The Best Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

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The Best Wedding Venues in Las Vegas

There’s a reason why Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world, and it’s not Elvis.

There is little doubt why couples from around the world flock to get married in the many wedding venues in Las Vegas. It’s iconically fun, alive 24/7 and with an energy like no other place on earth. It’s the dream destination wedding location for so many brides and as wedding photographers in Las Vegas we never fail to see why.

These days you can forget everything you know about Las Vegas wedding venues. As they are now as diverse and extravagant as the famous Las Vegas strip itself. From contemporary hotels and modern ceremony locations to unforgettable natural landmarks – Vegas has it all.

As wedding photographers in Las Vegas, we see a lot of beautiful wedding venues and personally I’ve been struck by the diversity of locations now on offer in this amazing city. So today I thought I would guide your wedding planning and share my favorite wedding venues in Las Vegas that I think you should check out first.

Where to Get Married in Las Vegas – My Favorite Wedding Venues

The Neon Boneyard

If you’re looking to get married in Las Vegas with all the razzmatazz that the city is famous for, but you’re not too keen on Elvis, this is the wedding venue for you. This historical landmark houses iconic neon signs from the rat pack era and each one tells the story of Vegas’ fabulously glittering past. It’s the perfect location if you’re planning a wedding that is fun, nostalgic, and all Vegas baby!

Terraza Di Sogno at The Bellagio

The Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas offers a multitude of locations to get married in, but my personal favorite is the Terraza Di Sogno (Terrace of Dreams). Wedding photographers in Las Vegas will all agree that this is a dream location to shoot in. An iconic backdrop that looks stunning in the day, but extra special when lit up at night! Couples can even say their ‘I do’s’ accompanied by their song of choice mimicked in the dancing fountains behind them.

Graceland Wedding Chapel

What’s a post about wedding venues in Las Vegas without mentioning The Graceland Wedding Chapel! Home of the very first Elvis themed wedding, this chapel is as quaint, as it is iconic. If you want the full Vegas themed destination wedding experience, look no further than The Chapel!

The Gardens at the Springs Preserve

Getting married in Las Vegas doesn’t mean you have to tie the knot surrounded by the cityscape. There is nature all around and it deserves to be celebrate. One of the most unique wedding venues in Las Vegas is at The Springs Preserve and it is perfect for newly-weds who long for wildlife and lush greenery. You can rent the entire botanical gardens and let your guests run amongst the cacti and butterflies, or simply hold your ceremony and reception in their beautiful amphitheater.

The Las Vegas Strip

This final one may not be a wedding venue in Las Vegas, but it will certainly take your breath away. If you’re looking for a less-is-more approach to finding the dream location to tie the knot, then opt for any random location on The Strip! A favourite of many wedding photographers in Las Vegas is the gazebo next to Caesars Palace. As it offers a stunning backdrop of The Eiffel Tower. My top tip? Time your ceremony during sunset and the strip will become your dream romantic ceremony location, exclusively yours.

I hope this has inspired your search for the dream location to get marriage in Las Vegas. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer to capture your special day. Then I would love to join your big day team! Please feel free to get in touch using my contact details below and check out my past weddings portfolio.

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