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Photographer Woburn

Focus Martial Art Woburn

This weekend I had the pleasure of going to Focus Martial Arts in Woburn MA. They invited me for Its Time Live with Brannon Beliso at both their grand opening and business seminar. Its always a pleasure to shoots these events because as school owners its important to photograph some unique locations around the United States.

As a professional photographer, I always try to get candid shots in my martial arts photo collection for this particular niche. This client I flew to Woburn to make sure I can create some beautiful photography for Marcos Mozzola and Aimee Mozzola who are the owners of the the school.

Brannon Beliso

Bay State Martial Arts Woburn, MA

Focus martial arts is a unique karate school in Woburn MA, and focuses on teaching kids life’s skills and and martial arts for self defense. It is a great atmosphere for families and to have long term benefits that develop young minds into great people.

I can’t believe I made it here. I just wanted to say it was a wonderful opportunity, after missing my flight a had a mistake on the booking, I almost missed the whole event. I didn’t want to miss this event because I knew it was important to Marco and his team that he wanted me to document it. I also fiund out that day that the Mayor of Woburn showed up.

Woburn Mayor Scott Galvin


Marco was super eager to get the photos with Mayor Galvin and wanted to make sure we captured this shot. There was so many people so it was hard to get this shot without the people in the shots. Marco would have killed me if I miss this shot. We really had to get this shot because it was really important to the locals in Woburn.

Event Photographer in Boston MA

I do a lot of events around the country. But I really wanted to see how this martial arts school functioned. Since I also own Ageless Martial Arts as well, I wanted to see what they do different. Truth is it was much different than mine, they were just consistent and always making families happy. I was able to shoot some of the games they played, this really taught me how important it is to create a customers experience for a service based business.

As a Martial arts school in Woburn MA, there really no hidden recipe, good classes, strong curriculum, wonderful culture and effective result for any type of service based business. Watching kids play games while learning effective life skills and watching kids play games, creates a community that people are addicted to and they can trust. Once trust is created then you can create a succesful business. Gaining trust of each customer can mean every thing so they become loyal.

Photographer Woburn

Being a Photographer in Woburn this weekend was really a treat and it was a lot of fun to meet the mayor and also photograph the owner of Focus Martial Arts. I feel really lucky that I get to meet a lot of successful people. I am always grateful to around people that have the same mindsets as I do in running a business. Being around like minded people who want to be successful is super important in life and at times, its a valuable part of running a business. Its also important to value the people your around because Brannon Beliso talks about this a lot. be careful of what you put in your mind and who are the people around you.

Brannon Beliso owner of One Martial Arts, Marco and Amy Mazzola owner of Focus Martial Arts and Lorenzo Sandoval owner of Ageless Martial Arts. Taking a picture with Mayor of Woburn during their grand opening in April of 2023. Picture below.

Mayor of Woburn
Kids Activities in Woburn MA

Focus Martial Arts has some great activities they created to keep kids having lots of fun and their dojo (Karate school ) and its going to be great place to have a great time. Watching the kids eat some delicious cannoli’s was a treat to see the smiles of their faces as they were doing the event.


Conclusion From the event

We all make choices for the life’s we want, and seeing a new business start reminded me of my journeys of my dojo and the mistakes I’ve made as a business owner. I look forward to seeing this business grow to its full potential. If you ever need a photographer check out my work and my portfolio, I normally do wedding photography in Las Vegas. But I also do other professional photography all around the world. So if you ever have a unique event and you did a photographer that specializes in candid shots and lifestyle photography check my work and I hope you consider me to do your event!


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