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Tips on how to plan your wedding day and different types of weddings.

Different Types of Weddings we do based on culture and specific requirements for your next special day. Here are the different types of weddings I will cover and a short list of them so you know the types of weddings I do for Las Vegas I Specialize in wedding photography.

  • Jewish Weddings Photography
  • Celebrity Weddings Photography
  • Desert Weddings
  • Mexican weddings
  • Destination Wedding photographer
  • Essential Wedding Photography Gear
weddings photography

Jewish Wedding Photography

Jewish Wedding Photographer in Las Vegas

weddings photography

The cultural and religious Jewish Wedding Ceremonies are full of passion and candid moments. We are designed to get a rare mix of large perspectives and close-up shots, expecting laughter and intimate times during the Jewish wedding ceremony from a wide range of angles. A Jewish wedding ceremony is so rich in ceremonies and we make your best day even better with our weddings photography. Choosing your wedding photographer wisely is very necessary because a wedding is nothing without good photography. We promise you the best weddings photography by capturing every single ritual and tradition with as many emotions as you do it. Because we believe that wedding photography is not a business but a privilege to done with passion.

Let’s ride with to a Jewish wedding ceremonies

  • Aufruf

A Jewish couple call upon on the Sabbath before the Jewish wedding ceremony, meaning “call” in Yiddish. At this wedding ceremony, the couple is called together, before and after reading the Torah, to recite an aliya or a special blessing. This is a beautiful time for wedding photography when the couple passes their first look at each other. A spiritual sort of wedding photography can capture when the rabbi blesses the couple and their imminent wedding. We tend to cover the ultimate happiness when guests toss sweets to celebrate with the couple following a small reception before the beginning of an actual magnificent Jewish wedding.

  • Bedeken

A bedeken service held before the wedding in more Orthodox cultures. The bride and wife are split until the bedeken. Then the bride is made to sit on a throne and this is the best moment during the whole wedding photography when the joyful smiles of the families are captured when the groom moves toward the bride with utmost passion. The groom puts a veil on the bride while the guests sing and dance. The cherished tradition makes it more memorable with our sensational wedding photography.

  • Ketubah

A ketubah is one of the most celebrated moments in the Jewish Wedding. Since it is a personal and sensual moment between the bride and groom and their nearest families and friends, the Ketubah signing at a Jewish wedding is a perfect moment to catch in your wedding day photography. Being present at the Ketubah signing consider a tremendous privilege because this means all of the most beloved persons are in one single location.

The ideal setting for meaningful and special wedding photography, free from the interference of other visitors. Traditionally, a ketubah signing ceremony arranges just before the wedding ceremony. The pair selects two witnesses other than the blood relatives to sign the ketubah alongside them, and a rabbi or an officiant, as well as close relatives, are present for this significant moment. During a Jewish wedding service, the signed ketubah showed and beautiful shot in wedding photography. 

  • Chuppah

The Chuppah is an important component of the Jewish Wedding Ceremony. This canopy consists of four poles that can stand alone or support by members of the wedding party or honorable guests. The chuppah can be plain or intricate according to the desires of the couple and their families. The chuppah reflects the establishment of a Jewish home and hospitality for the visitors gathered and we shoot it with the same honor.

The couple’s officer and parents stood under the chuppah under a Jewish wedding ritual along with the young couple soon to be together. The two souls become one under the canopy and we gladly capture this sensuous moment to make it evergreen for you. Chuppahs are not only lovely and symbolic structures; they very frequently screen out the sunshine to provide amazing portraits. This makes the family’s formalities or even imaginative pair portraits stunning backgrounds for our wedding photography.

  • The Glass Breaking

The groom drops a bottle (normally wrapped in a bag or a sheet to prevent injury!), with his right foot during the last minutes of the marriage ceremony. Then the pair would normally kiss and we make this photograph shine like a moon in cluster wedding photography.  The guests yell “CONGRATULATIONS!” and we cover this glorious moment making every laughter prominent in the wedding photography.

  • Hora Dance

The dance Hora is a very exciting and cheerful aspect of the Jewish wedding culture. It generates the most real, frank display of enthusiasm, happiness, and pure fun! The guests join hands and dance in a circle with or around the couple. The fun and joyful tradition of hora dance is a pleasure for family members of all ages and the perfect happy ending for wedding photography.

