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Chagaroot Las Vegas is a uncoming restaurants that definitely has high hopes. Normally as a wedding photographer I don’t photograph places this a restaurant. The owner offered me to shoot some of the restaurants a private party. I decided to bring my camera along to see what i could catch and I got some wonderful photos thanks to Shanne and his team!

Best Vegan Restaurants Las Vegas

I hate to say this, but I hate vegan food. A lot of the times its so bland or Vegan food just doesn’t have any taste to it. Until this place opened up, Chagaroot defiantly changed my mind about Vegan food and how its going to taste like. I know for a fact this place will blow up soon and it will turn into a monster serving thousands of people per month in this location.
The team and service is just amazing and they were on point the whole time. During a private party there was music, good food and lots of amazingly great people around me that night and I was happy to be a great event photographer for their special grand opening.

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As a professional photographer, my goal is to capture the everyday life of each business and how they operate, and more importantly the communities and the culture that happens inside. Every business is quite different from the nest and as an artist it’s our purpose and our job to make sure we can express that in our photography.

Every photo in every part of the business tells a story and Chagaroot Las Vegas is an important part of showing the small business owners all around the valley.

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The last photo above is one of my favorite ones in this business collection. The couple to the right of the photo is the owner and his girlfriend looking like they are having a great time. I saw a lot of couples there and they seemed like they were enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant. The owner whose name was Shane really took the time to put on an amazing event and really took care of each customer that come through the door.

A lot of business owners only care about making rent but they forget a business is made of people and building relationships. This is why Id argue it’s one of the best restaurants in Las Vegas and its food is pretty incredible.

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Final Thoughts

As a wedding photographer, I rarely do these types of business photoshoots. They are hard jobs’ to find because I mostly love doing weddings. But once in awhile I like to do some life style shots. If your ever in the need of some business photoshoots in Las Vegas id be happy to help you with your next event and we can get some amazing shots. Just contact me or my team and we will happily get some amazing photography.

-Lorenzo Sandoval

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