Sunrise Vs Sunset which Photography is Best

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Sunrise Vs Sunset which Photography is Best

There is a golden hour for sunrise Vs sunset photography, and landscape photographers know this. The golden time for sunrise photography is half an hour before sunrise to an hour after the sun rises. In the case of sunset photography, this time is an hour before the sun sets to half an hour after the sunset. These are the best times for clicking pictures as you get warm light and there is a beautiful glow to the sky. 

However, there is a debate about which period is ideal for shooting. Some prefer sunsets, while some prefer sunrise. We will be highlighting both sunrise Vs sunset photography so that you can understand which one suits you the best.

Sunrise photography

Fog, clouds, and mist in the early morning

During the nighttime, the atmosphere cools down, the air becomes calm, and a drop in temperature. It leads to fog and mist formation in the morning that helps one to click better pictures. The picture quality is impressive, and you can capture the colors vividly. Since fogs are rare, not many people have seen foggy effects in photographs. Fog gives a moody impact to your photo and helps to block the unwanted clutter in the backdrop.

Fewer people

Only tourists, hikers, and photographers get up so early in the morning. Other than these groups of people, not many people get up so early in the morning. Since there are fewer people, you can have the place to yourself. The photographer can explore the site easily and also check for places ideal for taking pictures. No people will get in their frames, and they can take quality pictures. You will also not have to worry about any individual disturbing your tripod or camera position.

Pictures are less hazy

A hazy picture is not desirable. During the early morning, the air is clean and has fewer pollutants. Since there will be no haze, the colors in the photograph will be vivid. It will impart a fantastic quality to the picture.

Light is more extraordinary during sunrise

Sun-rising photography is preferred as there are lesser particles during this time. It allows blues from the sun to reach the Earth. The incredible light lends a significant effect to the picture.

Sunset photography

Ample time to look for picture composition

The advantage of a sunset photo is that you have enough time to go through the location before finalizing the subject for the picture. You can decide during daylight what you want to capture during the sunset. It is significant for sunset photography

More predictable weather

You can check on the weather app for the weather conditions during sunrise and sunset. You can also look at the sky before sunset to understand the kind of weather you can expect during the evening. It will be helpful as you will know whether you will have enough light for the photograph. If there will not be sufficient light, you can take the pictures on a different day.

Warm and colorful lights during sunset

As opposed to the light during sunrise, the light during sunset is colorful and warm. It refers to how the light gets scattered in the atmosphere. In the afternoon, there are more dust and smog in the atmosphere due to the various human activities. There is also water vapor accumulated throughout the day. These particles help in scattering the red and orange light from the sun. It is the reason why sunsets are warmer and very colorful.

More light due to an increase in human activities

Sunsets in the cities have more light. The towns become more lively during the evening than at dawn. Artificial lights from the signboards, buildings, and street lights lead to more sunlight. There is more traffic during this time as people get off work. Hence, a photographer can take different pictures of sunset by using these artificial lights too. 

A final note

Sunrise sunset photography has its share of differences. A large number of photographers prefer the sunrise for clicking pictures. And some prefer sunsets for taking amazing photos. To sum up, one can say that both times have their share of advantages. It depends on the photographer as to which time he/she will choose for clicking the pictures.