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Wedding Venues in Riverside County 

Lorenzo Sandoval a wedding photographer gets some amazing clients in Ontario California to shoot their weddings. We had a great group at this particular event and we were excited to shoot this venue it was a great group of wedding photos this weekend.

Alex and Jonah Wedding Photography Collection

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Lorenzo Sandoval is Normally a Las Vegas Wedding photographer how did you end up in California?

To be honest, I really love some of the wedding venues in California and I have always wanted to shoot here and get some good photos for my wedding portfolio. Alex and Jonah Penn the couple I shot for were very welcoming and I was honored to shoot for their wedding. One of the things I loved shooting was some of the areas of this venue were very pleasing to the eye. I feel like every time I am part of someone’s story I am always grateful for the opportunity.

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Wedding Venues in Riverside CA

I ended up shooting for them by accident really, I sent out a wedding contest on an Instagram ad, and since they were already going to do a photo shoot in Las Vegas for some engagement photography, they choose me! They did some great photos with me at Red Rock. Here are some shots I took of them!

Red Rock Wedding Photos

Red Rock Engagement Photos
Lorenzo Sandoval a las Vegas wedding photographer does some shots at the red rock in Nevada.

My favorite photo when I was at this wedding venue.

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Alright, I have to give credit to one of my friends by the name of Ericka Hall-Sims. She was a good friend of mine who inspired this photo. In her wedding collection, I was looking through her album and I saw a photo that I just loved from a photographer by the name of Abby Leigh who is a Texas wedding photographer who mostly does military photos. She is also in film photographer, which is tough, I’ve always wanted to learn film. I get a lot of inspiration from this photo from her. She did this incredible photo with Ericka and Luke and I just fell in love with this type of shot. Bubbles and white flower pedals can be pretty cool if you combine the two and throw them in the air it makes it look specular.

How was this photo made?

I mean honestly, I had the bridal parties help. You’d be surprised how many people are willing to help you at the event. People like to have fun and make art with you. Wedding photography can be fun and when you have some awesome people around you can create some great photos that people will remember forever. Jonah and Alex’s wedding party was extremely helpful and offered to help. One couple had a bubble gun and there were flowers on the table which I knew would be thrown away eventually. So I did the following key steps.

  • I asked 1 person to blow the bubbles
  • Another to throw flower petals in the air
  • Another person to throw behind me
  • And a whole crowd to cheer them on to kiss.

I’ve never felt so proud to watch people so hyped to create a photo and I was totally happy to show everyone the photo, cause all their friends wanted to have art for their wedding.

Will you become a Los Angeles wedding photographer moving forward?

I really loved this area, California was definitely fun, and the weather was amazing as well. LA has a lot of beautiful wedding vendors and I just really love the people and the culture there. Ontario is a small town and Marina Banquet is literally behind a Costco which was definitely useful for our team’s stay. For our destination weddings, we try to stock up and make sure we try to save if were gone for a few days. But to answer the question, since my main location photography studio is in Vegas, most likely I’ll keep working there. Though I had a great time here, and I still wouldn’t mind coming out to California to get some amazing wedding photography for any couple’s collection, you can’t beat home!

What did this wedding venue offer?

Since I was a wedding photographer in California for a weekend. This venue has some great amenities. It had the following things I noticed right away at the Marinaj. Here’s a list of what they offer.

  • Some guy openings doors ( I thought this was cool you don’t get people like that in Las Vegas)
  • Fully fledge bar to serve hundreds of people
  • Full Stage
  • Custom center pieces
  • Wedding Hall
  • Wedding garden and grass area for photos
  • Banquet Hall/ Dance room
  • TV displays to show the event
  • The waiters and Waitresses were very friendly I might add.
  • Custom lighting turned into some cool colors during the event.

You can check out more info about their services, cause I’m just a photographer I’m sure there are more.

Business Hours of Marinaj

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Business hours of Marinaj Banquets and Events
Wedding Photography of Alexander and Jonah Penn with Lorenzo’s favorite edits.

Lorenzo’s final thoughts on this wedding.

I know it’s easy to get trapped in so many wedding blogs on the internet, but I really loved this wedding and it was very special to me and my team. The food at this wedding venue was really good, and Ales and Jonah really took care of me and our team, and I will always be forever grateful. They had some great moments from authentic Polynesian ceremonies and I got to speak some Tagalog to Jonah’s mother who was happy I spoke it. She took some bridal photos of her first look at the bride’s dress.

Check out Lorenzo Sandoval a Destination Wedding Photographer, we can come to you!

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Lorenzo Sandoval is a destination wedding photographer

If you’re looking for a dedicated destination wedding photographer, I would love to be part of your next wedding and create some special moments for you! You can find out more at or call.

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