

When it’s an all-in-one offer, very rarely will you see the couple declining the offer? With one contract and point of contact, you can arrange everything. One call to the same company and asking them about arrival time for the team is better than making multiple calls to different companies.

Reasons why you should not choose a different company

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should not choose a different company. Starting from no personalities clicking and zero engagement and ending at nowhere close to the expected results, it’s essential that you find someone who gives you results rather than stress on your wedding day.

·       Rival companies may not work together

Yes, companies in competition with each other can never work together. Some even suggest choosing one out of both in order not to start a war between the two. If the competition is tight, the companies may try to overtake the other by not letting them take the best shots or pictures, ruining your big day videos and photographs.

·       Different shooting times

The videographers and photographers will have different shooting times, which will make it a challenge to listen to both simultaneously. Videographers need silence, engaging background, and not a single shadow except the couples. The photographers require people, loudness, and smiles to capture candid shots and others.

A Final Note

Photographers and videographers cost come with a discount from the same company. To make sure there aren’t any conflicts between the two, make sure you choose a company that offers both services with credible experience in the past.