5 Unconventional Las Vegas Elopement Wedding Photography Locations

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5 Unconventional Las Vegas Elopement Wedding Photography Locations

Las Vegas offers wow-worthy backdrops at every turn, an elopement photographers dream

Shooting wedding photography in Las Vegas is a breeze when you have such incredible scenery to frame your shots with. Be it a wedding on the strip, a ceremony in the desert or a photoshoot in a chapel – you’re spoilt for choice in this amazing city! As an elopement photographer in Las Vegas, I am forever impressed & inspired by the locations that my newly-weds choose to celebrate their nuptials. More and more modern couples are moving away from the idea of a traditional ceremony, and I have seen their hunger grow for more unconventional wedding photography in Las Vegas. They crave photoshoots that share their style, become works of art, as well as celebrations of their love. Today I thought I would share some of the incredible locations in the city (and on the outskirts) you could choose to shoot your elopement wedding photography in Las Vegas.

5 Amazing Las Vegas Elopement Wedding Backdrops

Welcome to Las Vegas

We had to start with a classic. Any elopement photographer in Las Vegas will tell you that shooting in front of this iconic sign will not only create an amazing shot, but also cement your wedding in history. A city landmark since 1959, this welcome sign is located at the southern end of the famous strip and through the years has become the most sought after place to shoot elopement wedding photography in Las Vegas.

A Cruise Down the Strip in a Convertible

This next option leads on perfectly from the first, as you can combine the two! Ready a statement convertible for after your shots with the Vegas sign or post-nuptials and cruise the boulevard in style. You’ll rack up some serious vintage chic points as you glide along the strip with some of the city’s most iconic buildings as your backdrop. Throw on some shades and wave at the well-wishers, this is wedding photography – Las Vegas style!

Spring Mountain Ranch

The view at Spring Mountain Ranch cannot be beaten! Nestled in the fabulous Red Rock Canyon area, this beautiful location has an abundance of natural plant life, desert marigolds, yucca plants and Joshua trees combine to create the most fabulous backdrop to your big day. As dream elopement photographer locations in Las Vegas go, this has got to be up there!


If you’re a Boho bride looking to create carefree wedding photography in Las Vegas with a hippy vibe – Nipton has to be on your short list! The locals refer to it as ‘Magical Nipton’, and it’s easy to see why. Souring panoramic views, take-your-breath-away sunsets and starry nights combine to create a dreamy setting for your elopement photography in Las Vegas.

Tie the Knot in a Drive-Thru Chapel

Nothing quite says Vegas wedding more, than a drive-thru ceremony at The Little White Chapel! The perfect choice if you’re on a budget, not into the traditional and want a relaxed way to tie-the-knot. Saying ‘I Do” at The Little White Chapel guarantees epic elopement photography in Las Vegas shots with it its iconic painted ceilings and pretty white and gold detailing. Roll up in a classic convertible, and the scene is complete!

Need an elopement photographer in Las Vegas to run away with you? I would love to accompany you both on your journey! Please feel free to ask me anything via my contact details below and browse my past elopement wedding photography in Las Vegas here.

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