Celebrity Wedding Photographer

Celebrity Photographer in Las Vegas

weddings photography

Weddings of celebrities are big deals and all the celebrities want their weddings to stand out, to be talked about, they want it to be reported in news and on television, to be written about and stored in history. They pay attention to all the details from the venue and decoration to flowers and food. One of the most important things in any wedding is photography and with big weddings photography such as that of celebrities, the photography, and also the photographer is of paramount importance.

Photography is important as the pictures are suppose to share everywhere, in news, on television as well as on their social media handles. People write articles about celebrity weddings which contain photos too. Covering big celebrity weddings is an enormous task and should handle with care. In addition to celebrity weddings photography being a huge deal because of the social value, they like every other wedding are an individual event as well.

Like all other people, a wedding the most important event in celebrities’ lives as well and many emotions are associate with it. They want it to be perfect especially in terms of photography as they want to hold on to the pictures for their lives and pass them on to their children and grandchildren like every other person in the world.

The LORENZO SANDOVAL team would make sure that the celebrities get the photographers that would make their wedding a work of art as they want it to be. Celebrities know the intricacies of photography and its importance more than laymen. The team at Lorenzo Sandoval will discuss and try to take note of everything they want to be captured in their weddings, and how they want it to be captured and will get the photographer/s that would understand all their needs and will produce the best possible content.

The photographer you hire would make sure that you get what you want, that your celebrity wedding and the pictures are just as you want them to be. They would make sure that your target audience loves your pictures, and that your fans swoon over each and every shot. Moreover, newspapers and articles will have great pictures to publish when they report the weddings. The pictures would be up to the mark to be upload on your social media handles. They would capture with love and dedication keeping in my mind your needs and edited and made better as you will like.

Those wedding photos will capture the history and at the same time your own idiosyncrasies as a human being because before being a celebrity, one is a human being. Like every other human being, those pictures mean the world to you, and need to tell your own story in addition to capturing your celebrity charisma. We shall make sure that the emotional connection you hold for your wedding captures in the photos.

A celebrity wedding means other celebrities would be there too and they would want exceptional photos as well. We shall make sure that the photographer/s pays attention, listens to them with dedication, and take the pictures in a precise manner. In addition to this, each and every person you hold dear and want pictures with, from your family to friends to people in your social circle all get the pictures they want.

People have big expectations from a celebrity wedding and many influential people also attend these weddings, they want their photos to be works of art and they can look through the inadequacy of the photographers as they have dealt with many photographers in their lives. They want photographers to listen rather than do what photographers say. We shall provide you with a photographer that able to adapt and abet to your social circle and will make sure that nobody disappoint.

In short, we understand the stakes involved in a big celebrity wedding and how important a celebrity wedding is. Therefore, we shall make sure that you get a photographer who has experience and exposure to such big events, who can listen to your needs, can be understanding, and can provide the services accordingly. The photographer/s would make your wedding historical and also take into account the personal, and emotional connection.

Desert weddings

Desert Wedding Photography

Here are some examples of the Desert Photography collection I have done over the years.

weddings photography
weddings photography

Desert weddings are trending because of their weather, scenery, and vibes. Essentially boho-meets -the western vibe and natural colors palette of land makes the background perfect and ideal location for a wedding or even for any event. Cactus and other desert plants make unique decorations for weddings and couples need not worry about rain on their wedding day. Although its temperature is high it’s stealing attention as it is the most romantic place to tie the knot. Even if the couple is not having an epic desert wedding venue, there are still many ways to infuse creativeness from the plain landscape.

Preparation Tips to Avoid Problems in Desert Scenic Weddings:

For those couples who want a styled wedding with a limited number of people, deserts provide perfect and popular options. So, some essentials should be prepare first to avoid problems on your big day. These are:

  1. Arrange a jet lag

If you plan your wedding in the desert and you are traveling from some other country, it suggested that try to arrange a jet. This save you time and cannot be exhaust.

  • Keep hydrated and bring snacks

Because couples live in climates that is less extreme and they travel a long distance. So, be sure to prepare drinks and simple snacks to keep your body hydrated and energetic. Distribute snacks among guests. This will keep them happy. 

  • Bring sunscreen, umbrellas, and sunglasses

Being under the desert sun can cause sunburns on your skin and can irritate your eyes. These will not only discomfort your day but also leave a sunburn on your honeymoon night. In order to protect your body from sunburns, use sunscreen after every 30 minutes and decent colored umbrellas. For the protection of the eyes use a pair of classy sunglasses as they make a remarkable wedding souvenir.  These are the best options to protect couples if they have to stay for a long period of time.

