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Ashley Hills Baby Shower


Over the weekend I got to photograph some of my karate peers who were some of the most successful athletes and coaches in the United States. Ashley Hill, who is a former USA karate athlete, and a multiple time national champion the daughter of champion Tokey Hill. (1980)

I also got to hang out with former karate champion and USA karate athlete Billy Finnegan as well as USA Karate coach Christina Munccini. This particular weekend, Ashley was hosting a baby shower at the Sands Point gold course in New York.

Sands Point Country Club NY

As a huge fan of Tokey Hill and documenting most of his later life, I am also a karate historian. This was a very important moment for me personally because this was a intimate moment and family event I was able to attend and photograph. This was a absolutely stunning spring May and the grass and the landscape on the gold course was just stunning. There are on occasions that I do maternity photography, and its something I enjoy seeing new mothers having a good time with their families.


It was really great to watch the family enjoy themselves and really have fun at the baby shower. I also wanted to thank Richie who is the CEO of Centennial Elevator repair in NYC. Invited me to the the event, really great guy and I can see why he is loved by so many and Ashley being a great person she is, really found a great man and a good father.

Baby Shower photography

The Baby Shower at Sands Point Country Club

This was a very nice event, the baby shower as Ashley prepared and put it together was very well planned and well made. Sands Point has some great food and amazing people serving and a dedicated staff helping the event run very well. I was able to get some great candid shots of Ashley and her family during this photography session.

Baby Shower photography

Shooting this baby shower made me appreciate how life can be some important memories that we as photographers should capture. This baby shower really made me appreciate and friends and how important certain life events should be.

Photographing Key Moments

As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, I really try not to miss moments in my work so I make sure I capture the most important moments. Or when I am shooting family photography, I really try to make the photos more candid and more natural so we get some good photos. This can range from a number of things to candid, or games and even unique moments that can happen at the event. Here are my most favorite shots that happened in candid during my phytography that day.

Maternity Photography at the USA Olympic Coaches House

I also had the pleasure of spending time at the USA coaches house with Christina Muccini and I got to photograph Ashley at the house where they usually visits. I was able to get some great candid shots of herself, her father as well as some of her family members. It was awkward at first me pulling out the camera, but once everyone got used to it, it was like I was never there. I was able to get some amazing shots of them at the house just being themselves an d having natural interactions with the family, which made amazing natural photography.

Its astonishing how simple moments can create such vivid photos for a family collection and I am proud of these photos. I realize how important family history can be and how it can help families remember their loved ones throughout their years.

The Yacht Ride on NYC Ocean Front to Statue of Liberty

Before the Baby shower about a day before we also got to see the Statue of Liberty. It was one of the coolest things to see and I was very lucky to do this.

Final Thoughts

Just an overall fun time with friends Ill never forget and this is something I will cherish the rest of my life. Contact me or my team today and see how we can make your photography experience memorable so I can create some amazing photography for you and your family.