Vegas Wedding Photography Packages

Below are some of our photography and videography packages available all offered at a multitude of price points depending on the number of photographers and the edits you need, and the scale and length of your event. The longer the length of your booking, the more services and savings you see. Book a consultation today to find which works best for you!

2 Hours

10-25 edits per hour

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

If you’re planning a short or small wedding, this package will work perfectly. Our team recommends using this service during the ceremony. If you want Lorenzo himself, your event would have to take place on a weekday, otherwise, another professional of the team can photograph your event if it’s on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

4 Hours

15-40 edits per hour

Las Vegas Photographer Compressed

With the Bronze package, our photography team will have the time to shoot you getting ready and the ceremony, depending on the length. Generally, this package doesn’t cover the reception but gets two aspects of the big day.

6 Hours

25-50 edits per hour

DSC09005 Min

The Silver Package is one of the most popular choices as it covers the majority of the wedding day. This package allows for at least two locations, and as many edited photographs detailing each event as the day allows.

8 Hours

25-50 Edits per hour.
(Strongly Recommended)

DSC00032 Compressed 1 Compressed 1

This is the ultimate package for couples who want to make certain that their whole day is photographed and they leave with exceptional edits. We always recommend the Gold package as it gives you the most savings, and has free services included such as an engagement shoot. The Gold package covers the preparation, the ceremony, the event, and candid shots throughout the day capturing all the special moments.

Main Shots: Not Limited too.

  • Engagement Included
  • Preparation
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Candid Shots

10 Hours

30-50 Edits Per Hour.
(Full Day Wedding)

DSC06365 Compressed 1 Compressed

Our Platinum Package is ideal for couples looking for a full-day wedding photography packages covering multiple locations and capturing all the tiny beautiful moments shared between the happy couple. With the Platinum package, couples will receive a complimentary engagement photo shoot, images of the wedding preparation, the ceremony, and the reception as well as candid shots and photographs of the couple with their family and friends. This package also includes solo shots of both the bride and groom, (or bride and the bride and groom and the groom).

Main Shots: Not Limited too.

  • Engagement Included
  • Preparation
  • Bride Solo
  • Groom Solo
  • Ceremony
  • Reception

12 Hours

30–50 Edits per hour.
(Max In One Day)

DSC09368 Compressed 1 Compressed

This is our most extensive and detailed wedding photography package and is the max amount of hours we offer in a single package. We recommend choosing this service if you have three or more locations or a large number of family and friends, as it gives us enough time to prepare and photograph every aspect of the love-filled day.

With the Diamond package, we take great care to capture images of every moment of the wedding from start to finish and leave the clients with the highest number of edited photographs possible. The main shots that the couple will receive include but aren’t limited to an engagement photography photo shoot, photographs of the wedding preparation, solo shots of each side of the couple, the ceremony, and the reception, as well as lots of candid shots of the couple at each and their guests. This package also allows for time to shoot photographs of all their family as well as friends and any special guests in attendance. This is our premier photography package, and we make it our mission to create edited photographs of our Diamond clients that sparkle and shine.

Las Vegas Strip Photography Packages

If your looking for a quick shoot on the Las Vegas Strip our packages usually start at $599-$5000 depending on the amount of hours and edit you want for your strip packages. This can range from night time to if you choose weekends or a prime day or if you choose a holiday. Prices can change day or night based on availability, this is because prep time is different for every type of scenario. It’ll also depend on the amount of photographers you want as well. We can be flexible on pricing as you choose a day that isn’t in demand. Vegas strip photographers are very popular, but there are more popular places to shoot and you must know your area so not only you get the perfect shot, the best experience, but also safe places so Lorenzo and his team can get the best angles.

1 Hour

Screenshot 2023 04 12 122633

If you need a quick shot just capture the moment with your partner this is a great package on the strip.

1.5 Hours

Vegas Strip Photos In Nevada

We can capture more of the details on the Las Vegas strip and get more edits so you’re happy with the work.