  • Bring spare comfortable shoes

Getting marriage in the desert is like you have to walk on fine sand. On average, the locations where we have ceremonies are 20 miles away from the vehicle if you are not on the jet. One of the best ways to avoid tiredness and not falling on rocks is to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes along with your high heels.

  • Multi-layered clothing

If you have planned your wedding in winter, try to keep multi-layered clothing. This will make both of you comfortable. This situation also applies to the summer season. The high temperature in deserts makes them sweat and keep their body cooler. This is a kind of extra layer of protection for your skin.     

  • Bring lip balm

Use lipstick or lip balm with SPN factor to prevent your lips from getting dried during your wedding kiss due to too much hot or cold.

Desert Weeding Decor Details

Some of the desert details are as follows:

  • Cacti invitation: Mail your guests a cute invitation. They definitely won’t get sensitive when they get it.
  • Succulent wedding favors: Take a recycled tin, put some tiny cacti and use them for desert wedding decor. 
  • Desert wedding dress: The prince’s skirt and short crop top make a flirty and fun combo but are totally tasteful and cool due to the high desert temperature.
  • Desert botanical bouquet: Making bouquets by using desert plants is completely practical as there is no danger of wilting here.
  • Cactus cake: A fleshy cactus makes a simple statement on a naked cake.
  • The setting of a rustic desert table: The copper inflections of this table arrangement luminously set off the white linens at this desert wedding.
  • Succulent flower: White roses with burlap ribbon gives a rustic ambiance which is much-loved for desert weddings.
  • See the stars: One of the best things about getting marriage in the desert the chance to see the stars. If you are marri g under a large dipper, celebrate it by constellation table numbers.
  • Desert wedding centerpiece: Desert wedding centerpieces are so easy to make by yourself by just rounding herbs, eucalypts, succulent, white, and many other desert plants by putting them in small clay pots. 
  • Cacti-covered ceremony location: A ceremony location covered with cactus gives dramatic greenery, a simple and gorgeous spot for a desert wedding.

Mexican weddings

weddings photography

Lorenzo Sandoval has become a professional in Mexican Wedding photography over the years. The journey has been wonderful and I feel so lucky to be a part of the Mexican Community.  Mexican weddings are often consider family reunions and are very festive.

Family and friends are invited from all sides of the family and whether anyone is related to the couple or not they are hailing, eating, dancing together. Mexicans are Catholic, so they genuinely follow their traditions and are deeply rooted in faith. They desire a wedding reflecting their native heritage. That’s why the Mexican wedding takes place in the catholic church. They are very holy and involve a solid mass, where the married couple consider for eternity. 

Photography of Mexicans Wedding Traditions

In some areas of Mexico, usually in northern Mexico, there is a tradition of giving “a ring of promise” a year before “the ring of commitment”. This may call a long engagement, common in many areas. Godparents or other special people are called “Sponsors” playing a vital role in the wedding ceremony. They contribute to the wedding cost and establish the wedding budget. It is necessary to know what part of the wedding paid for by which sponsors. Before leaving home for a wedding, the bride’s mother or parents offer a prayer with their daughter (bride).

Ring Exchange Ceremony 

During the ceremony, couples exchange a ring called a “ring of promise”. The rings sponsor sponsoring the rings. 

Photography of Food and Music  

Photography of Mexican traditional food which includes beans, peppery rice, and tortilla dishes using chicken and beef. In drinks, sangria is served made from mixed red or white wine along with brandy, sugar, soda water, and fruit juice. Salsa, merengue, and flamenco guitar music, all of these add Latin flare to the wedding. Mariachi music contains broadcasts, drums, guitars, violins, and harps. 

Photography of the thirteen gold coins (Las Arras)

It is customary for the groom to give 13 gold coins to the bride which represents the groom’s assurance to support his spouse throughout their life together and taking the coins shows her guarantee to take care of him. The 13 coins are sanctified in the hand of his spouse and he gives her a box to place them in a secure place.

Photography of The Sign of The Cross (Muestra de la Cruz)

The pastor makes a cross sign over the head of the groom. The groom then kisses the cross. After that bride kisses the cross. This shows the blaspheming of the truthfulness of one another.

