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Some of the biggest things couples stress over when getting married are planning, organizing, and finances. Finding the perfect venue in Las Vegas (the wedding capital) can be a task all in itself. Trying to coordinate seating arrangements, scheduling bridal parties for fittings, securing a caterer, all these things can become too much for couples.

Elopements (or intimate weddings) in Las Vegas are on the rise. The average wedding costs close to $30,000, whereas a small intimate elopement can max out at a fraction of the price. Contrary to popular belief, elopements don’t mean running away and getting marriages in secret anymore. Couples are foregoing large weddings for small intimate ceremonies, celebrating that special day with the ones that matter the most…. family.

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It’s no surprise that COVID-19 has had a huge impact on people’s decision to get marriages. With states implementing lockdowns and limiting Venice beach wedding guests to smaller numbers. Elopements in Las Vegas have nearly surpassed large traditional weddings. The average elopement costs $1,200. Couples can invest more into photography and other avenues to make their special day perfect.

Our team at Lorenzo Sandoval Las Vegas Elopement Photographers specializes in capturing the moments that matter the most. The location, the tears of joy and everything in between will live on for generations through your beautiful images. Share the emotion from your elopement with your children, and their children for many years to come.


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