8 Best Las Vegas Small Wedding Venues

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 8 Best Las Vegas Small Wedding Venues

When you have decided to celebrate your wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, then it means you and your sweetheart are hoping to celebrate an outdoor wedding ceremony with an elegant reception. That’s why in this article we will know about 8 best Las Vegas small Wedding venues. 

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8 Best Las Vegas Small Wedding Venues

In Las Vegas, you will find an outdoor small wedding venue through which you can infuse your loved ones with a natural, elegance reception. So, let’s move to take a close look at these small outdoor wedding-day venues. 

The Groove Chapel

Almond trees and neon lights give an excellent and incredible look for events in the Grove venue. Its beautiful two halls, one for big parties and one for small, are amazing when they set up. 

They offer all-inclusive wedding packages or reception packages at affordable prices. Wedding package include an open bar, plated meal, minister music, bridal suite, cake, and all necessary for a wedding.

A friendly and polite staff makes it unique and highly recommendable. Moreover, it offers couture cakes as a bonus, and the Bride and Groom can choose their favorite flavor. The Grove venue typically costs $3100 to $5300.

Las Vegas Country Club

If you seek to cheer your wedding under a vast desert sky and green lush, then the Las Vegas country club might seem the best choice. Here a couple can enjoy their ceremony with vintage and vigorous glamour. 

Its Presidential lawn with a tranquil lake, waterfall, and golf champion course make it glorious and incredible. Its beautiful Rotunda room is made up of original rock stones that give it a pleasant look. 

Event coordinators help couples in decoration, photography, flowers, and menu building as per their needs and tastes. Typically, the Las Vegas country club recharges $35 for food and drink per person. But, the site fee starts from $3000. 

It offers food such as Bajra crab cakes, cheese filet mignon, lobster mac, and bacon-wrapped scallops. So, celebrate your wedding and don’t forget to hire Lorenzo Sandoval, Las Vegas Elopements Photographer. 

Breathtaking Springs Preserve

Whom would not like to celebrate his wedding ceremonies in the desert of Oasis Spring preserve Las Vegas? If you want to get married and enjoys your first kiss , then spring preserve vows for Honeymoon or intimate. 

For a better outdoor ambiance, the iconic spring preserve might seem the best option. It’s full of colored flowers and is known as a botanical garden. Springs Amphitheatre lawn is especially for Alfresco wedding reception.

Its capacity is about 500 and typically costs $2100 to $5500. Moreover, it’s a stunning location for wedding photographers because of its pleasant and outstanding outdoor places. 

Reflection Bay Golf Club

It’s a lake of 320 acres and present in the middle of the desert. Here you will find beautiful palm trees around the perimeter of the lake that sparkle with the magnificence of the lake. The golf course venue looks the best and amazing for couples to make their weddings superb.

However, the reception occurs in a circular room with a gorgeous chandelier within a newly renovated clubhouse. Before visiting it, you should visit Lorenzo Sandoval Las Vegas Photography to hire an expert photographer. 

Reflection Bay Golf club’s ceremony fees start at $1000, and reception site fees start at $2500. However, events with food, drinks, and other facilities cost $5000 to $10000. Moreover, it offers a celebratory yacht ride as a bonus. 

Rainbow Gardens

Its outdoor courtyard is adorned and decorated with a fabulous garden and terrace with palm trees, domed gazebo, landscape lighting, and twinkle lights. Moreover, the Garden Room reception venue is especially for guests and decorated with ficus trees and other tropical plants & flowers.

This Las Vegas Venue provides everything, from DJ to all the food types for a wedding. However, it typically costs $3500 to $12000 and offers dove release, ice sculpture, candy table, signature drink ice luge, and much more as a bonus. 

Lakeside weddings and Events

Here you will enjoy six outdoor venues for ceremonies; for instance, Grand Garden, Heritage Garden, and Swan Garden facilitate the couples with sweeping water views and lush greenery. 

The banquet hall and solarium are Reception places. The venue offers all the necessary things from DJ to basic need s such as photography services, onsite coordination, floral design, and catering.

Its fees start at $3499 to $5999; however, before it offers a free salon that manages your hair, makeup, and nail needs. 

Red Rock Los Vegas

It’s covered in keystones, red stone peaks, and American petroglyphs. Red Rock venue offers packages that include Las Vegas wedding photography services, DJ services, modern minister, legal filling of marriage certificate, all the foods, and other basic needs for the perfect wedding. 

It would be a dazzling ceremony on these red rocks. However, its site fees start at $1700 to $3000 and have a capacity of 50 guests. 

Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

You will enjoy a dream wedding ceremony in the air because ceremonies take place at 400-feet in the air on the observation deck. Moreover, it’s the best place for evening weddings as you can view a 360-degree strip. 

If you hire an expert Las Vegas Wedding photographer like Lorenzo Sandoval, that is to say; you will save the big day for the future at affordable wedding photography. It costs $52 per person for an evening wedding on deck, and a three-hour reception costs range from $300 to $50, and it has a capacity of 12 guests. 

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