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Las Vegas Senior Portraits

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Las Vegas Senior Portraits

Graduation Poetry: Nicholas Johnson Sunset Photography for his High Graduation

In the desert’s vast expanse he stands,

A young man, forged by time’s swift sands.

With each step, a journey unfurls,

As twilight hues paint the sky in swirls.

Golden rays caress the endless dunes,

Echoing tales of ancient runes.

In this canvas of pinks and golds,

His story, a tapestry yet untold.

High school days now left behind,

But memories linger, intertwined.

Lessons learned, friendships made,

In the desert’s embrace, they’ll never fade.

As the sun dips low, casting its glow,

He gazes ahead, ready to grow.

With courage in his heart, and dreams held tight,

He walks into the fading light.

Amongst the whispers of the desert breeze,

He finds solace, and a sense of ease.

For in this moment, beneath the sky’s art,

He finds the strength to embark.

So, here’s to the graduate, bold and true,

With the desert as his muse, his view.

May he stride forth, with purpose and grace,

As he journeys to find his place.

Poem By:

-Lorenzo Sandoval

Mother Watches her Son Graduate High School

As an LDS member I was invited to Amanda Johnson sons HS graduation party. I took this shot in the middle of the desert and the colors we got at the desert sunset really were golden.

Really gorgeous shot in May of 2024 and I am glad I got to spend time with some good LDS friends. Thank you Amanda and to your family for inviting me.

Why is so important to have your Graduation Photos

A lot of times people don’t realize how important photography can actually be. As a Photgorapher myself I think seeing parents watch their kids grow up is an important part of our existence to see our off spring be sometimes better than us.

Times flies so fast, and we want to be able to see our hard work and values have some meaning to those who we influence and to those who are taking over our place. As someone who does graduation photography I want to be able for parents to remember it. If your looking for a Las Vegas graduation photographers that cares, thats definetly me and I always love putting a little extra in my work to get the most dramatic and colorful shots for your memories.

Las Vegas Graduation Photographers