In and Out Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

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In and Out Wedding Photography in Las Vegas
Wedding Photography in Las Vegas
Las Vegas Wedding Photography at In and Out Burger

Lorenzo Sandoval Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

I am really and truly touched by this wedding for several reasons, this was a genuine couple young and full of life and full of love. I love it when couples really care about their wedding and what it has to offer. We had the chance to spend time at a few locations with this couple and really get some beautiful photos in some great locations. As a wedding photographer, my goal is to always capture the moments and memories and not make it so much about posing but focusing on what’s in the moment.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Being born here, I really love seeing my home sign in my town. A couple’s just loved it cause it screams classy Vegas everywhere and it always gets millions of visitors from around the world. But in this particular case, I was always able to luckily still get a candid moment between these couples for their wedding, and seeing them happy actually made me happy that they are locals just like me.

A Mothers love

We often forget how memorable a mother’s memories are, as a professional photographer in Las Vegas. It is our responsibility to make sure we can document the photos that we can capture. We never know how much time we have with our family, so it’s an essential part of capturing the moments in time, especially at our wedding. I often get asked, “why do we need a photographer, why can’t I have my friend do it”.

I would say because we want to enjoy the moment, see the reactions and be in the moments so we don’t miss them and it’s our job to capture those moments as they are happening. As a Las Vegas wedding photographer that is my passion is to capture that specific moment in time. Look for a wedding photographer near me, and you’ll find so many other great photographers, but make sure you find the right one that will be there and not miss a moment!

Wedding Dress Photography

Some of the most important shots are definitely the dress and preparing for your special day. I always tell brides this is an important part of the day because it’s the anticipation before the ceremony in the wedding and you can get some amazing shots as they are getting ready.