Tips on writing your wedding own vows

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Tips on writing your wedding own vows

Hey there, as the best Las Vegas wedding photographer we provide the best information on how to help you with your wedding. Here are some key points to look at when creating your vows. When you have a chance check out our wedding photography portfolio after this article.

Planning your future life begins when you put on that engagement ring, and she accepts to marry you. However, it is until the wedding day that everything comes out in black and white. You have to show the public in attendance (and your entire social circle) that you are ready to turn a new leaf in your life. You have to reflect on many things, including your past and your future with your partner.

That is where vows come in handy. They are written confirmations that you two have tested the water, and you are now ready to live together as husband and wife. With the vows, both of you have to be on the same page, and you must be careful with your accounts. Below are some of the top tips that will help you develop a perfect vow for your special day. Whether you’re looking for wedding or elopement photography packages to capture your moment as you say your vows to your wedding, Lorenzo Sandoval wedding photography wants to see it as it happens.

Take Inspiration From Other Vows, Books, and Other Sources

After your engagement photography session with us, whether is taking some Las Vegas desert photos, or scenic photography after looking at our you want to start prepping some vows for your wedding photography.

The first step to being creative and writing a perfect vow is to read several vow examples for inspiration. Words from experts and past weddings will give you a perfect example of what works and what does not. Since it is your first time doing this, the templates, books, and poems will provide you with insight into the right form, language, and romantic words to include.

If you are into tradition and religious practice, begin by reading the relevant books of vows from your respective faith.  It will help you understand what your faith expects of you and the values you could incorporate into your vows.

After that, you can then go to non-traditional sources. The primary purpose here is to understand the length, tone, and form that you will love as a couple. You can explore every item from the library and internet sources. Use everything you find to jumpstart your wedding vows creatively.

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  • Discuss with your partner

Before you and your partner begin to write your wedding vows, you must talk about it first. You might read and research the above sources independently, but you must discuss the final draft’s outlay.  You could also agree on the skeleton but make your last copies secret until the very final hour.

Some of the things that you need to agree on include tone, length, and format. The discussion will help eliminate elements of surprise at the last minute. For example, it would be very annoying to find out that your partner has a five-paged vow when you only have a paragraph of three sentences.

Another advantage of writing your vows together is that it brings that intimate mood and perfect memory for the big day. You could also help your partner if they are those types of people who find it challenging to express themselves even in writing.

  • Brainstorm

Taking notes is always crucial when coming up with your vows, especially when you two have been in a relationship for a long time. Brainstorming entails going down memory lane to analyze your relationship’s aspects that stand out, what attracts you to your partner, and when you knew it was the right decision to spend the rest of your lives together.

As you try to go through it, take notes to help you pull strings on structuring your wedding vows. The memories are also crucial in structuring a relevant vow tailored explicitly for you two. Here are a few items that you could include in your notes,

  • How you support one another
  •  Las Vegas Wedding Venues and the vibe of the environment during the vows
  • The positive you have witnessed since day one
  • What you miss most when your partner is away
  • What inspirations do you draw from your partner
  • The accomplishments you have gained since you met
  • The first moments that you realized that you were in love with your partner
  • What attracts you most in your partner
  • The short-term and long-term accomplishments you want to achieve as a couple  and any other relevant item
  • Include a list of promises

A vow is nothing without promises. Going the classical way of “to have, hold, love, and cherish, in sickness and in health, until death do you part” may not be your cup of tea. However, it would be best if you found a way to make your unique versions.

Ensure that you bolster the moment with genuine sentiments and cut out on promises you cannot keep. Find a perfect blend between promises of the broad spectrum likes “I will always support you in your ambitions” and direct, straightforward sentiments like “I will always make your coffee instead of tea.”

It is important to note that you do not need to promise your partner heaven and earth. Keep everything simple and realistic, and cease promising perfections.

  • Be Original and Avoid Clichés

Before you put down your vows on paper, you must understand that your marriage will never resemble another one. While you can borrow a few tips and ideas from other sources, make everything unique to your affair. Avoid using someone else’s words, whether they are award-winning poets or your relationship mentors.

We recommend that once you put the draft down, go through it, and eliminate every single cliché. Make sure that you do not have phrases like “love is blind.” Instead, restructure them and make something that talks directly about your partner. For example, you can say that you love your partner during the day with their makeup on or early in the morning with wrinkles running on their face.

  • Write down the draft, then Edit

Treat your vow like you would with any manuscript or delicate financial report. Begin by putting your thoughts on paper. Do not worry about the direction it takes but still maintain a bit of caution. Try to avoid pressure (whether from within yourself or outside) to include wits and jokes.

Getting your thoughts out will give you a reasonable window to tweak, restructure, reword, and tune the final draft as you wish. For the best results, you can write up to three drafts. Complete the first draft, then let it sink for a few days or even weeks.

After taking enough time to think it over, go back and proofread your work. Along the way, you will come across tiny mistakes and things that do not sound right. Edith the copy making necessary adjustments. You can repeat the process three times depending on what you want and how good you want the vows to sound. The most important thing here is to come up with a copy that speaks from the bottom of your heart. Also, notice that too much editing will destroy authenticity and put you under unnecessary pressure.

  • Express yourself and Shout the love in your vow

Your big moment is the time to show your partner how vulnerable you can be. The ceremony provides ample space for free judgment both from your partner and the entire audience. It is s perfect stage to tell the world how romantic you can get and how much you are willing to let your partner into your life.

