Raw vs JPEG – What is Better for Your Wedding

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Raw vs JPEG – What is Better for Your Wedding

When it comes to explaining the difference between raw images vs JPEG. This is something almost every professional wedding photographer faces in their career. The interesting fact about it is that there is much information out there that covers the topic. But almost none of it is from a bride’s perspective. The difference here is most noticeable when it comes to the quality of the image as well as the size, and it continues with all the technical aspects. These include color reading bits per channel, firmware DCT processing, compression, and much more.

So, if you want to brush up on the technical aspect of the difference between raw vs JPEG, there is plenty of information. You can even start from Wikipedia but you won’t be clear on the subject you wish to get information on, such as weddings and how these two can impact the outcome of your photos.

Wedding Photographers Shoot in RAW or JPEG:

In essence, what you are looking to learn is getting a visual feel of the difference between these two types of photos. As a bride, you want to know that you have arranged the best wedding photographer for your most important day. If the terms raw and JPEG sound all the same to you. Then it might be time to stop and get a little bit deeper into the subject.

When you are planning your Las Vegas wedding, one of the first things that come to mind is hiring an experienced and professional photographer in Las Vegas. By experienced, we don’t just mean a person that has a large portfolio. But a person that has good, quality pictures for you to see before you decide. After all, these are the biggest memories you will have from that special day, and you want them to be as beautiful as they can be!

Every bride shares the same opinion, and this is why today we are looking into how to differentiate between raw and JPEG images. Next time the wedding photographer mentions this subject, you will know exactly what we are talking about!

What is a raw image, and what is a JPEG image?

First of all, the one thing you need to have in mind before delving into the subject is that a different format may mean a different camera. However, from a technical point of view, the principles on how to use these two types are the same for every camera out there.

Let’s take a look into what is a JPEG, and what is a raw image.

When you are taking JPEG pictures, the image is being processed at the moment. Naturally, the process varies from one camera to the next. What tends to happen is that the camera is set with a certain color temperature and exposure, as well as some other settings. But, when the photo is taken, the camera automatically adds some parameters and amends (or improves) the image. These parameters include contract, enhancing the black and white hues in the image, sharpening, noise reduction, brightness, and much more. After all of this is done, the file is rendered to a compressed JPEG. These are the types of files that are immediately finished, and you may see them seconds after they are taken.

RAW or JPEG for Wedding Photography

From a bride’s perspective, we understand how this is an important aspect. If you want to know what to improve when you are having your wedding pictures taken. Sometimes you need some guidance on the spot. Immediately looking at the images will give you that idea and will help guide you.

On the other hand, what is a raw picture? Raw pictures are unprocessed pictures and they contain all the image information available to the camera sensor. Because this is not a processed version of an image, when you look at them, they end up looking a bit dark, maybe even washed away. Any photographer will let you know that the raw images need to be looked at and processed using the software of the camera.

When it comes to weddings, this is something that is sometimes a better option. If you want your photographer to manually retouch your wedding photos and enhance their best features. Then this might be the best approach for you to take.

While organizing a Las Vegas wedding, how to know which format to use, and when?

Thankfully, any format that a photographer uses comes with a different set of guidelines about when to use them. There is a certain beauty that comes with each format. However, there is always one format that is the preferred style. Especially when it comes to wedding images.

Many Las Vegas couples choose the raw style over the JPEG style tends to be the better option. For a wedding, as a bride, as much as you want to see the pictures immediately. It is always better to have them edited and improved, so you can see the final version, even if it is a few days after the wedding.

Now, in some cases, even though the raw format is the superior one. It should not be used all the time. Just to give you an idea of what we are thinking about when we say raw vs JPEG images, here is where they are used.

Las Vegas wedding

–          Burst sequences – this is usually something that happens in sports, and it is best to shoot JPEG format there. In cases where there is much movement present, JPEG is the better option because the raw format will stop processing the buffered images midway, leaving you with materials that you will not be able to use for anything.

–          Personal use – it is natural for a bride to think about how to make the most out of the wedding pictures. What any bride or a couple fails to notice is that there is a vast difference. When it comes to shooting pictures with a professional camera and taking pictures with a smartphone. When it comes to personal use, people don’t rely on the format that much, so both JPEG and raw images are used.

