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Real-Estate Photos in Las Vegas

Here is a sample of the editing stley work that I do. As a born and raised Las Vegas resident my job is to capture all of these moments for your potential clients to love and live in their new homes and work in thier offices.

My Las Vegas Photography Studio

Here is a sample of my photography studio in town, Im usually here working on edits or other projects like editing photos of your house or other projects.

Architectural Photography

Here a sample of my Fine Art Architectural Edits.

Oak Alley Plantation Prints
DSC05896 Compressed

Real-Estate Packages Pricing

My pricing is straight to the point for this type of job. I make sure its affordable and the quality will be just as good. I mostly like to book day shooting. During the week is the most affordable way to get these rates. This pricing schedule is Mon-Fri from 9am-3pm. These are our most affordable prices we have for this photography. If you would like to do a weekend or after hours we can schedule it for an extra charge, but ideally these are the best times to get at an affordable rate.

Sq Feet Packages

$79 for 1000 or under sq ft
$100 for 1500 or under sq ft
$160 for 2000 or under sq ft
$200 for 2500 or under sq ft
$250 for 3000 or under sq ft
$300 for 5000 or under sq ft
$400-$600 over 5000 sq ft

Golden hour shot for sunset or sunrise +$55 extra.

For home decor shots +$30 ( extra editing ) this is if the home has a lot of decor and furniture we need to photograph.

Portrait shots of Realtors if done during Real-estate at location extra $150 for 10-15 photos of head shots. Or at the home/ location.

Drone $150 added must be in a flyable zone.

Photos include :

Full rights
Commercial rights
Save your for photos for up to a year storage
Printing rights
20-50 photos depending on the job.

Who is Lorenzo Sandoval?

I am fine art photographer who is a local born and raised in Las Vegas. I also own a martial arts school called Ageless Martial Arts. I have a huge passion for taking photos of architecture and homes to help tell each of history and its story to sell to families coming to Las Vegas. I work with local real estate agents to help sell their home or rent their commercial properties around the Valley. Or I photograph rentable properties for people renting their property. I travel the world and I photograph some of the most historic building in our history, but I am here to serve you and your real-estate needs.


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