You have to put everything aside and pretend if it does not come out naturally. Even if you are not sentimental or that Romeo and Juliet type, surprise your partner with the other side of you. Use the vow to tell them that you are getting married not for the sake of being together but because you share a unique bond that you want to last for eternity.

When presenting the vow, you can also include stories that outline your love story. For example, if you two met in a grocery shop or met on a blind date, you can have that in writing. You need to repeat this on the material date even if part of your audience already knows about it.

  • Make the session personal

As part of expressing yourself, make the entire draft personal. Steal your partner’s attention (and that of the audience) with every sentence you spit out. Make the whole session more of a one on one rather than a public speaking episode.

While you have to stick to a true story, try to include practical jokes and language that is easy to understand. By inserting a personal moment, you make the vow unique and custom-made to your type of event.

Outline the Highs and Lows of your relationship

Sharing only the good times in your relationship makes the vow sound generic and ingenuine. Your guests are eager to hear original vows, not crafted ones. This is the moment to let out the bumpy spots that you have hit along the way. They also understand that the challenges make a couple more substantial, and they are the foundation of a strong unbreakable bond.

Showing this side will also present you as partners who can handle pressure and that you are ready for the turbulence and the free ride ahead. However, try not to air everything in public. Keep the most intimate secrets, and do not be excessive.

Eliminate Cryptic content and parts that are too personal

While you have to be genuine in the vow, you do not need to embarrass yourself. Remove any memorable jokes or comments that you two share. It is essential to keep memorable moments out of the public domain because they are only special if you do not include a third party.

The audience consists of people you sent invites to because they own a special place in your heart, and you want them to be part of your big day. However, try to leave everything at the friendship level. Please do not include them in your private jokes and deep anecdotes.

It is also good to include everything you feel in the vow. However, it is not possible to fit every item, memory, and emotion you have. Try to shorten the vow and make it a one or two minutes speech. Eliminate the events of repetition.

Acknowledge in the vow that you might be imperfect at times

Everyone has a past that they are not proud of, and wish to forget. It is crucial to indicate such factors in your vow and let your partner understand that while they expect the best of the marriage, everything will not be rosy. Make them know that while you will be a perfect partner sometimes, they have to bear with your attitude and understand you when you do some things.

Keep the final Vow secret from your partner until the presentation time

The element of surprise is a factor you have to consider when delivering any gift, vows included. You do not let it out in advance, but you have to wait for the occasion to provide everything undiluted and in one piece. You already discussed the skeleton, but the final copy must be your words, do not worry about your imperfections at this moment.

As we said above, make everything personal. Sharing the content of the vow dilutes the content. That way, the surprise element will not be there, and the session will lack a romantic feel. So, even when sharing with your friends and family, ensure that none of the content reaches your partner.

Indicate pause, intonations, and correct punctuations

Vows are not loved letters that you write for other people to read. They resemble speeches that you have to read aloud to make everyone present and understand your message. Not every line will come out in the same manner.

You must present the script in a manner that your audience follows every moment. The guests understand when they need to laugh, when they need to cry and when they need to applaud you. Remember that your partner’s most crucial audience is so the intonations and pause must catch their attention.

When presenting, you will experience some butterflies and jitters that you can not guess where to pause or include an intonation. Therefore to be on the safe side, make the necessary punctuations on the final draft so you have an easy time reading it.

Draw inspiration from your environment

Sometimes you may lack the ideas to include in the vow. So, you can look around the house, the paths you have walked through, and the people you have been with for inspiration. Such environments will give you vivid memories of your bests and worst times together.

They will also help you understand where you stand as a couple and what makes your bond best. The places and environments you live in even portray what you stand for and how you view your personality.

Ask someone to listen and give comments

Practice reading your vows to an audience, even if it means having your groom team over. It will give you a first-hand experience of what you expect from the guest in attendance. The practice will help you eliminate fear, jitters, and potential excitement. You might be excellent at public speaking, but the big day comes with its unique surprises.

Presenting in front of your friends and family members will also help them correct specific errors. While it is essential t keep everything personal, there are some mistakes that people with experience will notice first hand.

Read the vow out  loud in your private time

Apart from having a makeshift audience listen and scrutinize your presentation, you can take some time in your private room and practice more. You can stand in front of a mirror and have an imaginary you listen to how you talk and what you say.

That way, you will determine where the grammar is off or where some words may be missing. It will also help you come up with a cohesive structure. This is the same method that top public speakers master before they present their masterpieces.

Take your time but do not wait for a last-minute rush

Procrastination is not always right in such moments. So, you have to begin preparing your vows n advance. This way, you will have ample time to make the necessary corrections and adjustments. Making the first draft is not the end either. Do these amendments prior and have your final draft ready in time.

Doing everything in time also relieves you from unnecessary pressures. It gives you time to practice and recite the vow in multiple ways.

Ask your friend, or relative to keep a spare copy for you

Writing your vows can be difficult but demanding. So you do not want to misplace them and begin looking for them at the last minute. As part of taking a safety precaution, we recommend that you keep a copy for yourself but have a trusted relative or two keep copies. That way, if you misplace yours, you can ask for a replacement instead of having to write a new one.

Bottom Line

No wedding is ever complete without the couple exchanging the vows. While they depict your individual account of the relationship, coming up with the final draft may be difficult. After reading our tips above, we hope that you now have enough knowledge to come up with a masterpiece.

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