–          Restricted areas – even when you are a happy couple, you mid find yourself in a restricted area. In this case, the photographer should know which is the best format. That is the JPEG format. This is a golden rule that applies to both professionals and enthusiasts. So, if mid wedding session, you notice the photographer switching from one to another, trust them. They know what they are doing.

Journalistic Shoots:

–          Immediate display – as fascinating as this may sound, at a wedding, sometimes there are a couple of pictures. That the happy couple and the guests want to see as soon as possible. In this case, whenever their picture takes for immediate use, both the JPEG and the raw are a great choice. People are not looking for high-quality content when they look at the image but want to have a piece of memory that will stay with them.

–          Journalistic shooting – as every bride is familiar with, there are many different styles of shooting wedding pictures. Depending on which style you want to go for, this varies between darker and lighter styles, traditional, contemporary, and of course, journalistic. This type comes with the recommendation of using the raw style. As you must have already noticed by now, journalistic shooting provides a sort of grandeur and intimacy at the same time as a wedding day photoshoot. So if this is the option you want to go for, then you should remember that you will have raw images.

Raw Vs. JPEG

Why do professionals use raw to edit?

There are many reasons why professional photographers opt for the raw version of photographs and go to the editing part later on. Wedding photographers in Las Vegas tend to focus on the raw format, which they can edit later on. This is not just their decision only, but rather a mutual decision that happens between the couple and their chosen photographer. However, when you talk with the best Las Vegas wedding photographers. You will notice that each time they will recommend the raw format.

Professional Photographers:

At our wedding photography studio, we let our clients know that we take the pictures in a raw format, but we deliver in JPEG. The reason we opted for this option is that the raw files are very large, and it is not necessary to deliver them to the client in such a large format. The only exception to this rule is if the couple wants to print some images in a larger format.

On the other hand, once you start comparing the raw with a JPEG format. You will notice that some significant differences determine the quality and the overall visual experience when you are looking at the image. The raw image is darker and it leaves a bit of room and freedom for the photographer to tweak it as per the clients’ request. While the JPEG image is already retouched and lighter, it leaves little to no room for any amendments.

From a technical point of view, JPEG images tend to look a little sharper on the camera, but that is not always a good thing. Sometimes you can focus on the details a little bit more when you are looking at the raw version.

Also, the noise. While the JPEG image is processed in the camera, the noise reduction is significantly more noticeable. This is okay for all those pictures which are not meant for professional use. However, if you are a couple getting married in Las Vegas. Then the wedding photographer should be aware that this is an important aspect, and can be done by using the raw format.

Finally, the raw format lets the photographer deal with over and under exposure. Which ultimately, makes all the difference in a photo.

Here are some examples of our work!

If you feel like you need a visual representation of what we have talked about so far, here it is. Through our work as Vegas Wedding Photographers. You can best notice the difference and see that the raw version is always the best version to work with. This is especially the case when you want to eternalize the most beautiful day in your life

Why choose raw over JPEG for your Las Vegas wedding?

Every bride wants the best for her wedding. Of course, this means choosing the right professional and creating the most wonderful wedding photos ever. In this case, most couples want to make their wedding photographs special. They opt for the raw version instead of the JPEG.

If you getting married in a city like Las Vegas. You are bound to stumble across a few interesting backdrops. Creating the pictures in a raw format will allow the photographer to edit them and provide them. They to you edited and ready to be placed in a photo album.

JPEG for your Las Vegas wedding:

We can only hope that we have provided you with the information you needed. Wanting to create a small guide for brides-to-be and for couples that want to get married in Las Vegas. We ended up providing you with some pros and cons. In this way, you can evaluate which format you would like to receive. When it comes to wedding photography, you can see that there are significant differences between raw and JPEG formats. Now you can use this knowledge while you are looking through various Las Vegas wedding photography packages. It will ease your communication and will help you determine which format would be best for your specific situation.

After all, remember, even though the raw format is highly popular and looks great. Sometimes it might not be the best solution for you. Keep your options open and your mind open, so you can get the most exciting experience while creating your wedding photos.

Of course, if you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Las Vegas area. Then we are happy to provide you with the info you need! You can contact us by filling out the contact form, and we can take it from there!

Wondering which format would be best for your Las Vegas wedding photography? In our blog, we explain the difference between raw images and JPEG!