Looking for wedding guest book ideas may not be one of your planning priorities, but it will hold forever memories of your special day.

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Looking for wedding guest book ideas may not be one of your planning priorities, but it will hold forever memories of your special day.
 wedding guest book ideas

As a wedding photographer in Las Vegas, I have seen some amazing wedding guest book ideas. From the weird and wacky, to the sophisticated and elegant. Couples in 2020 are constantly looking for fresh ways to create mementos of their wedding day.

There are many ways you can savour your big day, from freezing a wedding cake slice to saving some confetti and of course as a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer, your photo album. But looking back and smiling, crying even over the comments and messages in your wedding guest book is something that is worthwhile putting extra thought into. While many couples simply opt for a traditional guest book at a designated sign in station, in my experience these books tend to get filed away and forgotten. Brides in 2020 and beyond are now looking of ways to commemorate and remember their big day that not only fits their theme, but also their style going forward. Many will double up as decor for their home too.

If you are starting your wedding journey and are in need of inspiration, I thought today I would share my favourite wedding guest book ideas for 2021!

7 Amazing Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Wedding Guest Book Calendar

Start your first year as man and wife, organized. This is the perfect wedding guest book idea if you are a couple who likes to plan ahead, while also looking back through some precious memories. I love the idea of setting up a calendar for your guests to sign and comment throughout the pages. Just think, as you enter each new day/week/month together, you’ll discover a sweet note from your nearest and dearest. Plus you’ll never forget their birthdays!

The Polaroid Guest Book

Why not remove the whole wedding guest book process completely, and remember your loved ones in Polaroid! Create a tasteful sign that matches your theme and encourage your guests to create a selfie, print it, shake it and sign it. This way you have also generated some fun artwork for your new home together!

A Puzzle Guest Book

When I first started as a Las Vegas Photographer, I saw a couple a create this puzzle on their big day and I thought it was an amazing wedding guest book idea! If you are partners who love a board game, this is perfect for you, and your guests will love the interaction of this option. After the big day, it will make the perfect activity to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon or a unique piece of wall art for your home.

A Shadow Box Guest Book

One of my favourite wedding guest book ideas, and one I know your guests will love too! This again will make the sweetest wall art after the wedding, and during the big day it will be a fun activity for your loved ones. Each guest will write a sweet note on a heart shaped wooden piece (or any other shape that matches your theme) and then slip their note into the shadow box. As your shadow box fills up, your guest book comes alive!

The Globe Guest Book

If you are a couple with a thirst for adventure, this would make the perfect addition to your theme! Another wedding photographer in Las Vegas shared this idea with me and I had to share it! Find a vintage globe or have one made and then ask your guests to make personal recommendations for trips you should take by writing on it. Travel inspiration forever more from the ones you love the most!

Custom Guest Book Sign

The perfect way to share with the world your new name/s and collect wishes from your wedding guests. Set up your sign on an easel and provide some coordinated pens for your loved ones to write their messages with. After the big day, give it pride of place somewhere special in your new home together.

Celebrate Your State

As a proud Las Vegas wedding photographer, I love it when couples also celebrate their home state. Of all the wedding guest book ideas, this one is my favourite. A unique take that will pay homage to your state, easily coordinate with your theme and can be cherished for years to come. Set your state shaped guest book somewhere prominent on the big day and instruct your guests to write their best wishes wherever they choose.

I hope I have inspired you to create your own unique wedding guest book with my ideas, and if you are looking for a Las Vegas Wedding Photographer I would love the opportunity to join you on your journey. Please feel free to check out my portfolio and get in touch using the details below or my Instagram.

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