2 Hours

Las Vegas Strip Photos

We can capture more of the details on the Las Vegas strip and get more edits so you’re happy with the work.

Vegas Wedding Photography Packages

You cannot split the times or hours with the day weddings. They must be chosen based on the package this is because we calculate shooting time, and prep time. If they are split on different days we have packages for that, this is also because Lorenzo or his team must be available for multiple days if we need to schedule that so we can serve you best.

2.5 Day


in this wedding, you get a full day wedding of 10-12 hours depending on what you need. This package usually has the following.

Main Shots: Not Limited too.

  • Everything from the Diamond Package
  • Full Day Wedding
  • Rehearsal with Family, Bride and Groom

2 Day


In this package, we normally add the following events. We have multiple occurrences that happen in this package.


Main Shots: Not Limited too.

  • Everything from the Diamond Package
  • Full Day Wedding
  • Rehearsal with Family, Bride and Groom

3-5 Day


This package is about themed weddings. Bolloywood-themed Indian weddings are the most popular. It will cover the Haldi Mehndi and all other family functions.


Main Shots: Not Limited too.

  • Everything from the Diamond Package
  • Multiple Day Wedding
  • Rehearsal with Family, Bride and Groom
  • Bridal Shower
  • Other prep shots as well as after the wedding.

Engagement Photography Packages

Short And Sweet
30 Minute

10-15 Edits


If you’re interested in the most affordable Las Vegas wedding photographer packages, but don’t want to sacrifice style, beauty, or quality, Short And Sweet is the package for you! With our Short And Sweet package, you’ll still receive high-quality creative gorgeous images that can be framed, posted, and shared with friends and family, but in a shorter time frame. This package includes just enough shooting time to capture beautiful one-of-a-kind images that showcase the love of your partnership, all in under 30 minutes.

Standard Excellence
30 Minute

10-15 Edits


The Standard Excellence Package is one of our most popular, as it allows for ample time in a location of your choice to get all the options and styles you want to see in your engagement photography. With an hour of shoot time, we can plan and execute incredible unique imagery that will give you plenty of options to choose from. If you are looking for a high-end luxury photographer, but only have a single location in mind for your shoot, his is the whole wedding photography packages.

2 Hours

50-100 Edits


The Abundance is our most extensive engagement photography package and will ensure that you have images for all the moments of your engagement bliss. This package covers multiple locations and sets up, and leaves clients with a plethora of gorgeous imagery. Many clients opt for the Abundance Package and use the photography for save-the-dates, invites, and decor. With 2 hours of shooting time, we can create a variety of looks without the stress of time.


Destination Wedding Photography Packages

As one of the Best Las Vegas Wedding Photographer packages companies in the state, we’ve seen our fair share of weddings. However, Lorenzo Sandoval also offers a Destination Wedding Photography Package that will bring the best of the best to any corner of the world. Get high-end luxury photography no matter where the ceremony takes place. Below are the steps that couples purchasing this package will take:

Our requirements to best serve you and provide you the best work.

  • Virtual Consultation With Lorenzo Sandoval
  • Here you’ll discuss the details of the ceremony, the locations you hope to shoot at, and what the overall aesthetic of the event is. You’ll nail down all the details surrounding pricing and options offered.
  • Finalize The Details
  • Nail down the details surrounding photographer transportation for the totality of the wedding event. Create a plan for room and board for the photographer and his team depending on the scale of the event and finalize the contract!

  • Prewedding Plan rehearses the plan.
  • The day before the ceremony, couples will meet with the team to design and rehearse an approach that garners amazing photographs while not getting in the way of your special day. This allows couples to enjoy their moment while ensuring that they receive beautiful images sure to be cherished for a lifetime.

Specialized Wedding Packages

Planning to have a unique or specialized themed wedding or one where you or your fiance’s culture should be highlighted? Lorenzo Sandoval’s Specialized Wedding Photography Packages will embrace your custom wedding and create images that reflect your unique sensibility and/or culture.

These Weddings May Include: Themed weddings, Indian weddings, Jewish weddings, or Chinese weddings.

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