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What is a Mormon Elder?

In the context of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the Mormon Church), a Mormon elder refers to a male member who has been ordained to the office of elder within the priesthood hierarchy.

In the Mormon faith, priesthood authority is believed to be restored through a line of succession that traces back to Jesus Christ and His apostles. Men who hold the office of elder are considered to possess the Melchizedek Priesthood, which is the higher of the two priesthoods recognized in the Mormon Church.

Mormon elders have responsibilities that include teaching and preaching the gospel, administering ordinances such as baptism and the sacrament, providing spiritual guidance and counseling to members, and serving in leadership roles within their local congregations. They are also often called to serve as missionaries, both locally and abroad, to share their beliefs and help others come closer to God.

Overall, a Mormon elder is a dedicated and respected member of the Mormon Church who has been given specific responsibilities and authority to serve and lead within the faith community.

LDS Baptism Photography

Baptism in Las Vegas with the Mormon Church

I was able to take some shots a baptism with the LDS church and I was able to get some beautiful shots of a Ward. (Church). Really good family was nice enough to let me take some amazing photos.

How nice the Elders were and my experience with them.

Mormons are often known for their kindness and genuine concern for others. There are a few key reasons why this is the case:

  1. Values and teachings: Mormons are taught to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, which emphasize love, compassion, and service to others. These teachings inspire Mormons to treat others with kindness, respect, and empathy.
  2. Community and fellowship: The Mormon Church places a strong emphasis on building a close-knit community and fostering a sense of belonging. This creates an environment where members support and care for one another, as well as extend that care to those outside of their faith. This sense of community encourages Mormons to be welcoming, inclusive, and helpful to others.
  3. Missionary work: Mormons have a strong tradition of missionary service, where young men and women dedicate a significant amount of time to share their beliefs with others. As part of this service, they strive to exemplify the teachings of Jesus Christ through their actions, including kindness and service towards others.
  4. Personal commitment: Many Mormons have a deep personal commitment to living their faith, which includes striving to follow Christ’s example in their daily lives. This commitment often translates into treating others with kindness, regardless of differences or circumstances.

It is important to note that kindness and niceness can be found in individuals of any religious or cultural background. While these factors contribute to the kindness displayed by many Mormons, it is ultimately the personal choices and values of each individual that shape their behavior towards others.

LDS Family Photography


Mormon family photography captures the essence of love, unity, and faith within a Mormon family. It goes beyond mere snapshots, telling a story of strong familial bonds, shared values, and the joy found in togetherness. These photographs capture genuine moments of connection, laughter, and tender interactions, reflecting the deep sense of love and support that permeates Mormon families. They serve as a visual reminder of the importance of family in the Mormon faith and preserve cherished memories for generations to come. Mormon family photography celebrates the unique dynamics and the spiritual foundation that enriches the lives of these families, creating timeless images that evoke warmth, happiness, and a deep sense of belonging.

I really had a good time learning about the church and learning about the LDS life style its definitely eye opening and the people there seem really good people. Cant wait to work with such genuine people again.

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