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Mt. Charleston Engagement Photos

One thing about shooting as an engagement photographer is I have always enjoyed the mountains and the forest. In Las Vegas, there is actually a great place to do this, it’s about a 45-minute drive from the city but you can still get some great shots at Engagement Photos Mt. Charleston

As a kid I have been coming here for many years and being born and raised in Las Vegas, I know a good amount of areas where to photograph in this area. It’s a quiet yet small area and with the forest background, you can definitely get some artistic shots.

What to Do in Mt. Charleston?

There is plenty to do there if you just want to relax and stay in the city. For years I and my family have spent time here whether that was snow are hanging with family. I have done some events, from photography to video, and it’s a great place to enjoy yourself if you want some mountain fresh air. It can be quite the drive from the freeway and sometimes you can lose signal on the way up, but it’s well worth the drive. The view isn’t like the french alps and it’s a lot more simple than most mountain tops I’ve seen around the world. But it’s still a small mountain and it gives it that tourist lodge vibe that we enjoy and we can take our families with us.

Mt Charleston Weather

As with any scenic location, things can change depending on the time of year when to shoot your engagement photography. Shooting these photos and choosing the look you want can change dramatically depending on the season and you want to be aware of this when you are shooting at Mt. Charleston. Snow is usually there around December to about February and this can also vary depending on the time of year and time of day, but that’s pretty consistent for photography.

Snow At Mt. Charleston

As a Las Vegas wedding photographer, my purpose is to ensure the photographs look natural and elegant throughout the whole session. In this section, I wanted to show more of a candid moment so I can show others how it’s less about pose and more about the emotions of how you can interact with others. I just find with too much posing you don’t get the realism of the couple. So in most cases, I always ask the bride what would be better for each client rather than force a pose they are not comfortable with.

Now in some cases, people need direction as well and I am always more than happy to have a few poses ready for them to use within the moment so the photos have some sort of guidance. I only say this because, everyone’s anatomy, personality, and location can differ from person to person and bride to bride.

My Final Thoughts

Engagement photos at Mt. Charleston can look clean and elegant, but it has to come with the right amount of planning and work. Knowing where the best areas where to shoot is just as important as the next. Take the time to plan each location and don’t be afraid to go there first before the photo shoot for your engagement because after all you only hopefully getting married right? For some who love taking photos, planning can go a long way, and when you plan you can capture some of the best photos at that location.

To conclude here are some quick tips when planning your engagement or wedding photo’s here.

  • Have a plan written out of what general poses you want
  • Discuss it with your partner as well as the photographer
  • Decide what weather you want when shooting here
  • Make sure you dress properly for the weather
  • Have proper feet wear, this is important you don’t want any accidents up there.
  • Bring someone that can help you during the photo shoot, they can help with the dress, make up, etc.
  • Be prepared to walk or hike around the area you might need to go to some harsh places to get some great shots.

If you have any questions about these locations just ask me and Lorenzo’s team is more than happy to help you create a plan for Mr. Charleston and any other engagement shoot you would like to plan with us.

Engagement Photos Mt. Charleston
Engagement Photos Mt. Charleston

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