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NYC Maternity Shoot

Statue of Liberty Photography

Maternity Photography Statue of Liberty
Ashley Hill former Karate champion does a photoshoot in front of the Statue of Liberty.

Statue of Liberty of Photography

This weekend, I had the pleasure of spending time with former karate champion and daughter to World champion Tokey Hill. This was a really great treat as we really go a fantastic shot near the Ellis Island, just close to get the full shot of the Statue of Liberty. One of the the most important icons of the United States history. I tend to stray away from tourist areas myself, but being on a yacht it was hard to say no to an opportunity like this one. We were able to get really close to the island and get the best shot we could. The yacht also had stabilizers, which made the shot crystal clear to get a clean shot for Ashley’s Maternity shoot.

Maternity Photography

As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, its always nice to see other projects come my way. In this case I got extremely lucky and I was able to photograph a very special moment that mattered to me. As a karate champion myself, I have always been around some of the best circles in the karate competing world in the United States. One organization I am part of if the Tokey Hill Federation, who was actually the first World Champion in the United States who won the 1980 world tittle that represents the United States.

As a professional photographer, this was actually my very first maternity photo shoot. Ashley is an amazing person and I have known her about almost 20 years. Her family and her friends invited me to spend time time with her family as I shot this special moment for them hanging out on the boat going towards Ellis island.

Family Photography NYC
Family Photography NYC

Family Photography NYC

Family photography is something I am also passionate about because you can see a lot of dynamics when doing this type of photography. We forget that our everyday lives can create family history and we can always remember them forever. I also do family photos in Las Vegas, and it can be a rewarding experience for both me and my clients. Especially in maternity photography where a new born is on the way this can be a great way for your future child to see his family as they get older.

Mother and Daughter for family photography

Family Photography in NYC

Photographing your family can be a memorable experience so you can keep these photos the rest of your life. Its important to note that we always want to keep our photos together and make sure we can spend time with the ones we love the most so we can remember the moments.

Manhattan Bridge Photography

Before we got to the Statue we were able to get some awesome shots of the Manhattan bridge with Ashley in the shots. We didn’t have a long dress so we improvised with a blanket, which actually turned out great. As a destination wedding photographer I love coming with last minute ideas so we can get some great candid photography in the couple photography we do.

Maternity Photography Las Vegas

Statue of Liberty Art

I was able to get some amazing shots for my art gallery as well. These Statue of Liberty Prints are available for purchase in my gallery. You can choose multiple sizes and papers so you can put them in your house.

Manhattan Cityscape
Manhattan Cityscape
Statue of Liberty Fine Art
Freedom Skies

Lorenzo’s Thoughts

I feel really lucky most of the time photographing some amazing lives through my career. Photographing NYC was a great experience for me and my friends and its something Ill never forget with Ashley and her family. Its really something I will always cherish.

Lorenzo Sandoval Photography NYC
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