Bullhead City Municipal Court Wedding Photography

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Bullhead City Municipal Court Wedding Photography

Simple moments are the most important parts of any wedding photography.

Kiss as Husband and Wife
Bullhead City AZ Wedding Photography

The First Kiss as Husband and Wife

We want to remember every single moment of that day and a photograph is one of those things that is completely timeless to the core. We remember the little things, we remember not what we bought but how we made them feel. I feel like this is one of those weddings that really expresses that. As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I decided to make the long drive to bullhead city with this couple and get some shots that were simple yet meaningful.

Bullhead City Wedding Photographer at St. Margaret Catholic Church

Wedding photography can be shot all over the world and what makes this an amazing location is the Arizona sunsets that can happen in the surrounding areas. It was cold and cloudy that day and the landscape shot seemed gloomy it added a deep dramatic effect to the colorful clouds behind us, which I absolutely love as a professional photographer.

Kiss as Husband and Wife

Wedding Photographers Services

By looking at our favorite wedding photos, you can understand what we choose and what we look to capture at a wedding. The reality around us is not everything that happens, but what we choose to see. From the thousands of moments, our goal is to collect the essential ones that will tell the story of your own wedding in a few words in a comprehensible way. From you we need, to be ourselves and enjoy your day with your people.

We are 2 photographers at every wedding. Depending on your wedding, our services are determined and the most common is the 10-hour coverage of your wedding, from your preparations to a large part of the reception. There is also a choice of additional coverage of the day. Photographing your pre-wedding or Bachelor party would help even more to fully portray the story of your day. Post-wedding outing photography.  

Photography another day. At home, in a park, or in a special location is a unique opportunity to capture your moments. Joyful moments that in the future will bring you back to a time that will seem far away.