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Korean Wedding Photography

Wild Horse Golf Club Las Vegas

Esther and Daniel were my very first Korean wedding in Las Vegas I have ever done. Though, most was a very traditional style wedding, I was able to photograph some intimate moments with a unique Korean family. This couple was exceptionally sweet and nice the whole time and it was an experience I will always remember.

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Wild Horse Gold Club a Las Vegas Wedding Venue

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Wild Horse Gold Club is a wedding venue that is its own world. There are two surround buildings with a huge location for weddings. Id argue that’s it one of the best wedding venues out there. This totally has some good scenic photo locations around this golf course. One of the best features of the wedding venue is the scenic grass areas all around the grass and the sunset that overlay the mountains.

Korean Wedding Traditions

There many slight differences in how Korean weddings may functions these can range from little items to simple decor on the dress. Besides the food, which is my favorite part is Korean Kimchee and other traditions this wedding mostly stuck to a more western style wedding as avian Americans usually do. It is without a doubt a great example of how Koreans really respect their family and a traditional values and Esther and Daniel were conservatives in how they treated each and each other, which I found not only to be professional but it really opened my eyes on how important family really is.

Korean mother of the Groom Dress

In the Korean culture there is a certain type of dress they wear, it was really an honor to photograph such a unique part of their culture and understand it.

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Traditional Korean Mother of the Bride Dress

Esther who was the daughter of the mother, the mother wore a beautiful traditional Korean dress that really looked great for their wedding photos. Being a Las Vegas Wedding photographer who photographs lots of weddings around the valley, it was a huge treat to see such a unique dress!


The bride and groom in this case didn’t wear a hanbok, which is a traditional dress normally worn during a Korean wedding. But they still looked amazing and as I was taking the photo of the couple I had to admire the sky and the landscape since as photographer in Vegas, the golden how sky is some of my favorite shots in the valley. The sky that day was just brilliant honestly, I know I see it a lot, and you see it a lot in my work with cotton candy skies, but it never get old. I always love photographing the sky because like a painting, it never ceases to disappoint me.

Las Vegas Sunset

One of the great things about my hometown and being born and raised here as a professional photographer is definitely the sunsets here. Every time I shoot, the sunsets are always reliable and have such a natural beauty hat it always naturally comes this an amazing background, so couples can enjoy and relax and watch the beauty unfold into a fin art wedding photography.

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Regardless of who you are or your culture, the most important thing is that you enjoy our wedding day because in most cases, which I hope, a good long term relationship are good in many ways. Watching this coupled get married was a great example of how we can have such a beautiful wedding. Las Vegas has some of the most beautiful sunsets in photography, arguably in the world. As a Vegas wedding photographer, capturing this background can really stand apart from other areas around the United States.

Esther and Daniel, Id like to say, I had a really good time photographing your wedding photos and more important I am glad I got to see a couple that was willing to work with me and my team.

Are you looking for a cultural wedding?

Lorenzo and his team really are passionate about cultural weddings. We offer a variety of wedding photography styles, like Indian Weddings Las Vegas , Chinese weddings, Mexican Weddings , and other types of weddings where we study and understand your needs as a client. Lorenzo does his best to study each wedding traditions, and willing to see what it takes to properly document your special day as a professional photographer. Lorenzo is always trying to understand every culture and see and understand cultural traditions as he is a mix breed as well as a Karate Sensei, he whole heartedly understands how culture and traditions can be a important role in any type of cultural setting.

A conclusion from Lorenzo,

“I just wanted to reach out and if you are visiting my website how grateful i am that your considering me to be your photographer. I really want you to know, that I always do my best to deliver as many edits as I can and deliver a solid art to my clients and my valued couples. Its important to me that you’ll be happy with the art that is delivered this is why we work so hard to deliver a good photography every time. I hope that you choose us, but if you decide to go with someone else, I always tell clients, don’t go for the cheapest photographer. Instead take the time to plan, save and make sure the photos that will be taken will be delivered with care and time. Wedding photography is such an important moment that you want to make sure you document it right, so that couple will have it the rest of their lives. ”

-Lorenzo Sandoval


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