Photography of The Lasso (EI Lazo)

In order to show unity, a large loop of rosary blobs or a “lasso” is placed in eight-shaped symbols around the couple’s neck after they have an altercation over their oaths. The couple put the lasso around the bride and the groom’s neck, initially to the groom’s shoulders. This should also be knotted around their wrists. This loop is actually the symbol of their love which should fix them together for every day of the rest of life as they will share their responsibilities together.  

At the end of the ceremony, the lasso is detached by either of the couples and given to the bride as a memory for becoming the lover of the groom’s soul and home.

Photography of Reception

After the ceremony, the Mexican wedding celebrations last up to two days. This is called Reception. It’s a complete family-orient ceremony. Some couples skip it, largely having a one-day wedding. There are many traditions which include in reception.

Reception Invitations and Seating

Inviting people depends upon budget and social relations. If these two factors permit, a lot of people may get invited. Seating evolved from the old-fashioned with boys on one side and girls on the other. A table of honor decorates for the bride and groom.

First Dance

The guests on the dance floor dance with the bride and groom, enjoying their first dance. The couples then dance with their parents and special family members.

Money dance

In this dance, male guests pay to dance with the bride, and female guests pay to dance with the groom. Typically, a bill is held to the dress of the bride or groom. Given money then use by the newlyweds for their honeymoon.

Persian weddings

Wedding Photography in Las Vegas

weddings photography

Most Persian weddings represent a perfect blend of culture and modernism. The rituals of Persian weddings vary from region to region. In general, Persian weddings present a reflection of serenity and flourishment for a budding romance. The traditional Persian wedding is called Aroosi in ordinary language.

Pre-wedding Persian celebrations

The traditional pre-wedding rituals include a formal proposal ceremony called Baleh Boran and a henna night called Hana Bandhan. These events are celebrated with full zeal and zest among Persian individuals. These ceremonies got their origin from ancient roots and are passed from generation to generation. The Persian youth note to change their traditional customs into modern ones by adding modern Western influence.

The Uniqueness of Persian wedding

The whole Persian wedding ceremony is unique in the various events it includes. From the start of the courting and proposal ceremony called Khastegaree to the reception party called Mehmooni, every event is beautifully designed. The Persian bride is called Aroos, and the Persian groom is called Damad. These beautiful moments are captured by photographers so gracefully that the couple can re-live their special day and joyous moments every time they visit their photos.

Traditional Persian wedding

The traditional Persian wedding comprises two parts: the primary wedding ceremony called Aghd and the wedding reception called Mehmoni. The Aghd includes the union of two families, exchanging vows, exchanging wedding rings, and sharing the Sofreh Aghd elements. These Sofreh Aghd elements are distinguishing features of Persian weddings. All these events are celebrate with intimate joy, and we are always present to capture these precious moments behind the lens ethnically.

Sofreh Aghd elements

Sofreh Aghd represents the elements and blessings of the couple’s new life. Most Sofreh Aghd usually accompanies the couple seating place called Mokhaddeh in Persian customs. One of the significant elements of Sofreh Aghd is the mirror, also called Ayeenah which is placed beside the wedding table and after the ceremony is placed in the couple’s home.

This mirror is indicative of the bright future of the couple. It is traditional for the Persian bride to enter the room veiled, and the groom sights the bride’s first look in the mirror. These are some glamorous scenes to click on, and our photography team is there to make your big day smile like a special one. Shamdoon is another element of Sofreh Aghd, which is representative of purity, dignity, and energy.

Shamdoon means candles and candelabras, which are lighten, and their light symbolizes the clarity and trust of the couple in each other for their future life. Most Persian weddings influenced by Zoroastrianism are celebrated around the fire.  The Holy book of choice and, sometimes, the Hafez book of poetry are also called elements of Sofreh Aghd. These holy books are symbols of love, harmony, energy, and blessings for the couple.

The Persian flatbread called Noone Sangak is rolled up into various shapes as a symbol of prosperity, and feasts are another element of sofreh sighed. Another very famous element of sofreh aged is Esfand. It is a tradition celebrated to drift all the malice and ill-will from the couple and bless them with happy prayers. A woman usually precedes the Persian bride as she walks down the aisle burning Esfand. When the bride sits down, the incense set on the sofreh aghd to remove all the negativities from the couple’s holy union. These menial elements made these Persian weddings a role model of pleasure, tradition, and modernity. Even these minor details capture so efficiently by us that it would feel like your big day!

Aroos detailed photography

After arriving, the first thing is the elaborative photography of the bride’s and the groom’s wedding attire, their jewelry, and flower bouquets. Photos mean not only the clicks but also the memories. We dedicate to providing the best memories and the scenes you have planned for months. We are mindful of the importance of this day and are striving to give you marvelous results. So that whenever you look back, you feel that you have celebrated your day once again.


At the reception ceremony called mehmooni, the couple cuts their wedding cake with beautiful smiles on their faces. After the cake serve, there a dance during which the rose petals are shower on the newlyweds.

Destination Wedding photography

weddings photography

We are always ready to capture your beautiful moments no matter wherever you are. If you plan the proposal ceremony at the calming riverside or between the soothing breezes. We are ready to secure your memories behind the lenses. The trend of the destination wedding is mounting day by day with an enormous increase. To meet these needs, we are offering destination wedding photography.

Importance of wedding photography

The wedding consider the most important and turning point in the lives of couples. Each moment and laughter explain a feeling. And similarly, every click delineates a beautiful tale. It took months for the bride and groom to decide on their wedding attires, the decorations, and finally. The venue where they will celebrate the most pious hours of their love life.

It is the day when the couple surround by all the loved ones from everywhere who are there to bless them with sweet prayers. Years later, the decoration roses lost their fragrances. The wedding rings lost their shine, and the relatives lost their loved ones. But photos are the tools to keep all the memories alive. We are much aware of the importance of your big day clicks. In the scenes, we capture the photos and the emotions, and each tells its own story. We master capturing the creativity and love bonds of the relations.

Hawaii destination Wedding photography

Hawaii is the most popular wedding destination among couples. The reason behind its popularity is its calming environment and everlasting beauty. Hawaii intermingles with blue oceans, lush green valleys, and blowing winds. The blue-green scenery of Hawaii in the background has made this spot the favorite among couples for their wedding photography. We believe in serving excellence to our customers by beautifully capturing their precious moments. Destination weddings always seem a fun time in which the couple enjoys nature.

San Francisco destination wedding photography

The famous wedding venues of San Francisco include the Fairmont San Francisco, Asian Art Museum, Julia Morgan Ballroom, Westin San Francisco, and San Francisco city hall. These destinations cover traditional marks and have become favorite wedding spots for couples. The worth-sighting skyline of San Francisco and the attractive landmarks like the golden gate bridge, the coit tower, and the famous Transamerica building have gathered the attraction of many couples.

Setting these as personal backgrounds, we click the best memories for you. Besides these locations, SF is also known for bay areas and coastlines that are beautiful enough. The crushing water of coastlines with the blue pools is a perfect combination for an engagement ceremony or a complete wedding reception.

Las Vegas destination Wedding Photography

Las Vegas is known for its immense beauty and horticulture. This is why many young couples choose the city as their engagement session venue. The city is surrounded by beautiful natural scenes embellished with artificial beauty also. We struggle to reinvent your memories by adding beautiful locations to the ceremonies. The minor details of your decor work, and the executive photography of your wedding attire, thus completing your big day. We believe in clicking the emotions and feelings of your loved ones.

Maldives destination wedding photography

The Maldives is a popular wedding venue and picnic spot worldwide. Maldives weddings are ordinarily called lifetime romance. The beauty of Maldives lies in its serene and calm environment enveloping the noise of beach waves. Famous wedding venues in the Maldives include the Gulhifushi private island and the Maldives beach. At the private beach, a beautiful wedding hut is designed using warm shades that match the ocean blue color of the water at the beachside.

The couple first speaks their vows on a deck, which spreads the sound over the water waves in the beautiful sunset. After this traditional ceremony, an ocean-front dinner with mesmerizing dance performance is arranged. This whole package adds glamor to the event. We head our way covering this region and clicking your favorite moments. We are dedicated to connecting the pretty faces and using our artistry and skills to capture the family heirlooms and laughter together!

Essential Wedding Photography Gear

weddings photography

Becoming an expert and professional wedding photographer is not easy; however, we cannot say that it’s too hard. But as a new wedding photographer, it might seem an uphill challenge to manage all the essential wedding photography gear and use them properly to create fantastic art for your clients. 

Moreover, it would be necessary to know all about the equipment that can make your life a bit easier. However, it can be challenging to determine the essential equipment at your start, but it’s a must if you have the will to get success. Bringing along all the essential wedding photography gear will express your professionalism.

Weddings and their photography can be fun and full of emotions to make some romantic views. So, at these ceremonies, a huge responsibility is on you to make excellent and professional shots to capture the big day. But it needs love for weddings to be able to do some exceptional photography.

You have to show a shutter speed to take incredible shots using your essential wedding photography gears on such big days. However, at the start of my carrier as a newbie, I was also unknown of essential equipment. Today, I will show a list of essential wedding photography gear that I have learned from my experiences. 


If you are hoping to shoot at a wedding, then you must have a full frame camera. But if you think to use only a crop-sensor camera, then there’s no reason you can’t shoot a wedding. The crop-sensor camera uses only a section of the lens that’s not enough to create sufficient light. 

On the other hand, new cameras ( Canon ef and Nikon) come up with advanced technology like autofocus and have the ability to handle low light conditions. These are also necessary because most weddings will involve low-light situations regardless of the season. Moreover, new cameras allow the enlargement of your photographs in print. 

[Top tip: New digital Dslr camera brands such as Nikon and canon eos are the best photographic cameras with different lenses like Ums lens, STM lens]


Another essential wedding photography gear is lenses, and they play a significant role in shooting when you are at the wedding ceremony. Prime lenses (50 mm and 35 mm) are better than the kit lenses because they have larger apertures of f/1.8, f/1.4, and f/1.2. In case when you don’t use the flash units, you can imagine the advantages of these lenses. 

If you have to do a considerable responsibility such as shooting a wedding party’s unfolding event. Then zoom lenses are the best helper in such events. You don’t need to use a pricey f/2.8 zoom aperture when using a zoom kit lens for candid captures. Indeed, f/2.8 zooms are amazing, and if you can afford to buy them, then it would be perfect. 

Moreover, Lorenzo Sandoval says protecting your camera lens from knocks and breakage using UV filters or a hood. However, it might affect the photo sharpness but give 99% results compared to a broken lens. 

Flash Gun

Flashgun is natural lights because they can serve you in evening events such as weddings or marriage ceremonies. Most reception halls are dark, but you can easily manage with a flashgun. Moreover, the flashgun works amazingly at bouncing flash. That’s why it’s an essential wedding photography gear. 

Telephoto Lens

Most photographers like Lorenzo Sandoval prefer to shoot from long distances with telephoto lenses of 70-200 mm because professionals don’t like to block someone’s view. So, they stand at the back or side of the ceremony to take the shots. 

Memory Cards and Batteries

Always try to bring extra memory cards and batteries because no one can guess how many shots you will take and how much size they can take. On the other hand, when you know that you have to capture the whole wedding event, bring some extra batteries to avoid upcoming issues.

Flash diffuser

It would help put Gary Fong Lightsphere on top of your flash because it can diffuse the light to make it for incredible portraits. With the help of a flash diffuser, you don’t need to set up lights. It’s also an essential wedding photography gear. 

Backup equipment

For your peace of mind, try to bring more than one camera because no one can guess the unexpected incidents. So, if you have to borrow some equipment, then definitely do so. 

Studio strobes and Umbrellas

In some cases, in rainy situations, try to carry some powerful strobes because sometimes you have to capture the events even in dark charges or reception rooms. So, these strobes can quickly light up a vast area and also a large group of people. It might be an essential wedding photography gear just in my point of view. 

Lens Cleaning kits and lens hoods

Lens hoods help keep the lenses from being dirty. So, always keep a good cleaning kit and lens hoods to keep the streaks from disrupting your shots. However, a clean and good-looking lens might reflect his professional skills. 

Camera Bag

You have to carry all essential wedding photography gear, and for so you have to look for a bag. So, buy well looking standard-size camera bag. It should have enough space to carry all the essential gear. However, Lowepro Stealth Reporter D650 might be the best and can carry 3-4 lenses, two cameras, flashes, DSLRs, Macron, SLR, and up to a 17inch laptop.  

Some valuable equipment and also might be essential photography gear.

Here below is some equipment that is definitely helpful and might be essential soon. 

Grey cards_ As a photographer, you have to capture the shots faster, mostly at weddings. With the help of Grey cards, you can shoot the Kelvin and use the auto white balance. Moreover, grey cards produce consistent image exposure. Tripods_ You may face low-light conditions, so for better image stabilization, tripods might seem the best option. With the help of a tripod, you can easily adjust the placements of lights. On the other hand, if you bring light strands with you, then it would be gr


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